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Gang Stalking – If people are good, why all the hatred and turmoil in the world?


I know that’s not a nice way to start a blog, I can’t help it (well, I really could, but I don’t want to).

The library bastards are at it gain. Trying to get me thrown out of the library. I think the devils get a bonus if they do. There’s one librarian I really can’t stand. She’s here today and  was yesterday.

When I got to the library there were three people using the computers. Of course, I knew, within a few minutes the place would fill up. And, of course, it did.

I logged into the computer and when my hour was up, I got off. There were 2 women waiting to use the computers. They told me that they didn’t want to use the computer I used. I looked around and there was no one else in line. I went back into the room and logged on. I felt a tap on my back, “Ma’am, you have to get off the computer,” said the bitch librarian. With a man librarian as her security (I’m so dangerous, you know). She continued, “You signed on twice and you can’t do that. There are a lot of people waiting.”

I said, “I got off the computer and there was no one here, only 2 women and they didn’t want to use the computer, so I got back on.”

The library bitch turned to her security librarian, “Well, I’ll just turn her off.” And both went back to their desks.

I decided to get off the computer and leave.

I came out of the computer room and the bitch was talking to the security guard. When she was through with him, I walked over to him and said, “Now, I want to tell you my side of the story.” And I told him what happened. The Security Guard told me he didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I said to him, “Why don’t you look at the video and you’ll see that I’m telling the truth.”

The rule is that if no one is in line to use computer,  I can log back in. And that’s exactly what I did. Of course, with me, the rules don’t apply. The other lowlifes can stay on 2-3 hours and no one says anything. No one complains, either.

I walked out of the damn library before I said something that would get me thrown out.

I wanted to tell the bastards to die and go straight to hell. I forced myself out of the place.

After the library, I made my way to the supermarket. As soon as I got in the store, the Security Guard began to follow me around.

I got the things I needed and went to pay for them.

When I got to the cashier, there was one person in line paying for his things. After the man left, the cashier began to look around. She made no move to ring up the 3 items I had.  I got fed up and went to another cashier. She acted as if I wasn’t even standing in front of her.

As I walked out of the store, the Security Guard  stood in the  front. I walked over to him and said,  “You don’t have to follow me around. I don’t steal.” I walked away quickly before I said something nasty to the jerk.

Got home and left my door open for about a minute while I put the food away. I also put my handbag on my bed.

I discovered at about 7 p.m. that a bag in which I carry my lipstick, blush and some other things was missing. The bag was gone and everything in it.

Can’t even keep my door open for even a second without some lowlife stealing something.

I absolutely think humanity has reached a high-level of evilness.

I keep hearing that people are  good. Hogwash! They’re nothing but evil bastards!

If people are  good, why all the turmoil and hatred in the world?

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Gang Stalking – Karma is a bitch!

Pipes to a condenser of an air conditioner

Pipes to a condenser of an air conditioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cold Weather (film)

Cold Weather (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I wrote that Las Vegas rarely has bad weather. Well, Karma is a bitch.  As soon as I wrote that, the weather in Las Vegas  changed for the worse.  It is now in the low 40s, and it’s been raining for three days.  And it’s cold, cold, cold. I don’t really mind the cold weather, but my apartment is like an ice zone.  My heater doesn’t work. I told the manager about my air conditioner not working and she said she’d have it fixed.  Of course, she did nothing. The air conditioner heats up for about a minute and then turns cool. I can hear the click when it’s about to turn cool. The idiots are messing around with the air conditioner. It probably work if they’d stop clicking off.

This new apartment of mine should be condemned. It is awful. It’s not fit for a pig or a dog, nor human.

Let’s start with the kitchen sink. What a mess!  I had them cover the hole, but since it’s gotten so cold I really took a good look at what they did.  The underneath part of the kitchen sink has holes galore.  I can see the pipes. All the holes are letting in the cold air.  And the pipe is leaking.  My oven, as always, doesn’t close all the way. It’s already starting to burn the side of my cabinet, as it always does.  My oven temperature is way off. I put the oven on 425 and feels like the setting is on 200 degrees. It takes me forever to cook anything. My last oven burned everything within two minutes!  Now this one is too low.  It takes me forever to heat up anything. The refrigerator is set to below zero, I’m sure. That’s where most of the cold comes from. They removed the ice maker part and left the part that let’s out cold air just open, letting out a lot of cold air.  There are holes in my windows, the door has no sealant, and I could on and on with what’s wrong with the apartment, but if I went on, I’d just depress myself, so I won’t.

This new apartment is worse than my last one. When I looked at the apartment everything was all right, but after  I signed lease, they went to work to make it a dump, as always!

In order for me to stay warm at night, this is what I have to wear: 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of pants, sweater, robe, 3 blouses, 2 t-shirts, and anything else that I can find to keep me warm.

I already hate the new place. I can’t say I hate the people because I’ve avoided them at all cost. I make sure I never look at them, so there are no faces to hate, and I intend to keep it that way. If you look at their faces, it just makes you hate them so much that you want to do something to them. This way I don’t know what any of them look like.

So Las Vegas is cold, cold, cold now. Next time I won’t write that Las Vegas always has good weather. Karma is a bitch!

I’m at the library again and, of course, all the perps are here like the zombies they are.

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Window air conditioner, from left side

Window air conditioner, from left side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gang Stalking – The sick bitch.

Now I'm That Bitch

Now I'm That Bitch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bitch that I’ve told you about before, is back upstairs.  Every time I see her, she begins to laugh.  She laughs to make   me think she’s happy.  But I know the miserable bitch is not happy.  How can someone be happy when they’re doing such evil others to someone else?   No one who is happy does these things.  Happy people leave others alone.  They don’t have to spend their time hiding in some apartment like a rat, spraying someone with spray.  If she’s so happy, how come she can’t stick to one man? It seems to me, every time I see her, she’s sleeping with some new man.  She’s back upstairs with the man who told her to get out of the apartment when he found out how many men she’d slept with.  If  you’re happy, you don’t have to sleep with every man you meet.  If you you’re happy, you have respect for yourself.  If you’re happy, you don’t end up in prison.  No matter how much she laughs, I know there’s a miserable human being underneath.  So keep on laughing, you bitch!  Eventually life will get even with you.  I look forward to when that day comes.  And then I’ll do the laughing.  And it will be a real laugh.


Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – The woman upstairs.

The woman who lives upstairs  gang stalks me by spraying me with pesticide.  She’s been doing it since January 31, 2011.  She’s been the third person whose tried to get  me into doing something crazy.  So far, she has not succeeded.  For one, she has a problem.  She’s an alcoholic.  And while I’m not judging anyone who is an alcoholic, people should drink themselves into the ground,  if  that’s their desire, I take full advantage of her incoherence.   I should say, she has a few problems.  She also has a drug problem.  I see her at night standing by the gated fence getting something from a man who just always happens to be walking by every night.  And as I stated, if you want  to  dope yourself to death, go for it.

When she’s drinking, the drinking works in my favor.   She’s too zoned out and drunk to have the energy to spray me with pesticide.  So on the nights she’s drunk/high, she doesn’t bother me.  But on the nights she’s not,  she sprays me all night and I’m unable to sleep.  When she drinks, she’s really nasty the next day.  Like today, I passed her on my way to the bus.  She began to curse at me and told me she was going to beat me up.  She’s thrown me down on the sidewalk before.  I complain to the management office, but nothing comes of it. She’s a big woman and can easily push me.  In total, I weight 120 or less.  She weights about 150 plus, so she has about 30 pounds to work with.  When she’s not spraying me, her boyfriend of the moment takes over.

As I stated I’m not judgmental, but when you mess with my right to live a safe life, then I become very judgmental.  If I can’t live a safe live, neither can you.  I will do everything in my power to get back at you.

And this woman has made my life a  living hell.  She throws things in front of my door, cigarette butts, pieces of paper, cans, bottles, dog feces, chicken pieces to draw ants and roaches into my apartment;  whatever she can do  to draw electricity into my apartment.

She never, ever goes out,  only when I leave my apartment.  Otherwise, her job is to be a constant non-stop nuisance in my life.  That’s her job to annoy the hell out of me so I’ll do something crazy.  She’s a 24/7 annoyance.   She annoys me and expects me to just take her garbage.  A few times I’ve called her a bitch.  She can annoy me, but don’t I dare do anything to her!.  That’s the way it ways with the gang stalkers.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  You annoy the hell out of me, I’m going to annoy the hell out of you, otherwise, leave me alone.

Gang Stalking – Americans gang stalked – 447,000 – Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) No. 10-00169

Exeter Library. Exeter, New Hampshire

Image via Wikipedia - Library

"Pastrami on rye" - Pastrami Sandwich.

Image via Wikipedia - Pastrami sandwich


BEWARE: BANS OF THIS ALL INCLUSIVE NATURE WILL SOMEDAY REMOVE YOUR BILL OF RIGHTS...unless you are wary of such ridiculous legislation to create bans. (Photo credit: roberthuffstutter)

English: The Whore of Babylon Dresses the Part...

Image via Wikipedia

Update #2:  Since I typed the update below, I have found the correct number. It is Freedom of Information Act (FOIA No. 10-00169).  I went to Google and found the right site, but I was not allowed to enter the site.  I was re-directed to a God site.  So you’ll probably have the same problem.  Keep trying it.  Don’t give up.   Why  is the government so afraid of having you see the information?  By the way, make sure you use FOIA before the number.  Good luck getting into site.  It exists.  Updated July 23, 2011

Update:  Since I typed this,  information been’s changed by the government hackers.  I don’t know if they changed the number on me, or they removed  information from Google.  At one time, all you had to do was go to Google, type the number and the document would pop right up.  Now, if you go to Google and put in number, all you get are different Freedom of Information sites.  You’re not able to get the document.  So, I’m trying to get the correct number.    July 22, 2011   Updated

This week the gang stalkers, and last week, too, were feeling their oats. You know how it is. They’re all perfect and we T.I.s are nothing but worthless scum. Below are some comments that were e-mailed to me.

One e-mailer wrote to me several times and called me a whore. He told me that I was the type of woman men don’t marry. I’m the kind of woman who a man uses (I’d hate to be his wife!) when his wife won’t do the kind of things a man wants sexually. He called me an “old bag”. I’m sure he’s perfection (LOL). Another gang stalker picked on me for writing about pastrami and what kind of mustard was used on a pastrami sandwich. Called me a hick. He’s the hick. I got the mustard I want on my sandwich. Not what someone dictated I should have on it. (In case you wonder why I mention  pastrami, it is to show how petty they all are.)  Another one called me whore again for writing about being asked to be a model at one time. He told me the only way I could make it to modeling was by whoring myself.

So, these are the kind of comments I’m getting lately. They always mention something  me about being a whore. I guess their vocabulary is limited. I guess they don’t know another word for woman. It doesn’t bother me because I know I’m a decent woman and always will be. No two-bit lowlife is going to change how I feel about myself. I’m keeping all the comments made to me calling me a whore. It’s proof I’m being harassed. I wrote them back and thanked them for their comments and told them I was very happy that my blog made them laugh. Bring it on!

Yesterday, I got thrown out of the library. I went into the library as usual to use the computer. As soon as I got in, the gang stalkers started with their harassment–the constant spraying of pesticide, pinging me with computer, making noises that they’ve heard me make, non-stop.  Most times, I’m really good at ignoring them, but there are days that things just get to me. Tried as I might to ignore them, I couldn’t. The woman next to me was doing her “coughing”  bit. I just couldn’t ignore the bitch. That’s the word that got me thrown out. Under my breath I said the word several times (not directly to her). They can dish it out, but they can’t take it. She ran directly to the librarians and reported that I’d called her a bitch. A security guard and head of the library called me out and told me I had to leave the library. Told me that it was inappropriate for me to use such language in the library. That’s a lot of b.s. I hear the gang stalkers say all sort of things and no one ever throws them out. So I’m banned from the library for the rest of the day. I just picked myself up and took myself to another library. No big deal!

I mentioned before that there were 325,00 Americans being gang stalked. The new number is 447,000 Americans–FOIA Request #10-00169, page 4 (go through google to see it). That’s almost half a million people  gang stalked. That number doesn’t include people who are on the “no fly” list. Pretty soon, everybody will be gang stalked, even the gang stalkers themselves. That’s the day I want to see, when the gang stalkers get gang stalked! Can you believe the number of people being gang stalked?  But yet, it’s not happening! It’s our imagination.

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