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Gang Stalking – Asian Week.

I’m calling this week, Asian Week. I had so many Asian harassing me this week  that it’s not funny. Every time I turn around some Asian person is doing something to me. Just like this morning. I went to the store, again, and I bought some sunflower seeds to feed the birds. The woman seemed exceedingly nervous. I thought it was because someone broke the windows in the store.  She was nervous because she purposely left my sunflower seeds out of my bag. I discover that they were missing when I went to feed the birds. The birds all came flying over when I entered the parking lot. I looked in the bag, the sunflowers were not in the bag. So I went back to the store and told them that my sunflower seeds were missing. The Asian woman was in hysterics. I find it odd that she would be laughing. But there she was laughing. She said she put the seeds in my bag. She did not. She called the manager over and the manager told me that I should look in my rolling suitcase because that’s probably where they were. I didn’t even open my suitcase! So I didn’t get my sunflower seeds and I wanted to return what I’d bought. The manager told me that there no refunds just to pick something out at the same price. I walked out of the store. I hope it goes out of business.

And then yesterday, I was by the ATM closing my handbag, and an Asian man went behind me to get  one of those wipes that kill germs. The wipes were right in front of me and he could easily have gotten them by standing right in front of the dispenser. I told him off.

And that’s the way my week has been so far with Asians f—–g with me.

Well, I hope China does something that will get the U.S. really angry. Then, I can just see American turn on Asians! China already tried to bump into one of our ships and then went really close to one of our planes.  And the pilots complained to the White House about the Chinese f—–g with the plane.

P.S. I’m sure I will have even more Asians after me after writing this.

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Gang Stalking – No gang stalking today – enjoy the beautiful scenes.

English: Walking on the beach at Pwll March, N...

English: Walking on Tregirls Beach
English: Walking on Tregirls Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Girl walking in a beach. Porto Covo, ...
English: Girl walking in a beach. Porto Covo, Portugal. Français : Une fille marche sur une plage. Porto Covo, Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Brown Skuas stalking Gentoo Penguins at Godt...

Puffins loafing around near the breeding burrows.
Puffins loafing around near the breeding burrows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Beach scene, Bermuda

 The Black Void of Couches

Windows Molde Norway abstract #dailyshoot
Image by Leshaines123 via Flickr
Pink and Yellow Dahlia at the Fair
Image by Bill Gracey via Flickr


Out of Sight

Image by Benjamin Godard Photography via Flickr

Svinafellsjokull Glacier
Image by Preserved Light by Caillum Smith via Flickr
Sunset @ Kabini
Image by VinothChandar via Flickr
Image by …anna christina… via Flick