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Gang Stalking- Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What was the best book or movie of the year?

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Billy Elliot

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Cover of "Billy Elliot"

Cover of Billy Elliot

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Billy Elliot the Musical

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Think of all the books you read, or movies you saw, and write a review of your favorite (or favorites).

Recently someone recommended to me that I see “Billy Elliot“.  The person who recommended this movie usually recommends movies that are very good.  So I decided to get “Billy Elliot”.

I put the movie on, and Lord and behold, it’s a British movie.  No insult to the English, but every time I’ve seen an English movie, I almost fall asleep.  They usually speak very slowly, and pronunciation is perfect.  And I thought to myself, oh, God, why an English movie?

For the first ten minutes, I thought  that this was a movie I probably would not finish.  But as time went on, I was on the edge of my seat looking forward to what was going to happen next.

The movie takes place in England in the year 1984-1985.  It is about an English boy, Billy, who’s taken by his father to a boxing gym to be taught how to  become a fighter.  Billy has no interest in learning to fight, but he goes to the  gym to please his father.  One day when he enters the gym, there is a ballet class going on next to the gym.  Billy watches the dancers and becomes intrigued with ballet dancing.  So instead of going to the gym, he spends all his time watching the dancers.  He spends so much watching the dancers, he’s asked if he would like to join the group. He  decides he wants to learn  to dance.  He does not tell his father about the dancing lessons.   He tells his father he’s still going to the gym.

This is where the story gets interesting.  He has to hide the fact that he’s dancing from his father, because he knows his father and brother would not be happy with his dancing.

While Billy’s  off dancing, his father and brother are on strike.  They’re both miners, and the mine in which they work is going out of business.

But I won’t go into more detail, but it’s a movie you should definitely see.  I highly recommend it. I went from not wanting to see it to  recommending it; that’s how good it is.  If you’re a woman, you’ll definitely need some tissues to wipe away the tears. And if you’re a man, the son/father relationship will make you think about what’s important in life.  Run to get the video.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Make a list of movies you believe everyone should see at least one.

If you’re looking for movies that tuck at your heart, your mind, and leave you stunned, some of the movies listed below will forever stay with you.

1.  Billy Elliot:  takes place in England, about a boy whose father wants him to learn to be a boxer, but Billy has other ideas.

2.  Born on the Fourth of July:  about a Vietnam Vet who returns home and becomes disillusioned with war.

3.  Casablanca: about two ex-lovers who reunite after many years.  Takes place in Morocco during war.

4.  The King and I:  beautiful scenes of Siam, and the colors are just to die for.  About an English teacher and the King.

5.  To Kill a Mockingbird:  take place in the south during segregation; white lawyer defends black man, an unheard thing in the south.

6.  Life is Beautiful:  takes place during the holocaust.  A man and his son, and the father’s sacrifice for his son.

7.  The Crying Game:  worth seeing just for the ending.  I’m not going to say anything else. A big surprise at the end.

8.  West Side Story:  takes places in New York City, the dancing alone is worth seeing the movie. I’ve never seen better dancing in a movie. About gang members, 50s style.

9.  Deer Hunter:  small town, soldier goes to war, returns home a changed man.  The Deer scene is unforgettable.

10. Some Like It Hot:  if you want a few laughs, this is the movie to see.  Best acting ever by Marilyn Monroe.

I didn’t write too much information about the movies, because it really annoys me when critics tell you everything about a movie.  After they tell you everything, why bother seeing the movie?   All the above movies will change you in some way, that’s all I can say.

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