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Gang Stalking – The hell continues.


electricity (Photo credit: Terry Freedman)

The bastard perps should all be in hell!  My computer didn’t last too last. It’s back  exactly to where my other computer was.  All the same viruses are in this computer that were in my old computer. Bastards!

I just want to remind you to keep track of your monthly bills.  If you don’t get your monthly bill by the day that you’re supposed to receive it, wait one or two days and get on the phone and call the company where the bill comes from.

Not only are the scumbags adding viruses to my computer, but now I’m not getting my bills (after writing this, I’ll probably get it in my mailbox).

I’m supposed to get my electric bill on about the 6th of each month, but this month no bill and it’s already the 19th.  This is not the first time I’ve had problems with my power bill. I remember one time, Nevada Power sent me a notice thanking me for notifying them about my move.  I never called Nevada Power and told them I was moving.  I had no plans to move.  If  I hadn’t gotten the notice from Nevada Power, my electricity would have been turned off.  And then when I moved from my last apartment, my ending bill was $298.00 for one month.  I was living in a one bedroom apartment and used very little electricity.  I was hardly ever home.  I called the company and asked them why my bill was so high when my monthly bill was usually in the range of  40-50 dollars.  The person on the phone checked and told me that’s  how much electricity I used.  I told the man that there was no way I used that much electricity.  He was nice enough to re-check my account.  He came back and said he couldn’t help me.  The bill was right.  He told me I should get in touch with the police and report theft of electricity.  I didn’t even bother calling the police.  The perp police officers probably would’ve smirked and told me they couldn’t help me.

I almost forgot to pay my electricity.  Yesterday, I remembered I hadn’t paid my bill and called Nevada Power.  The woman on the phone told me my bill was mailed to me.  So the jerks probably stole the  bill out of my mailbox.  And I don’t want to have  the bill sent to my computer.  With all the hacking I’m experiencing, the less information on my computer the better.

Oh, aren’t the perps such busy little beavers!  Every one of the scumbags belongs in hell.

So I thought I’d just remind you to make sure you keep track of when your bills arrive.   If you don’t, you might end up with no electricity.

Bastards all, including the lying Obama and all the phony politicians.  They should go straight to hell, too.  Now I feel better. Bastards!

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Gang Stalking – Are you ready for “Star Wars”?

English: CBP Air and Marine officers control a...

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The only GPS satellite on public display is at...

Image via Wikipedia - Global positioning satellite.

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

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IAI Heron 1 UAV in flight. Location: NAVAL AIR...

Image via Wikipedia - unmanned drone.

If  you’re new to gang stalking, I just want to reinforce how careful you have to be when you leave home.  Don’t ever leave home without all your important papers, I.D., computer,  photos, anything you think is important should always go with you wherever you go.  If you leave  home without these things, they will disappear.  They’ll steal your computer, or do damage to it.  They’ll take your photos to help identify your friends, or rip them up.  They’ll take your I.D.  Whatever you care about will be torn, stolen, slashed.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  It can be clothes (ripped), computer (mashed), I.D. (stolen).  So if there’s anything you treasure, don’t ever leave it home, unless you have an absolutely safe place to put it.  And if you do take your things with you, don’t leave it in your car.  They will break into the car to get at the things you left in it.  Oh, I forgot, don’t forget your diary.  I thought I had a good hiding place for my diary. I was so wrong!  I came home one day and all the pages had been torn out.  They left the diary behind, but took out all the pages.

I don’t know if any of you have heard about the new law that’s been passed by Congress.  It is a new bill to let  airplanes use GPS instead of radar to land planes and take off.  Of course, every bill always includes more than just the basic law.  This one has an added item.  Now commercial and private companies can start using unmanned drones; and airspace reserved for military, airliners, cargo planes, business jets and private planes will all be sharing the same airspace over the U.S.  The companies will have to get certification.  By September 30, 2020, there should be 30,000+ drones flying  over your head.  The bill has already been passed by Congress.  It still has to be signed by President Obama.

Imagine unmanned drones  flying over your house watching everything you do.  Talk about losing your privacy!  You won’t have any.  These unmanned drones have cameras and can  see what’s going on in your home.

The name of the bill is NextGen.  The FAA has until 2015 to figure out how all these different aircraft can fly safely within the same airspace.

Welcome to the world of STAR WARS!!!  And you thought it was just a movie. May the force be with you!