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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Write about something you used to believe.

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, anything I believed in has gone out the window. Due to the gang stalking I’m experiencing every day, everything I ever believed in has changed. I don’t think I believe in much of anything anymore. I strongly believed in my family and they let me down. I was very political and a Liberal, now I don’t really believe in politicians and anything they stand for. To me, they’re all self-centered buffoons. Religion? My belief system no longer exist . And  the U.S. government,  dishonest and corrupt as any government. Maybe one day, I’ll find my way to believe in something.  But now, I believe in nothing. Not the  American public, they’re the ones who  believe government  and make my life a living hell!  They’re the ones who  have enabled government to mistreat me with their actions.  Without tthem, gang stalking would not be possible.  So all you people out there who are gang stalkers, life will give you what you deserve.

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