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Gang Stalking – Have to do laundry third-world style.

I finally went out and bought myself new clothes. Nothing expensive, the perps will just rip everything to shreds. I was really beginning to look like a ragamuffin. Still do in some ways. I also bought myself a new hat. A new Fedora. I can just see it now, every perp wearing a Fedora. The last time, I bought a Cadet hat, everyone and his mother were walking around with cadet caps, still are.   When I walked out of the store, there were  perps  wearing the color of the blouses I’d bought and a few were  wearing Fedoras.

I was looking so ragamuffin because I can’t wash my clothes in the laundry room. I used to wash my clothes there, but stopped. Every time I’d walk into the laundry room, it would fill with perps, who suddenly had to do their clothes. And they’d sit in the laundry room and talk so loud and make experience so disgusting, I’d leave. And then I’d have to worry about what they’d do to my clothes.

Isn’t it disgusting that in the U.S., which is supposed to be a free country, I have to wash my clothes third-world style? That I can’t take a walk without an entourage? That I’m not safe in my apartment? That the apartment is broken into every day?  That my food’s poisoned? That I’m hit with electricity? That my bed is a thing of torture?  And I could go on and on with what they do to me, but I’d bore you to death.

America the Beautiful is no more!

I’ve never seen so many unhappy Americans. Everybody’s dissatisfied with the way things  are, except the politicians. They’re cashing in on Americans’ unhappiness. They could care less. Unhappy Americans are gullible. Keep them at each other’s throats and they won’t think about all the problems in America. All politicians care about is getting voted into office. They’ll say and do whatever it takes to get re-elected.  Once the creeps get elected, nothing will change. The politicians won’t do a damn thing different. And the people will go back to complaining. Why didn’t the people vote the bastards out?

Oh, America, I miss what you used to be.

P.S. Do you remember the man I told you about who stole a woman’s handbag and tried ot get me blamed for it? What are the chances of that man getting to sit next to me every day at the computer?  It’s not a high number, but every day the perps work it out so that this creep gets to sit next to me. I told the creep he disgusts me. I know it’s not nice to say something like this to someone, but he makes me want to vomit on him.

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Gang Stalking – No gang stalking today – enjoy the beautiful scenes.

English: Walking on the beach at Pwll March, N...

English: Walking on Tregirls Beach
English: Walking on Tregirls Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Girl walking in a beach. Porto Covo, ...
English: Girl walking in a beach. Porto Covo, Portugal. Français : Une fille marche sur une plage. Porto Covo, Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Brown Skuas stalking Gentoo Penguins at Godt...

Puffins loafing around near the breeding burrows.
Puffins loafing around near the breeding burrows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Beach scene, Bermuda

 The Black Void of Couches

Windows Molde Norway abstract #dailyshoot
Image by Leshaines123 via Flickr
Pink and Yellow Dahlia at the Fair
Image by Bill Gracey via Flickr


Out of Sight

Image by Benjamin Godard Photography via Flickr

Svinafellsjokull Glacier
Image by Preserved Light by Caillum Smith via Flickr
Sunset @ Kabini
Image by VinothChandar via Flickr
Image by …anna christina… via Flick

Gang Stalking – Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day (Photo credit: criana)

I can’t believe it’s already Father’s Day.   How time flies when we’re having fun (not)!

My father died a long time ago.  I have few memories left of  him.  He died very young. I always considered my father a very good-looking man.  It  is only now that I realize how very handsome he was.

I do have one very vivid memory, though.  My mother got sick and was put in the hospital.  One day my father was going to visit my mother and I asked him if I could go with him to see  her.  He said “sure.”   We took the subway to the hospital, and arrived at  the hospital within 20 minutes.  When we got to the desk, my father told the receptionist that we were there to visit my mother.  But the receptionist told my father I could not see my mother because I was too young.  I was 9 and I had to be 16 to visit her.  So I had to wait outside while my father visited with my mother.  I went outside and waited for my father.  While standing, I heard someone call my name.  I looked up and there were my  mother and father waving to me and throwing me kisses.  I told my mother I loved her and missed her.

When my father’s visiting hour was up, my father and I began our walk toward the subway again.  We passed a store that was advertising a sale on coats.  My father said to me, “Do you want a new coat?”  The coat I was wearing was a little worn out, but it was still wearable.  I said, “Yes, I do.”  So we walked into the store.  The sales people were very helpful and I liked them.  They were very patient with me. I modeled coat after coat for my father.  At one point,  I said to him, “Dad, which coat do you like?”  He replied, “It doesn’t matter what coat you buy, you look beautiful in all of them.”  Beautiful!  Me beautiful!  My father thought I was beautiful!  I always thought I was attractive by the way people treated me, but beautiful!  No one had ever called me beautiful before.  My father thought I was beautiful! Wow!  From that day on, it didn’t matter the names someone called me.  My father thought I was beautiful!

I finally decided to stick with a blue coat that had a mohair look to it, and walked out the store wearing it and feeling really beautiful.  I held my father’s hand as we continued on our way to the subway.  I kept looking up at my father, and I so loved my father at that moment.

As I write this, my heart aches so much.  I would love to see my father again. I miss him.

Dad, miss you and Happy Father’s Day.  Love you.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.

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Gang Stalking – Be careful what you say, and whom you say it to.


Sweet Old Lady
Sweet Old Lady (Photo credit: RobW_)

Loose lips might sink ships -- a poster advoca...

Very long braid.

Well, I can’t believe it, finally my net access worked.  I didn’t have to spent a few hours trying to get on my computer.  I don’t know how long it’ll last before they take away my network access again.  But for now, I’m enjoying using the computer.

I want to remind you to be careful what you say.  I don’t want to make you paranoid, but some stalker is always nearby to hear what you say so he can report it to his monitor.  And be careful when you’re sitting somewhere and someone parks himself/herself right next to you.  He/she will sit next to you a while before he begins to talk with you.  I call it the “warm-up period.”   He’ll sit next to you to get you comfortable with him sitting next to you.  And then he will begin to discuss how things are with you.  You’ve become comfortable with his presence, so you think nothing of talking back to him.  But be careful.  He might try to lead you into talking about the government.  He might say nasty things about the government and even talk about overthrowing it.  He wants you to begin to complain about the government and maybe you’ll say something the government can use against you.  Don’t fall for the bait.  Don’t ever say anything about overthrowing the government or committing violent acts against it.   After the gang stalker  gets the  information from you, he’ll tell the monitor about  everything you said, and will probably embellish some things.  Everything you say  gets written down on your dossier.  So be careful what you say to people who sit next to you.  They’re not sitting next to you just to sit.  They’re spying on you.

Be especially careful of sweet, little old women.  You might think that little, sweet old lady is not a gang stalker, but you will learn that she’s as  much a cobra as the younger gang stalker, and probably more dangerous, because you will trust her more.

I was standing outside the Best Buy store yesterday and a little, sweet old lady came behind me.  She tugged at my long braid and said, “Is this really your hair?”    I said, “It is.”  She replied, “You have such beautiful hair.  I thought it might be one of those extensions.”  I said, “No, it’s all my real hair.”   She replied, “It’s really very beautiful.”   I nodded and said, “Thank you very much.”  She stood next to me trying to get me to talk with her, but I looked back at her and gave her a blank look.  After realizing she was not going to get me to talk, she walked away.  I’m sure the sweet, little old lady was a gang stalker.  So be careful of sweet, little old women.  They’re deadly!

Also be careful with store clerks, your doctor (he’s in on it), family (in on it) , friends, bus drivers, children, teachers, apartment managers, police officers, etc.  I could go on and on with how many people are gang stalkers.  Just be careful.  Remember that saying: Loose lips, sink ships!  The only ship that  will sink is you.

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