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Gang Stalking – I dream…


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I dream of a better place to live.

I dream of sitting in a place and not have someone annoy me.

I dream of not having someone call me names.

I dream of sitting at a table with some friends and really enjoying myself.

I dream of  not having someone hit me with electricity every minute of the day.

I dream of being left alone.

I dream of taking a vacation.

I dream of being  called beautiful.

I dream of taking a walk and not worrying about what’s behind me.

I dream of  wearing stylish, beautiful clothes.

I dream of having someone else in my life.

I dream of not having someone threaten to beat me up.

I dream that maybe there are still nice people out there and I just have to find them.

I dream that someone out there likes me.

I dream that the hell I’m going through will soon end.

I dream that all the perps will get the punishment they deserve.

I dream that the pesticide the perps spray into my apartment goes right back to them.

I dream that all the people who’ve abused me for years will finally get their time in jail.

I dream…that’s all I can do.

What do you dream about?

Flower dream

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Gang Stalking – Woman upstairs threatens to break my neck.

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I was on my way to my apartment after doing some shopping, and the floozy who lives upstairs  came rushing down the stairs.  I quickly went into my bag to find my video camera.  When she saw I was taking photos, she flew into a rage.  She came over to me and said, “I told you not to take pictures of me, lady.”  I responded,”Well, at least I’m a lady.”  She came closer to me, “I told you not to talk back to me. I’ve been in prison and I’ve broken people’s neck.  And I’ll break your neck.”  She made the gesture of a neck breaking.  I replied, ” I can tell you been in prison.  You don’t have to tell me.  You put one finger on me and I’ll have you arrested.” She replied, “How are you gonna prove it?”  I replied , “I’ll have proof.”   She said, “How you gonna prove it, lady.”  I said,”I’m certainly not going to tell you.”  She came closer to me again and stuck her finger in my face, “I told you not to talk back to me. I’m gonna break your neck.”  She was walking away and I said, “Why don’t you come closer to this window and say you’re gonna break my neck. I want everyone to hear it.”   She wouldn’t come closer, because she knew where I was standing people would hear her voice.  She stood by the wall with her finger in the air looking really crazy.  She went away in a huff.

I’m writing this as proof if  she ever does anything to me.  If I ever end up dead with a broken neck, I want police to know where to look for my killer.  She lives in apartment 240; black woman; 42 years old; mannish looking; long braids that attach to her scalp; has gold teeth on the bottom, right and left side; about 5′ 7″ – 5′ ll”. She used to be heavy, but she’s lost a lot of weight.  And the property manager knows who she is. The property manager gives her carte  blanche.

She wanted to know what I was going to do.  This is it.  I’m writing about it for everyone to see.  So if  anything should happen to me, I hope someone will speak up in my name.  If I stop writing this blog, it means someone has done something to me.  If I ever stop writing, I will let all of you know.

Every time the woman upstairs drinks, she gets crazy.  It took me a while today before I realized she’s probably been drinking.  She has a Jekyll and Hyde personality.  A few times she’s been nice to me, but then she turns around and becomes a crazy person.  So I know it’s alcohol, mixed in with some drugs. These are the kind of people the government hires to harass us.

By the way, this is not the first time she’s threatened me.  The last time, she pushed me onto the gravel and told me that if I said anything to her, she was going to beat me up. I’ve already been beaten up by another gang stalker (I wrote about it).  So if she beats me up, it’ll be the second time a gang stalker has beaten me.

The U.S. government should be ashamed of itself for giving free rein to  people like the floozy upstairs.  How many other people has the government killed?

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – The possibility of being thrown out of my apartment.

This morning as I was walking toward my apartment, I saw the woman from upstairs. I’m wearing a shirt that says “Targeted by U.S. Government”,  and I’ve written some other things on the shirt.

I showed her my shirt. She got very angry and said that she told me not to talk to here,  and proceeded to tell me that she would beat me up if I continued to talk. I told her that if she touched me, I was going to call police. She said she didn’t care, and she would beat me up if I continued to talk.

I said to  her,   “Just try to hit me  and  you’ll end up in jail. ” She got in my face and told me that she’s never been in jail. I didn’t mention anything about her being in jail, so I don’t know where that came from. I’ve said to her on previous occasions that I think she’s been in jail, but this time, I didn’t mention anything about being in jail.  She came up close into my face again and told me she was going to beat me up.  Again, I mentioned I’d call the police.  She walked away, and I continued to my apartment.

I was in my apartment about ten minutes, when someone knocked on my door. I did not bother to answer the door.  The person kept  knocking.  So I finally said, “Who is it?”   It was the apartment manager.  I shouted that I was not going to open the door to her anymore.  She continued knocking and told me to open the door.  Finally,  I opened the door.  There was a man with her; I guess that he was there to defend her if I got violent.

The manager had a very angry look on her face.  She was looking straight at me and said, “If you call anyone else a name, I’m throwing you out.”   I replied, “‘Who did I call a name?”  She answered, “Cheryl-lynn.”  Or I think that’s what she said.  And the manager continued, “She said you just called her a bitch.”  So I was able to figure out, Cheryl-lynn was the woman from upstairs.  I said, “I did not call her a bitch.  I showed her my shirt.  And she’s a damn drunk.”   She replied, “No, she’s not, and if I hear of you calling someone else a name, I’m throwing you out.”   I replied, “I did not call her a bitch.”  She walked away.  I shouted to the manager, “If you’re going to throw me out, leave a note on my door, because I will not open the door to you anymore.  I’m sick of you.”   I closed the open.

What gets me is, she never once asked me if I  called the woman a bitch.  She listened to one side of the story, and didn’t in any way try to find out what happened.  She does this to me all the time.   I’m always guilty of whatever someone accuses me of doing.  She never asks  me if  it’s true.  She can throw me out.  This happens to TIs all the time.  Anybody can lie outright about us and no one will listen.  If she does throw me out,  there goes the paycheck for the woman upstairs and for her.  Almost every TI  story I’ve heard, it includes a part about being thrown out of their apartment.  I guess it’s my turn.  They can spray me with pesticide, follow me everywhere I go, hit me  with weapons, take my money, credit cards, rip my clothes, destroy anything in my apartment, etc., but they’re all angels.   I’m the bad one.

I’ve always believed that what you do to  someone will come back to you; so I’m  not going to get myself upset.  Time will punish them all.   Their day is coming.  I will be found not guilty of all the things I’ve been accused of doing.  And by the way, where is my jury trial?  The 6th Amendment to the constitution says ” no one shall be punished without a trial”.  I haven’t had a trial, but I’ve been found guilty and punished.

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