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Gang Stalking – Not in the mood to be nice to perps.

Some days I just want to disappear from the face of the earth. How much can a human being handle?  I’m in a really bad mood today and I just want to beat up every last perp.  But I won’t, because I know I’m the one who’ll suffer the consequences. They’ll just go on with their evil ways laughing all the way.

I didn’t have breakfast at home today, so I stopped by Burger King to get a burger to go.  I got my burger and walked over to the bus stop. While waiting I decided to eat my burger. I forgot to check the burger before I left Burger King, so I checked to make there was nothing wrong with the burger. I removed the wrapped and checked the burger. There was blood all over the bun, and the burger was raw.  As I checked the burger, my bus came, so I threw the burger away.  It makes me angry that I always have to be on guard to make sure they don’t make me sick when I buy something.

I took the bus to the supermarket.  As soon as I got in the door, I had to give the cashier my bag. And as I walked around the bread section, a man followed me around. I left the bread section and went over to vegetables, someone popped up, of course, and the person just had to water the vegetables while I was checking them out. And so it went as I went  from section to section.   I got so disgusted, I got a few things I really needed and left the store. I left because I knew I was on the verge of losing my temper. And we targets can’t lose our temper in public. Then they can point and say “we told you she was crazy”.  Anyone can lose his/her temper and no one says they’re crazy, but we targets lose it and we’re crazy.

It just pisses me off that we always have to put up with the lowlifes everywhere we go. We can’t for a minute let down our guard. We always have to keep up our “cool”.  Some day we will get payback.  And they won’t be the ones laughing, we targets will get the last laugh. I can’t wait for that day. It will come. It will come. It will come. It will come. It will come. Believe it! B——s!

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Gang Stalking – I will survive you f—–g bastards!

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ac...

English: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff accepting the credentials of Jamal Khokhar, the ambassador to Brazil from Canada, in Brasilia, Brazil. Português: Brasília, DF, 09/02/2011. Presidenta Dilma Rousseff e o embaixador do Canadá, Jamal Khokhar, durante apresentação de credenciais de novos embaixadores no Brasil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m beginning to like the President from Brazil Dilma Rousseff.  She’s angry at the NSA  for spying on her and Brazilian citizens. The NSA is also spying on Brazilian citizens as they are on us targets.  She’s filed  petition with the U.N. to force  the U.S. to stop the spying on other countries and Brazilian citizens.  Maybe, just maybe, the U.N. will investigate what’s going on with the U.S. spying on other countries.  Maybe an investigation by the U.N. will bring out information that the U.S. is not only spying on American citizens, but torturing them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I wait for the day we targets will finally be free.  And I wish President Dilma Rousseff all the luck in the world in her complaint to the U.N.

I went apartment hunting yesterday.  What a drag it is.  Everywhere I went, I saw signs of  other people getting targeted. The dog poop all over the grass, the blinds missing pieces, holes in windows, broken windows, garbage strewn in front of someone’s door.  Of course, everywhere I went the perps followed me.  I went in and out of complexes, but didn’t stop to talk with any rental people. I didn’t want to lose  time talking to people who I’m  are perps.

As I’ve previously written, I have very little furniture, so moving will be no problem.  The new furniture I bought when I moved into this apartment the perps ruined.  They broke every chair, shortened the legs of the chairs and the legs go every which way.  They  broke all the handles to my pots.  Or maybe I’ll just take the furniture as it is.  If I get any new furniture, they’ll just destroy it again.  Why waste my money?  Who knows?  Maybe the next place will be worse.  I never think the new place will be better, because it never is.  And my bed?  It’s going to be hard to carry a mattress to wherever I end up.

I can understand why targets kill themselves.  We keep moving thinking that maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a safe place to live. A place where we won’t be harassed by  perps.  But, of course, deep down, we know that won’t happen.  We know the perps will appear as soon as we move into our new place and start making our lives a miserable existence.

Yesterday, I was on my Facebook page and one of the targets wrote about how they killed all four of her kittens.  She found the last one barely breathing and it died.  What kind of people are these perps that they would do this to innocent animals?  They’re sick, sick people.  They call us nuts?!!!  Believe me, we’re sane compare to these savages.

Targets keep getting killed, or kill someone, or just plain kill themselves.  And the harassment continues by the government flunkies. They think nothing of driving someone insane.  They just pick themselves up and do it to other targets.  How do these savages live with themselves?

Of course, the harassment is not happening to any of us.  It’s our imagination.  We’re all crazy.

But I believe with all my heart, this will come out eventually.  And let me tell you, I intend to sue the f——g government for every penny I can get.  It made my life a living hell and it’s going to pay for it.  And I intend to stick it out to see it come to pass. The government will not stifle me.  I will survive and outlive every bastard no matter what they do to me.  I will survive.

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Gang Stalking – If I were ever going to lose it, it would’ve been today!

English: The faucet or tap in a bathroom sink ...

English: The faucet or tap in a bathroom sink lets users mix both hot and cold water. It is attached to the underside of a sink by plastic screws. Source: here entitled “Swapping out a bathroom sink” (handyman project) (note: “public domain” note at top of article). Further questions, ask me (tom sulcer) at: Wikipedia. here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boiled Egg - Crossection

Boiled Egg – Crossection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I were ever going to lose it, it would have been today.  I’m having a real bad day.  I got up extremely late, due to lack of sleep all night.

I went into the bathroom as soon as I got up, turned on the hot and cold water.  Only dribs and drabs of cold water come out. The hot water is not working.  I kept turning the hot faucet on, got nothing.  So I can’t take a shower, can’t even wash my face, that’s how little water .  All week-long, I’ve had trouble with my hot water. I have to run the water 25-30 minutes to get it warm. I hate doing this, but I need to use the shower.  Now, I have no hot water at all.

I got dressed and decided I’ve had enough b.s.  I made my way to the office.  Tried opening the door, couldn’t open it. There was a sign on the door that said:  Will reopen at 1 p.m.  I figure  all the office people are out to lunch, so I didn’t think anything  was wrong.  I went back to my apartment to try the hot water again.  No hot water.

At 1 p.m., I return to the office, the office is still not opened.  So I wait about 15 minutes, still no one shows up.I return to my apartment to eat something.  Can’t cook a hot boiled egg, not enough cold water.  I decide to just have a bagel and tea. I use my bottle water to boil the tea. I have dishes from last night I didn’t wash, and dishes keep piling up.  I can’t wash my hands, the pots, nothing.

I return to the office, still no one around. The 1 p.m. sign is still up.  A woman who works in the office is standing near the office.  So I ask her what’s going on with the water.  She tells me that there’s a  pipe broken.  I ask “where is everybody?” She tells me that they’re all walking around checking the complex out. I’ve seen no evidence of anyone from the office walking around.  I ask “where are they walking?”  She tells me “oh, just around.”   I also ask her “where did the pipe break?”  She tells me “oh, down the street.”  I can tell she’s lying, but I keep it to myself.  I walk away.  As  I walk by one of the apartments, I see a worker.  I ask him “do you know where the office people are?”  He tells me “they’re in the office,” probably hiding in the back.  I tell him that I have no hot water.  He says “why don’t you have hot water?  Everybody else has water, how come you don’t?”   I repeat to him what he said “everybody has hot and cold water?!!!!”  He replies “yes, everybody has hot and cold water, nobody’s complained.”  So, it’s only me that they’re screwing with. I thought so.

I go back to my apartment.  I happen to pass two men who are banging a pipe around.  I go over and look.  There seems to be absolutely nothing  wrong with the pipe. I ask the two men “what’s wrong with the pipe.”  One man answers “it’s broken.”  I look closer and still see nothing wrong with the pipe.  I say to the man “there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the pipe.”   He looks up and gives me a really angry look and continues banging on the pipe.

I go back to my apartment. I try the faucet again. I now have neither hot or cold water.  Both waters are not working.  I can’t clean anything. I have no water to drink.  The dishes are piling up, and there’s nowhere I can turn for help. The whole day’s been one big mess.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the pipes. The workmen told me it would take all day to fix them.  I’m the only one with no hot and cold water.

The bastards!

I’m returning to the office to see what I can do.  I’ll let you know what happens.

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Gang Stalking – I’m not going to let them win!

A medical student checking blood pressure usin...

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Everything  I typed was erased, so I’ll have to start again.  This is what I’m talking about.  The bastards are at it again.  Sorry about the language.

I haven’t been writing my blog because I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing.  When I write I have to deal with a lot of stress.  Whatever I type usually gets erased.  I can feel my blood pressure rising every time I type something.  I’m afraid I’ll suffer a heart attack.  But in spite of what the gang stalkers have done to me, I’ve been able to keep up with my blog.  They haven’t been able to stop me from writing it, and I’m not going to let them win. I took some time off to de-stress.   If you like my blog, you’ll be seeing a blog from me.  I miss writing, and keeping in touch with my readers.  A lot of  times you readers have kept me going.  I thank you all.  And now I’m back!

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