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Gang Stalking – Slept like a baby.

Well, they  were at it this morning again, the two maintenance men. I covered up the cracks made by them to the walkway and slept like a baby all night. I really feel rested today. It’s been a long time since  I got a good night sleep. I heard the two maintenance men talking and put my ear to the door. One of them said, ” They said we didn’t do a good job putting in enough cracks. Why don’t they come up here and see that we have?”  I guess the 2-year-olds got up early and complained to the office that they weren’t able to make the night miserable for me. It upsets them when I get to sleep all night. I don’t think they get a paycheck when they’re not able to make my night miserable. How stupid is it of them to complain? If I were them, I would keep my mouth shut and not say anything. I’d get a paycheck. These perps are not thinkers, that’s for sure.

I waited for the men to leave and went outside. They removed all the tape I put over the cracks. But, honestly, the sleep I got had nothing to do with the cracks. I found a new way to protect myself. The maintenance men are wasting their time putting in more cracks. I will sleep soundly all night again. And the perps will again go to the office and complain about me. They spend all day sleeping and stay up all night hitting me electronically. And they stand in front of my apartment at night and talk. They make sure that I know they’re outside. Believe me, if it ever comes to protecting myself from the creeps, I’m ready. I have some items I will use on them if they ever try to get into my apartment while I’m sleeping. I’m small and don’t weight much, but they will discover I will give as much as I get. I’m not afraid of such stupid people. They can’t think for themselves. They have to have someone tell them what to do. And if I sleep as well as I think I will, the perps will be up early complaining to the office. We’ll see who wins!

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Gang Stalking – An example of loving parents(?)


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I have nothing on my calendar for today, so I decided to stay home.  I went outside and stood in front of my door and leaned on the riling.   Within a minute, a couple from downstairs sat down on the steps facing my apartment.  The man held the baby in his lap, while his wife played with her phone.

Oh, yeah, I thought to myself.  You think I’m going to become your target. Think again.

I went back into my apartment and got the little thing I use to protect myself.

I went outside and the woman was laughing, and so was her husband.

Both of them just thought it was hysterical that they were up to no good and thought I didn’t know what they were up to.

I took my thingajig and hit right back.  I aimed for the man’s p—s.  He began laughing even more, so I knew I was getting him.  The woman also had her legs spread and I aimed for her. Both of them laughed even more.  The man put the baby down  between his legs.  I definitely knew I was getting to him.  I’ve seen men jump when I aim for their p—s.  They both kept laughing.  I could tell that they were not enjoying getting hit back.

Finally, the man let the baby go and put his hand between his legs. The woman paid no attention to the baby whatsoever. She was too busy trying to hit me with her phone.  Neither one of them paid any attention to what was going on with the baby on the ground.  Both of them were too busy laughing and trying to target me.  The baby is between 6 – 8 months old and this is how they protect him.

The man had enough, so he picked up his son and went inside.  The woman stayed outside and kept trying to hit me. Her husband came out and told her to come inside.

I thought that was the end.

The man stayed inside, but the woman came out again.

She came out with the baby in a carriage.  She sat down on the steps, and put the carriage, with the baby in it, in front of her.

Don’t you just love how caring these parents are?  They put the baby in harm’s way to protect themselves.

First, he put the baby between his legs to protect himself, and then she puts the baby in the carriage and hides behind him.

And then we wonder why kids grow up to commit crimes.

It is parents like these who create criminals.  Criminals who grow up to ruin neighborhoods no one wants to live in.

P.S. This is about the 11th time, I’m trying to repost this, I hope it works this time. Thank God WordPress saved it for me. Thanks, WordPress. Hugs.

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Gang Stalking – FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots), I know where you are.

Toll Free Call

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English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be careful when you make a phone call.  The number you call is probably right, the person you reach on the other side might not be the person you want.  Your phone is probably hacked as your computer is.  Every time you call, a gang stalker is hired to answer the phone to fool you into thinking you’ve reached the right number.  Most of these people are so unprofessional that it’s laughable.  They are so unprofessional that it amazes me that anyone would take them seriously.

I remember one time I called my insurance company and a woman answered and then passed the phone to someone else.  The woman who came on tried to sound professional.  She answered using the insurance name, but I could tell she was a fake. I asked the woman “is this so and so company?”  She answered “yes”.  The problem was that I didn’t give her the right name, so I knew she was a phony.  I told the woman  I was getting  off, but I didn’t.  I stayed on the phone and listened.  While listening I could hear the two woman talking and a baby began to cry.   I heard the woman tell the baby to be quiet, but it was too late.  That’s how unprofessional these people are.  When you make a call, your call is re-directed to a gang stalker’s home, who  sits by the phone, and makes believe they’re whatever company you’re calling.  You can always tell a professional by how they sound and what they say.

Yesterday, it happened again.   I tried to reach my internet access company to tell them that I’d gotten a new debit card.  The company automatically takes the money out of my account, approved by the bank, of course.  I forgot to tell them I got a new card.  Without the new number, the company can’t get access to deduct the amount from my account.  I dialed the number and got a man who answered “hello.”  The company never, never has live  human being answer the phone.  All my transactions with the company are with phonebots.  So right away, I knew it wasn’t the right number.   I hung up.  I redialed again.  Again, I got the same man.  I redialed a third time to make sure I hadn’t dialed the wrong number.   The man answered again.  I asked the man “is this so and so company?”   He answered “yes.”   It was not the right name of the company.  He stuttered trying to convince me that I’d reached the internet access company.  He had a southern accent, and I remembered the man I had seen going into apartment 203.  He doesn’t live here, but I could tell he was another gang stalker hired by the government.  He definitely looked like one of the people who works for the government   Very crisp looking slacks, a very neat shirt and a tie.  He was taken into the apartment by a man similarly dressed.   I think apartment 203 is used as an office.  I don’t miss anything.  I always have my eyes open.  I’m sure if I were to break into the apartment,  I would find an office set-up with  a lot of technical stuff all around. FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots!), or whoever you are, I know where you are. Maybe you need a new place to do your spying?

So, as I was writing, make sure you get the right company when you make a phone call.  At one time, I used  a pay phone when I had personal business, but they soon took care of that.  They hacked almost every phone I used to have the calls directed to them.  I was always able to use the  800 number for the company when I used the public phones, but soon the 800 number no longer worked.  I’d be on the phone for about 5 minutes and the voice would come on telling me to add money.  So I knew my days on the  public phones were over.  So, again, be careful, wherever you make the call from, and make sure you’re not being re-directed to a government flunky, or gang stalker.  If you doubt it’s the right company, get off right away.

They sure didn’t want me to tell you this; they kept erasing my blog.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard this week:

Maybe online, or at work, or from friends or family members?

The stupidest thing I heard this week was from representative Anthony Weiner. A young woman in Seattle, Washington,  had received a shot of a man wearing underwear with a big bulge. It was twitted to the woman. The twitt  showed that it was from Anthony Weiner,  a congressman from New York.  He denied that he had sent the shot to the woman. He said his twitter account had been hacked and he knew nothing about the photo. And  five days later, he was still  denying he’d sent the photo.  Then someone from a conservative group,  Breitbart , researched  Weiner and came up with a shot of Weiner’s penis (you can find it on Gawk).    Weiner had sent the shot to a porn star.  It was  also discovered  Weiner had contact with six other woman and he sent them photos of himself.

I mean, how stupid can you get?  You have to be mentally sick to do such a stupid thing.   Again, how stupid can you get?  Everybody can see what you post on twitter.  He must have rocks in his head.   And then to deny he did anything.   Everybody knew he had to do it.  He probably has such a big ego that he thought he could get away with it.  Worse of all, he held a press conference (of course!!) and admitted he did the deed and cried!  Up there he was on the podium with his crocodile tears,   apologized to his wife (who he has been married to less than a year and is having his baby).  My suggestion to her is run, run as fast as you can from this weirdo.  It’s not going to get any better.  It’ll only get worse.

This Weiner has been a Congressman for a Brooklyn district in New York City for the  past ten years.  His plan was to run for Mayor of  New York City. Now that everything has come out (and I think there’s a lot that hasn’t been found out), he said he’s not resigning his post.  If I lived in his district I’d be out protesting for him to quit.  I wouldn’t want such a weirdo representing my district.  There’s a poll daddy poll that has about 100,000+ people voting for him to quit.  And about 12,000+ who think he should not quit.  I think the people who want him to continue  representing them also have rocks in their heads.

Weiner it’s time for you to give it up!  You’re a mess.  And STUPID!