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Gang Stalking – Great going students at Glasgow University, Scotland!

I know readers think I write too much about Edward Snowden, but I want to make sure we don’t forget him.

Here I am again, writing about Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden got another award. The students at Glasgow University in Scotland elected him their student liaison rector. I don’t exactly know what this means in his life. He certainly can’t go Scotland and become their rector. He steps foot on British soil and he’ll be arrested and turned over to the U.S. authorities for prosecution.

See: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-26243567

The students elected him by 3,000+ votes. He was put on the ballot because the students think what he did is very patriotic and courageous. It took courage for him to, basically, give up his life for what he believed in. He’s now a man without a country. He can’t go anywhere because U.S. government  cancelled his passport.  He literally has no place where he can live unless some country gives him asylum. Russia only granted him asylum for one year, after that, he’ll have to find another country that will allow him in. Maybe Russia will extend the time he’s allowed to stay. If Russia tells him he has to leave the country, he’ll have to return to the U.S. and face espionage charges.  I know his days in Russia are running short.  I appreciate everything Edward Snowden’s  done for the citizens of the U.S. and for freedom.  It took guts for him to do what he did.  I hope he finds a country that will give his refuge.  But no matter where Edward Snowden lives, his life will always be on the line. The U.S. will not stop looking for him until it brings him home and puts him on trial, or kills him.

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Gang Stalking – I wanted to kick ass today!

I just want to correct something I wrote yesterday. I wrote that Edward Snowden’s request to Ecuador for asylum was a go. That’s not the case. He’s asked for asylum and Ecuador is reviewing his request.  So if he’s not granted asylum by Ecuador he’ll have to find another country.  But I have a feeling, Ecuador will grant his request.

Today, I really wanted to kick some ass.  The perps were all over me today. They always are, but sometimes they get on my nerves more than other days.

I was walking by a supermarket and there was an Asian family in front of me pushing a cart.  I was right behind them, about two feet behind.  The Asian family stopped and did something.  I kept on walking straight ahead, and then I saw what they’d done.  The boy, who looked about thirteen years old, dumped  soda and ice right in my path.  The perps threw it in my way so I’d fall. But I didn’t fall.  I’m always looking down when I walk.

And then I was sitting by the bus stop looking into a wall, and a loud obnoxious man stood right next to me, he stood very close to me and tried to get my attention.  He cleared his throat very loudly, stomped his foot, shook the bus bench, spit at my feet and did all kinds of  things to annoy me.  I ignored him.

I was walking along the block where I live and a woman came toward me shaking her ass and with her chest three-quarters out of her bra.  I really don’t know why she bothered to wear a bra.  Her breasts were practically falling out of her bra.  As she passed, she tried to get my attention.  I almost went into a pole trying to avoid the b—h.

I went into one of the supermarkets and I had men, women, kids trying to goad me into doing something.  Wherever I went, they stood an inch away from me and aped  things I do in my apartment.

I got on the bus and sat in the back. As soon as I sat down, almost everybody on the bus moved to the back.  They all began talking loudly and making remarks about me.

The bus driver put the air conditioner on heat and kept revving the brakes.  And when he drove, he made sure that I had to hold on to my seat or I’d fall.

This is just half of the things I had to put up with today.  I hope to God every one of the miserable pieces of human waste…well, I better keep that to my self.

Oh, and  I have to turn on my network modem every two minutes. The hackers keep removing the modem.

Another great day, and probably another great night, in Perplandia.  B——s!

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Gang Stalking – I’m living in an insane asylum.

English: A Big Mac combo meal with French frie...

English: A Big Mac combo meal with French fries and Coca-Cola served at a McDonald’s in Louisvile, Kentucky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

McDonald's Restaurant with prominent kids' pla...

McDonald’s Restaurant with prominent kids’ playland, Panorama City, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I finally have cold and hot running water. I wonder how long it’s going to be before they mess with it again.

I went into the office, finally got the manager, and complained about my water not running. She told me that a pipe broke. I said to her why is that I’m the only one who has no water? Usually when the water goes off, all the tenants in the complex will go into the office and complain. Not a beep out of anybody.& No one seemed at all concerned about not having water. When I’ve lived in other complexes, all the tenants come out and complain about not having water. But as I wrote, not one beep out of one tenant.

The supposedly broken pipe is right behind my apartment. I know they were doing something to do it, but I don’t know what.

And another thing, there was a new group of people in the office again. It’s been less than a month and we’ve had another change in the staff. I asked the new manager what happened to the old staff. She told me there was an exchange of managers from one complex to another. I’ve never been in a complex like this. Changing managers so often seems strange, maybe the complex is getting new owners again.

I sure made a mistake moving into this place. The perps here are even worse than the perps where I used to live. This place is full of people with kids. The other place only had adults. The kids are vicious little devils. It’s like living in an insane asylum. Loud, loud music all the time. They constantly beep their horns. Their horns don’t sound like car horns, it’s more like the sound coming from a clown horn. They slam their doors ad nausea. Throw garbage in front of my door. Yesterday, some kids threw rocks at my door. Fun, fun all the time living here. Oh, and the maintenance man is always making holes in front of my door and painting the holes with latex paint.

Oh, I have to tell you what happened at one of the McDonald’s I go to. I went into McDonald’s, ordered my food and sat down. This McDonald’s has t.v. monitors. One of the employees went over to the monitor and turned it on. Nothing showed on the screen. The screen was fuzzy. I’m sitting, eating my burger, and I began to get zapped. I looked around, no one around me. I realized the zapping was coming from the monitor. I took out my little thingamajig and began hitting the screen. This lasted for about 15 minutes. The employee comes running over and turns off the monitor. I smiled. I knew I got them. As I was walking out of McDonald’s, I hear the manager say, “I’m sorry for what you guys had to suffer today. You were very brave to take the hits. Brave? Did they expect me to sit there and take their garbage? They started it and I ended. And they’re brave! They’ve probably been doing this to a lot of targets and getting away with it. They didn’t expect to come a target come in and hit them back. I’m telling you this because I know this might happen to you. So beware of monitors in McDonald’s, or anywhere else.

P.S. I turned on my hot water at 7 p.m. and no hot water.  Again, there’s no hot water.  It’s late so I can’t go to the office and complain about it.  And I think the office is closed the weekend, so a whole weekend without hot water. The cold water is again coming out in dribs and drabs.

And the whole complex is dark. There are no lights on anywhere. The place has been very quiet all day and I haven’t seen anyone today.  It’s really spooky.  The whole place is usually really noisy.  And the creepy guy next door guy comes out every time I go out. He just stands there and acts weird.  I’m going to bed with a knife.  If anything happens to me, I just want you to know.  If I don’t write a blog tomorrow, please let someone know. I live in Las Vegas, on Taramus and University Avenue, off Maryland Parkway, apt. 208.  The name of the Complex is 1550 Farenheit.  Thank you all for being in my life.

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