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Gang Stalking – Jerks have my computer under their control.


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

I don’t know if I’m on WordPress today. I got this funny mark at the top where the WordPress mark should be.  Usually I see WordPress and a lock.  I’m under neverending1.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php.   So I’ve been trying to get on the real WordPress, but I don’t know where I am.  They’re screwing with my computer today.  Someone is hacking  me from a mobile gadget.  I tried to uninstall the gadget, but all I got was ASUS vibe and the computer turned black.  I know they totally got my computer under their control.

So I decided not to write a blog today.  I don’t want to write anything that the jerks can see.

I’ll keep trying to fix the computer.  I don’t know if any of you will be able to see what I write.  We’ll see.

Will  try to write tomorrow when I know I’ve got the real WordPress. Wish me luck trying to fix my computer.

Contact info: http://neverending1.WordPress.com