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Gang Stalking – wish I could trust my doctor.

Well, I went back to the doctor today. I thought for sure he’d say something to me about showing up a day earlier than the appointment date. But he didn’t say a word. He did act very nervous, though. I told the doctor I was under a lot of stress. He asked me what the stress is about. I said I would tell him, but he would think I’m crazy. He said he would think no such thing. People always say that. That they’ll believe whatever I tell them, and once they hear what I’m telling them, they get quiet and tell me that no such thing is happening to me. I figure he’d be the  same  way. I told him that I really could use someone to talk with, but I haven’t found someone I can really trust. He’ s very patient with me every time I go see him, but I can feel his tension. I think it’s because he knows and probably wants to talk to me about what is happening, but doesn’t dare broach the subject. Maybe he would turn out to be a good guy, but so far, I haven’t run into any of them. I like him.

But as usual when I  visit his office, all the lowlifes act like a bunch of hoodlums. When I stepped into the waiting room, all of them turned to look at me and acted as if I had two eyes on my forehead. I got angry and asked them, “What are you looking at?”  All of them turned around in unison. I’m sick of being looked at in such a way that makes me feel that I’m  some  out of space creäture. Now I know how fish must feel being in a fish bowl all day, or how a movie star feels when her fans can’t get enough of her. I can tell you one thing, I would never want to be a movie star.  It’s a disgusting feeling  being in a fish bowl. I’m sure you targets all know the feeling. You can’ just walk by anonymously without someone being at your back or doing something, or laughing loudly when you pass by, or doing any number of things to annoy you.  You   want to pass by and be left alone. But no such  luck with us targets. Always some lowlife trying to make our life a living hell.

But, otherwise , the doctor visit went well. I only wish I could trust him.

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Gang Stalking – Not so anonymous anymore.


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

NYC - UES: New York University Institute of Fi...

NYC – UES: New York University Institute of Fine Arts (Photo credit: wallyg)

English: Brooklyn Museum shortly before sunset...

English: Brooklyn Museum shortly before sunset on a partly cloudy day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peace Belt and Long Hair

Peace Belt and Long Hair (Photo credit: StarMama)

I’m having a hard time writing my blog today.  The hackers are all over my blog like bees to honey.  They’ve deleted what I wrote and keep taking me out of WordPress.  But, you know what, the more they mess with my blog, the more I want to write it.  I will finish writing this blog.

My name is Gladys.  I’m known as Neverending1.  I want you to know my name because, even though some of you read my blog, I’m anonymous to you.  If you read my blog, you know the  harassment I suffer, but you really don’t know the real me.

For one, I’m not the mean person  who uses a lot of four-letter words.  I use these words to help me get rid of the anger which builds up inside of me.  It helps me get rid of the anger I feel because of all the harassment I  put up with every day of my life.  I think I’m worse than most targets when it comes to using four-letter fours, but the words help me cope. Thanks for four-letter words.

I have dark brown hair.  My  hair is long, down to my waist.  I wear it in a long braid.  I will continue to let my hair grow long until this gang stalking stops.  I will cut it short the day it does.  When I cut it short, it will let go all the hate I feel for the people who tortured me. I will not carry gang stalking into the next period of my life, because if I do, the haters win. And I will never let them win. Never, never, never!

I went to college in New York – New York University, Marymount College and studied art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. I really love to paint, but I haven’t painted in years.  Not because I don’t want to, but because my art’s destroyed when I paint.  And nothing upsets me more than having something I’ve painted destroyed.  It’s like they’ve killed a child of mine.

I don’t have any children.  I’m not married, though I’ve been asked several times.  I regret saying “no” to only one man. But we all make mistakes, I guess.  And that’s one big mistake I made.

Now, what else can I tell  you about myself?

Oh, my height.  I’m small, 5′ 1″.  But believe me, I’m taller in a lot of other ways.  And I’m sure you probably want to know my weight.  I’m 110 lbs. soaking wet.  I don’t like to brag, but brag I will, I have a very nice figure.

So what else can I tell you about myself?

Oh, yes, I love to read. I’ll read anything, cereal boxes, ads, anything, just a long as I read something.

I have a weird sense of humor.  I love men who make me laugh, since I’m kind of serious, unless I feel really comfortable with someone.

Well, I guess that’s it.  I don’t know what else to say about myself.  Maybe some day I’ll put a picture of myself in my blog, but for now, I don’t think so.

So I hope you’ve learned a little about me. I’m not so anonymous anymore.

Oh, yes, one last thing, I love my readers, and WordPress.com.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Occupy Las Vegas – 11/14/11

I went back to Occupy Las Vegas today.  As soon as I entered the encampment, a very weird feeling came over me.  It was like an omen.  It was a bad vibe I got.

Yesterday, when I joined the Occupy group, I didn’t have the same feeling. There were a few people I was suspicious of, but I decided to just ignore them.  I felt comfortable with most of the people.  When I returned today, I got a very uncomfortable feeling.   Most of the people who were in the group yesterday were gone.  The people from today’s protest were new, and everything felt a  little strange.  I got my sign and began to walk back and forth.  But I decided to take a good around at all the new people.  All of them were sitting around and not doing much of anything.  They were on their computers, playing with their phones, or just talking to each other.  None of them appeared to be concerned with what  is happening in the world.  And one man wore an “Anonymous” mask.  He had been at the encampment the day before, and never took the mask off.  He was also dressed as a business person.  I think he was telling the gang stalkers what to do.  They were there because someone ordered them  to be there.

I kept looking around, and every one of them had their eyes on me.  They were not there to protest, but to harass me. The whole place was full of gang stalkers.  I called a few of them on it,and their reactions told me volumes.  I was right, most of the freaks were gang stalkers making believe they were protesters. They do not care one bit about what is happening in the world.  They were after me, as always.  I decided that it was time  for me to leave.  I grabbed my bag, and shouted that there were no real protesters, just a bunch of phonies.  I walked away quickly before I got angry and said something else.  They didn’t deserve a second of my time.

Countdown: 99 blogs to write.

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