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Gang Stalking – We targets are all prisoners.

Memorial for Margot and Anne Frank at the form...

Memorial for Margot and Anne Frank at the former Bergen-Belsen site, along with floral and pictorial tributes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The apartment block on the Merwedeplein where ...

Anne Frank: The Biography

Lately, I can’t seem to get Anne Frank out of my mind. She’s always around; hanging around in my head. I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s her spirit. Who knows if spirits exist, but I feel something.

Since I keep thinking of Anne Frank, I decided to go to the library and re-read the story of her life. When I first read Anne Frank, I couldn’t relate to anything that happened to her. Now, that I’m going through what she went through, I can relate to her. I even cried when I finished reading the book. I suppose I cried for her, myself and for all the targets who are going through the same thing.

Anne Frank wrote this in her diary: “After May 1940 good times rapidly fled: first the war, then the capitulation, followed by the arrival of the Germans, which is when the sufferings of us Jews really began. Anti-Jewish decrees followed each other in quick succession. Jews must wear a yellow star, Jews must hand in their bicycles, Jews are banned from trams and are forbidden to drive. Jews are only allowed to do their shopping between three and five o’clock and only in shops which bear the placard “Jewish Shop.” Jews must be indoors by eight o’clock and cannot even sit in their own gardens after that hour. Jews are forbidden to visit theaters, cinemas, and other places of entertainment. Jews may not take part in public sports. Swimming baths, tennis courts, hockey fields, and other sports grounds are all prohibited to them. Jews may not visit Christians. Jews must go to Jewish schools, and many more of a similar kind.”

Though the above things Anne wrote are not done to us, we wear an invisible yellow star. And though, we’re not told to stay indoors, every store we go into everybody knows who we are. And they might as well keep us out of the stores, public sports, etc., the way we’re treated. And everybody’s told to stay away from us because we’re all so dangerous. And we sure as hell can’t just sit in a garden and enjoy the sun and flowers. We’re driven from the garden by the perps.

And even though, there are no decrees written on what we can and cannot do, these decrees are silently told to others on how to keep us out. As Anne writes: Our freedom was strictly limited.

And our freedom is strictly limited. We can’t do whatever we want. There’s always some perp around preventing us from doing what we want to do. We’re driven to stay in our homes and live a life of no pleasure.

So, Anne suffered in a different way than we do, but we have a lot of things in common with Anne Frank. She was a prisoner, and so are we.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalking will end like the dinosaur it is.

Anne Frank: The Biography

A partial reconstruction of the barracks in th...

A partial reconstruction of the barracks in the concentration camp Westerbork where Anne Frank stayed from August to September 1944 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, the lowlifes are at it again.  They’re all outside playing loud music, drinking, laughing, and annoying everyone.  It’s amazing to me that no one in the complex complains.  I know the loud music must bother them, but not a peep out of anyone. I’m sure if I were to put on loud music, everybody in the complex would be running to the office to complain about me.

I’m glad I started writing this blog. I don’t know what I’d do  if I had no way of letting out my anger.  Writing this blog keeps me sane.  And it also helps others, I hope.

I like to write what’s happening to me every day, so that if someone discovers that strange things are happening to him/her, maybe they’ll run across my blog and realize that they’re not crazy.  That’s what they’re going through is not their imagination.

I often think of Anne Frank when I write my blog.  I think of her sitting in the attic where she lived and writing in her diary.  If Anne Frank hadn’t written in her diary, no one today would know anything  about what a holocaust victim suffered.  Because of Anne Frank’s diary, we know about the holocaust and Anne Frank.

And I’m not saying that what’s happening to us is as bad as what happened to Anne Frank, but who knows what our future holds.  Maybe FEMA camps?

And sometimes I think of the future.  I want my story to get out.  I want people to know what suffering I went through along with other targets.  I want people in the future to know that what happened to me can happen in the future.  I want people to never take their liberty for granted and guard it  like the gift it is, and fight for it.  I don’t want them to think government is honest, because it is not. The government does a lot of  things which are dishonest, and convinces people that what it is doing is for the good of the people.  And I want people in the future, not to trust the media.  Because the media does what the government tells it to do.  If the media was honest, we targets wouldn’t have to put up with what’s  happening to us. The media would have been in on the story and writing about it. I’m sure the media knows what’s happening to us, but very few are willing to write about it.  I can’t believe I ever trusted the government and the media.  How naïve I was!

I know gang stalking will eventually end.  Everything eventually ends.  The dinosaurs died. And gang stalking, like the dinosaur it is, will end, too.  I just hope I live long enough to see this horrible thing end, and see the agents of torture get their due.

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