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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are insane people.

Cover of "Hell Hole (John Ceepak Mystery)...

Cover of Hell Hole (John Ceepak Mystery)

English: Graffiti on door of Butts Ash electri...

Just Disgusting!

Just Disgusting! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well,  I have new next door neighbors.  They’re gang stalkers, of course.  There is no one they put next to me who is not a gang stalker.  The last couple lasted about two months.  Since I’ve lived in this apartment, this is about the fifth couple who moved in. They always move in thinking that they’re going to succeed in driving me crazy.  But they soon find out, that it’s not going to be so easy.  They discover that they’re getting back in return whatever they do to me.  And they don’t like it.  Soon they start to complain to the maintenance man to put in stronger flooring, put in more protection around the doors, just do more to protect them.  But no matter how much help the maintenance man gives them, it’s never enough to stop them from complaining.  So, we’ll see how long the new tenants last.

My lease is up in July, 2012.  I really have no idea what I’ll do.  This place is just so disgusting.  The maintenance man has made my apartment a truly horrible place to live in.  He’s made holes in the floor, walls, cabinets, ceiling, removed the floor boards, removed the sealant around the bathtub, toilet, the carpet is disgusting, graffiti on my door, etc.  It really should be on a list of places that are caustic.  No one should be living in this disgusting place.  No animal should even be living in this hell hole.  But, of course, I can’t do anything about it.  No one will listen to what I have to say about the apartment.  I just have to live in the hell hole, or its the street.

It sickens me that I have to live  here.  I’ve never in all my life lived in a place like this.  If I were to go into an apartment like the one I’m living in, I wouldn’t walk in.  I’d be too disgusted by the look of it.  But this is what the lowlifes like to see happen to us. To live  the way I’m living.  It makes them deliriously happy that I’m living the way I am.

They’re all sick bastards.  They should all  be in mental institutions.  How can anyone who is sane do this to another human being?  Only someone who is insane or really evil would do this.  That’s how  insane they are. How can they not feel bad about what they’re doing to us targets?  They’re all really sick people.

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Gang Stalking – The filthy dogs will get their day in hell.

English: A payload surveillance camera made by...

English: A payload surveillance camera made by Controp and distributed to the U.S Government by ADI Technologies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The incandescent light bulb

The incandescent light bulb (Photo credit: Anton Fomkin)

02 Dr. Hervey Milton Cleckley

02 Dr. Hervey Milton Cleckley (Photo credit: Image Editor)

Modern kitchen

Dog sunny Day Afternoon

Dog sunny Day Afternoon (Photo credit: allert)

Yesterday I wrote about finding something that looked like a small alarm in my light fixture.  Well, I discovered it’s not what I think it is.  It is even worse.  It’s a small surveillance camera.  Can you imagine having a camera in your kitchen and it can send out what’s happening in your apartment to whomever is watching?  I’ve walked around naked in my kitchen after getting out of  my shower; I’ve undressed to go to bed; I’ve studied myself in a mirror; I’ve put my make-up on; I’ve danced like a crazy woman, and other things I’m too embarrassed to mention here.  The filthy dogs who do this filthy work  all belong in a kennel like the filthy dogs they are. They should be put in a small cage without room to move.  They should be water boarded.  That’s where a victim’s  tied up and  water’s  forced into their mouths and goes into their throats.  It prevents victims from breathing.  This should be done to the scumbags who have no moral compass. I’m sure the filthy dogs if they could water board me would do it.  They’re all psychopaths.  How do these psychopaths get this way?   Is it some childhood  trauma that’s made them that way?  Or is it ego that creates people like this?  Really, what do I care how the psychopaths get this way?  They seem to have no redeeming value whatsoever.  They’re a bunch of evil people who do what they want without consideration to what’s happening to a victim.

I told the maintenance man about the thing in my lightbulb and I asked him to remove it.  He fixed my lightbulb, but did not remove what I thought was a fire alarm.  He probably put it in the light.  Oh, his day is coming.

I’m sure these filthy dogs have had a lot of laughs during the time they watched me.

As I’ve told you before, check out things around your apartment.  Check your lights, oven, refrigerator, bathroom, closets, air conditioner, light sockets, especially light sockets, who knows what they’ve done to your light sockets?  I know there are sensors all over my apartment: in the floor, in the walls, refrigerator (where the gauge is),  kitchen shelves; just check everywhere, or else, you might find a camera in your apartment as I did.

The filthy dogs will get their day.  No one gets a free ride in this world. No one.  And the filthy dogs won’t get a free ride.  I know one day we’ll be released from the hell we’re living and their hell will begin.  I know the filthy dogs think that this will go on forever and they’ll get away with what they’re doing to us, but karma is a bitch!  I can tell you, I’m going to stick around to see them get their karma. Filthy, filthy dogs.  Go to hell every one of you.

Oh, by the way, I was afraid to cut the wires connected to my lightbulb, so I covered the camera with tape. If I knew what to do, I’d do it.  I don’t know too much about electricity and I don’t want to start a fire, or barbecue myself.  That’s the only option left to me.

Filthy, filthy, dirty dogs!  And my apologies to dogs everywhere.  I love dogs.

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