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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden tell everyone everything you know.

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I got in again. What a miracle!  I wasn’t able to get on for too long yesterday.  I got on long enough to answer readers’ comments and then I got right off.  They tried to crash my computer, but I was able to stop it.  They love crashing my computer.  And I’m sure before long, they’ll succeed. These people are experts.  And I’m just a beginner, but considering, I’ve managed to stay on.  I’m proud of myself.

More information has come out about Aaron Alexis.  A reporter on KNPR radio said that Aaron was at the airport and some people began laughing at him. Aaron went over to the people and asked them why were they laughing at him.  Of course, the perps called security.  These people are such lowlifes.  This is what they do to us at airports.  I never pay any attention to them when I’m at places like the airport.  It’s a miracle I’m allowed into a plane.  And, of course, once we get into the plane, we have people harassing us. I remember the last time I was on the  airplane, I came out of the plane with big black and blue marks all over my arms, from the phones they use to hit us.  It was a woman two seats from me doing it.  And once I got off the plane, I stopped half-way to fix my bag.  The woman passed by me and said, “There.  You deserve what you got.”  And walked away.  I deserve it.  Whatever did I do?  Nothing.

Anyway, they’re doing a job all over the radio on the Washington shooter.  This man who used to teach  Buddhism. Does he sound like he’s any risk?  The government seems to like to go after people who are non-violent and make them violent.  I know we’re test subjects.  And so are the perps.  The perps think they’re free.  Oh, what a laugh!  Free, they’re not.   They’re also being studied. They’re being studied to see how far they’ll  go in committing atrocities.  This is the government continuing the MKUltra programs it began over 30 years ago.  They have to keep up the programs because of all the new technologies.  They have to know how far they can go to control people with the new technologies.

We, targets, can expect this program to continue.  Everyone’s involved. No doubt about it.  From the top to the bottom, we’ll get no help.  If  Edward Snowden knows anything about the program, I wish he’d open his mouth and be a real hero.  I wish he would let the world know what the U.S. is doing to its citizens.  Edward Snowden, if you should run across my blog, go for it and let the world know what’s happening to American citizens.  Be a real hero.  We’ll be forever in your debt.

Now, all the idiots on the radio are complaining about the agency that did background checks on Edward Snowden and Alexis Aaron. How the agency messed up on their vetting.  Of course, they found nothing in their backgrounds, because they’ve done nothing, but all the radio people are over the agency complaining about what a bad job it did about vetting both.  The radio idiots have absolutely no idea what’s they’re talking about. They go on and on about nothing and sound as if they do.  Do some investigating, you idiots!  It just goes to prove that the people on radio and televison don’t know s—t!

All you people out there who are not targets and are reading my blog, stop believing everything the press tells you.  Do your own investigating.  Stop being zombies!  Think for yourselves.  Get back that American spirit, which we’ve lost.

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