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Gang Stalking – Slept like a baby.

Well, they  were at it this morning again, the two maintenance men. I covered up the cracks made by them to the walkway and slept like a baby all night. I really feel rested today. It’s been a long time since  I got a good night sleep. I heard the two maintenance men talking and put my ear to the door. One of them said, ” They said we didn’t do a good job putting in enough cracks. Why don’t they come up here and see that we have?”  I guess the 2-year-olds got up early and complained to the office that they weren’t able to make the night miserable for me. It upsets them when I get to sleep all night. I don’t think they get a paycheck when they’re not able to make my night miserable. How stupid is it of them to complain? If I were them, I would keep my mouth shut and not say anything. I’d get a paycheck. These perps are not thinkers, that’s for sure.

I waited for the men to leave and went outside. They removed all the tape I put over the cracks. But, honestly, the sleep I got had nothing to do with the cracks. I found a new way to protect myself. The maintenance men are wasting their time putting in more cracks. I will sleep soundly all night again. And the perps will again go to the office and complain about me. They spend all day sleeping and stay up all night hitting me electronically. And they stand in front of my apartment at night and talk. They make sure that I know they’re outside. Believe me, if it ever comes to protecting myself from the creeps, I’m ready. I have some items I will use on them if they ever try to get into my apartment while I’m sleeping. I’m small and don’t weight much, but they will discover I will give as much as I get. I’m not afraid of such stupid people. They can’t think for themselves. They have to have someone tell them what to do. And if I sleep as well as I think I will, the perps will be up early complaining to the office. We’ll see who wins!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Do you believe in life on other planets?

Why or Why no? Why do you think most alien races in most movies are so dangerous and not friendly?

Yes, I believe in life on other planets?  I always believed in life on Mars.  There’s something about Mars that tells me that there is life there.  Maybe they all went underground because of  all the radiation on Mars.  They all live in underground cities.  Martians grow vegetables, or whatever it is they eat,  underground.  Perhaps at one time they looked like us, but going underground has changed their appearance.  Now,  they look more Martian-like than human.  What would we look like if we had to go underground?  I’m sure our appearance would change.  We would probably all be a lot paler.  And perhaps our eyes would change in shape because of not seeing the sun.

I believe in life on other planets because I can’t believe with all the planets in the galaxy, we’re the only ones that exist.  And I bet there are a lot more planets out there than we think.  There are planets beyond the  ones we have discovered already.  That’s why I’m sad that the U.S. has stopped space exploration.  How are we ever going to discover life if we’re not exploring other planets?

I think  most aliens are  depicted in movies as  dangerous and not friendly because of our fear of the unknown.  Look  how we treat aliens who are human.  We’re afraid of them because of their religion, dress, beliefs.  So it’s the same thing with aliens from outer space.  We don’t know them so we depict  them as  dangerous.  I guess it stems from fear.  It’s better to be careful with the aliens  than to trust them outright.

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Gang Stalking – The beginning…

Today, I’ve written my 200th blog. I can honestly say I never thought I would reach this number. When I first signed on to WordPress, I knew my blog was going to be about the gang stalking I was experiencing. At the beginning, I was afraid to say too much of what was going on in my life because I was sure you readers out there would surely label me insane (I’m not too sure if you’re labeling me insane now). But I jumped right in and began to blog. There have been many days when I’ve written this blog while crying.  Of course, you can’t tell that I’m crying, but believe me when I tell you, at the beginning writing about gang stalking was difficult. Now, 200 blogs later, I’ve experienced so much gang stalking that it’s like second nature to me. I rarely cry anymore, but I still have my bad days.

Of course, now, I’m writing about other things.  I’ve joined WordPress “PostaDay 2011”  blogging and this gives me an opportunity to have something else to write about other than gang stalking.  I still write about gang stalking, but writing about other topics gives me room to breathe.  To forget about gang stalking for an hour or so.  To be free to think about other things in life.  Joining WordPress “PostaDay 2011” was one of the smarter things I’ve done lately.

So, all you readers out there who regularly read my blog, I say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart.  Somehow, by reading my blog,  you’ve encouraged  me to keep going.  And now  my next step is to reach the number 500.  I now  have 300 more blogs to write this  year.  I expect life to throw hurdles in my way  to make it to the next step.  But I will do everything in my power to reach the magic number of  “500.”  Again, thank you all.

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