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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – When is it acceptable to kill things?

People? Animals? Plants? Ideas? Dreams?

I find this a strange topic, but here goes.

It is acceptable to kill someone when  a  person is a danger to you.  For instance, someone has a gun pointed at you and threatens to take your life.  To me, you have every right to defend yourself.  So if killing that person is the only alternative, to me you have every right to do it.  The constitution gives you the right to defend yourself.   Or in a t time of war when someone is on the battlefield and has to shoot back to defend himself.

I did not always feel this way.  But time and circumstances have changed me.  At one time, the thought of killing someone was abhorrent to me.  I couldn’t understand how anyone could kill another person.  I would rather have been killed than hurt someone else.  But as I stated, time has changed me into someone else.  I am now a lot tougher.  Now I know if I had to shoot someone to save my life , I would have no hesitation.   And while it would still bother me to kill another human being, I would eventually get over it.  In a way, it’s sad I feel this way.

 As to  killing an animal, only if it attacks me.  Otherwise, never.  If an animal hasn’t done anything to me, why would I want to kill it?  Only someone who has no soul would kill an animal for sport.  It’s barbaric.

Plants?  Again, only if the plant might  cause me harm because it’s poisonous.  Most plants bring beauty into the world.  Without plants just think how ugly the world would be.

Kill ideas?  Ideas might harm me if the person with the ideas wants to cause harm.  But again, ideas are not something I would ever kill.   Everyone has a right to his ideas, whether I agree with them  or not. By trying to kill ideas, we’re basically trying to take away  someone right to free speech.  That is not something I want anyone to mess with. 

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