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Gang Stalking – What if all the crazy people never were?

Romani children in Auschwitz, victims of medic...

Romani children in Auschwitz, victims of medical experiments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Seal of New York.

Seal of New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Buchenwald Corpses 07511

Buchenwald Corpses 07511 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Buchenwald Medical Experiments 80622

Buchenwald Medical Experiments 80622 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital 5

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital 5 (Photo credit: spokospoko. look at photos.


When I was much younger, I remember always seeing crazy people around me.  I lived in New York, and there were always crazy people  no matter where I went.  These people would talk to themselves and say they heard voices. Of course, I was too young and listened to people tell me that they were loco.


Now, I look back to that time and  think “maybe those people weren’t crazy at all.”  Now, I’ve reached the stage where people get warnings about me and told  I’m crazy.  These people get a warning to  watch everything I do.  Even the children get warnings about me.   They’re told  to stay away from me, because, of course, I’m crazy.


And I think back to  all those years ago, perhaps all those crazy people  never were?  A lot of  people were put in mental hospitals and given all kinds of  medicines  that  supposedly cured their craziness.  And a lot of them were given lobotomies (which caused patients to become zombie-like).  It was very popular in the 1940s through the ’50s.


Perhaps all the “so-called crazies”  were very sane.


So many people  in the U.S. are put in prisons today because they’re thought to be crazy. We no longer put them in mental institutions.  And I think back to what happened during the Holocaust and how many people were put in mental wards and experimented on.  And it strikes me the same thing is happening with the “so-called crazies” here in the United States.


Just as people get warnings  that I’m crazy, the same thing probably happened to those innocent victims years ago. Then, there was no internet.   We targets are lucky today to have the internet, otherwise, there’d  be a lot more of us in institutions being  experimented on.  We’re experiments, but they can’t seem to find a way to put us in mental wards as they did in the old days.


Now the experimenters have to deal with people who know what’s going on and we fight back.  We fight back by going on the internet and informing others.  So a lot fewer people don’t enter mental wards and  take tranquilizing zombie pills.


And the psychiatrist who go along with whatever the government wants to do are crazier than the people who are “supposedly crazy.”


In my opinion, psychiatry is the biggest fraud in the history of  humanity. I think  half of them don’t  know what they’re doing. All these psychiatrists do is hand out tranquilizers like candy, and get paid helluva lot of money for doing it.  They’re all fakes. How can anyone take such idiots seriously?


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