Gang Stalking – Myron May – a target?

The man Myron May who shot people in the Florida library was on my Facebook page. He befriended me about  2 weeks  ago. I didn’t have too much contact with him. I wait a while before I answer someone to make sure  he/she is not a perp. Well, I never got the chance to find out if he would become a friend or a perp.  See the video of Myron May  -

If you can’t get it, go to  and type in Myron May Alleged FSU may have been a targeted Individual. Some people are saying he was a fake, but I don’t think he was.  Another death of a targeted individual. How many more will there be of us before the nonsense stops?

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Myron May – a target?

  1. Myron May was targeted and pretty heavy for just a couple months before his death. Some stalking groups are criminal infiltratig court’s. govt agencies. to protect those. This is the royal scam…the money take down lof the USA!!!!!!!!

    • Oh, I know he was a target. He wasn’t a target too long, though. Yeah, it’s all about the money. The people who can afford to bring someone down who they think has caused them grief get to say what happens to us targets.

  2. Myron May was a target because he was an attorney and played a part in the outcome of criminally-accused lives, and he was a criminal organizations’ choice to getting into private knowledge of the courts, agendas, issues, etc. Politics. I think his gf was playing him and was the source of his troubles, and he was reading some material that might have led him to believe that one of his former classmates had manipulated him with chemicals in the past. The ones announcing the hoax are diverting attention towards political lobbyist interests, like pharmaceuticals and guns. He was irrational in his method for dealing with his problems, and as an attorney he had other ways to deal with his frustrations.

  3. Myron May isn’t dead. Neither is anyone else involved.
    “DRILLS” are being used to sensitize the American public to real possibilities and the MEDIA uses the drills to CONTROL the populations opinions and are learning to SWAY public opinion to make it APPEAR as something other than what it is.

    Red Hook, Sandy Hook, Batman Shooting, Gifford Shooting, 9/11 or Boston (bullshit) Bombing are more examples.
    Nearly EVERYTHING you see is Smoke-n-Mirror horseshit. NOT real.

    George Orwell’s book 1984 was a Sunday School picnic for Choirboys compared to what the NWO will really be.

    They want TOTAL control of every aspect of communication and the means to control people’s OPINIONS.
    TI’s are just the tiny tip of an iceberg so HUGE that it could sink the universe and the next 5,000 generations.

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