Gang Stalking – Perps should be grateful to targets this Thanksgiving

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I wish I could enjoy the holiday, and be with family. I haven’t  celebrated a holiday in I don’t know how long. Holidays are just like any other day of my awful life. The perps just don’t let up for even one day. Thanksgiving will be a typical day for me with the perps following me everywhere I go. I will get electronically hit by their phones. People will talk loudly when they see me outside. They will laugh as if they’re enjoying life to the fullest  (yeah, sure they are!). These people don’t know how to enjoy life. They’re all miserable  The only thing these people are good at is harassing other people. That’s what makes the scumbags happy. They like to put on a face for us to make us think they’re happy, happy people. Nothing could be further from the truth. These people wouldn’t know what happiness is if it hit them in the face. They’re only interested in making a target’s life miserable and the money they can make from making our lives miserable. Most of these  people don’t have jobs. We’re their job. We’re their paychecks! Without us, they’d be homeless, They’d be living in homeless shelters (a lot of them who come to the library are homeless, or been in prison). With the money they get from harassing us, they can get an apartment, or get food to eat.  I’ve seen some of the perps who harass me at the library digging through the trash for bottles when I don’t show up at the library for a while. Without me at the library, they don’t get any money.  I would say we targets are keeping a lot of perps from homelessness. The perps should this Thanksgiving be grateful to us  targets for the money they make off us. We keep them from becoming homeless, and out of jail.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Perps should be grateful to targets this Thanksgiving

  1. Do you realize that if they all stopped tomorrow, that you would continue to believe that you are harassed? (and indeed you are being harassed)
    That is because the ENTIRE culture of Bill of Rights Freedom had been subverted to that of a gang stalker paradise.
    What you see, is what they are, naturally and normally. They will continue this perverse communistic lifestyle until they are stopped, forcefully.
    You, me and every TI are living in a “communist culture”. The ONLY culture that can survive in the coming NWO.
    My landlady will do just about anything for me out of respect for me and hatred of what America has become.
    Yet, she is controlled. Her television tells her how to act towards me and calls from telemarketers and friends (who have also been subdued), tell her what words to say. Or use in a sentence.
    She is both likeable and lovable, but has NO CLUE that her life has been infused with attributes of stalkers.
    That is why so many in your environment behave as if what they are doing is normal… because to them, it is.
    Bottom line: If they all stopped tomorrow… TI harassment would continue with NO oversight.
    What do I do about it?
    I do whatever I want with whomever is willing to walk with me on MY path.
    To hell with the rest.

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