Gang Stalking – Transformer in my complex explodes

In the last few days, I’ve experienced my lights going on and off. My kitchen bulb always goes off. I just walk over and twist it back on. The refrigerator’s been making really strange sounds and the exhaust system in the bathroom makes very weird noses. This scenario happens to me everywhere I’ve lived. I knew  what  was coming.

I went out and came back late at night. On my way home I noticed a NV Energy truck, digging something up. Nevada Energy seems to always be in my neighborhood digging something up. When they’re in the neighborhood I always watch them. My instincts tell me to. I’ve had enough experience with other power companies. I know the power companies also play the perp game. I went into my apartment, turned on the light and opened the refrigerator to put away food. I was about to close the door and I heard a loud BOOM! All the lights in my apartment went off. I went outside to see if it’d happened to others. It took  others in the complex about 5 minutes to come and say that their lights went out. I told them, “Oh, it’s the transformer”. One man said to me, “How do you know that?” I said, “Because I’ve experienced lights going out often”. My complex has 3 subdivisions. I’m next to #1. I’m in the middle. Subdivision #1 had all their lights on. I’m the first one in a row of apartments. Every subdivision had its lights on except for mine. Now, I know that the NV Energy was f—–g around with the electric in my apartment. This is what always happens. When the perps keep complaining to the monitors on how  hard  a time they’re having getting to me, they do this.  NV Power wanted to shut my lights off, it screwed up. It turned off everyone’s power. Let me tell you, I thoroughly  enjoyed watching the perps in the complex get angry about losing their power. I had candles all ready to go. I’ve learned from past experiences. The perps  stood outside complaining  until the lights  came back on.  I was in my apartment enjoying the scenery.

I wonder what the monitors will think of next? I guess I haven’t driven them crazy enough? But I will do my darnest to continue doing it. I feel better when I’m fighting back than when I’m being a good, little girl, as they want me to be. Whatever NV Energy  did  didn’t change anything in my apartment. Everything in my apartment was as it always is. Last night, I could hear the guy upstairs moving his machine around trying to spray me with pesticide, but he was getting nothing.  I found another way to stop the spraying. And the monitors will continue to find a way  to harass me, and I will find a way to stop it. My life sounds just like what’s going on in Congress. No one’s winning!

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Transformer in my complex explodes

  1. Me hiii am still alive wat a year! I moved its started again they messing with lighting to they can dim the lights but that’s not even big I got arressted for preaching the bible locked up in cells now am in nut house!!! I wud not go bak to my house Hav never been in these places before this is they goal they did so much electronic harrassment last year am surprised am still standing . A eye doctor sed something strange he sed am surprised your eyes haven’t gorged out !!! Wat a strange thing to say that’s just a few things happened this year ne have been dealing with this shit since 2003.only The Lord has kept me alive i shudder be dead. Hope your ok ne am always checking your blogs since The last te I

    • Well, welcome back. I wondered what happened to you. I thought you’d gone over to read someone else’s blog. You’re in prison!
      As to the eyes, it seems everything we do they know and they pass it to whomever we come into contact with. They do the same sort of thing to me. Mention something and it’ll come back to me in some way or another. What kind of place is it? Your new place didn’t work out? Too bad. We keep moving thinking that the harassment will stop, but it doesn’t.

      • No am going to the house soon am a mental health ward they starting to play games here one woman just called me a robber ! Lol I went to prison then they sent me straight to a mental ward .am still here theys a guy called Darren I can’t stand him either am defo going bak to house I ain’t giving in .

        • Don’t them get to you. If you have a transistor radio listen to it to get your mind off the criminals. Am sorry that you ended up in a mental ward. That’s what they’re trying to get me into, but they haven’t succeeded yet. If you can get some paper and a pencil write down your thoughts. You’ll feel better. Just don’t let the creeps get to your paper. I’m sure if they get into what you’ve written, they will pass it around to everybody, or read it out loud. Good luck. Don’t give up! Thinking of you. and hope everything turns out all right.

        • I find this to be true, too. Anything I say to anybody comes back to me in some way or other. We can’t say anything without it coming back to us. It’s to show us that they know everything we’re doing. It’s to make us paranoid. It is beyond awful!!

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