Add Minneapolis FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MY DAUGHTER!

A mother’s story of the evil happening all around us.

My Story of Organized Crime, Organized Stalking, Public/Political Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

Add Minneapolis FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MY DAUGHTER!

This preceded the death of my daughter who had been reported in December of 2010 to the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation as a trafficked person as was a kidnapping report submitted. Again in May 2014 her activity raised suspicions and I again reported her as a trafficked person to the Advocates of Human Rights and 2 Twin City Police Departments. Again 3 days prior to her death on the 27th of September 2014, I reported these strange activities lending reasonable suspicion that a threat existed concerning her safety… THREE DAYS LATER SHE WAS DEAD!

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9 thoughts on “Add Minneapolis FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MY DAUGHTER!

  1. I am called a Yahwist (one who follows Yahweh and his doctrine) because there is no other rational name for my beliefs.
    I follow and “do” the Moral Law of Mosaic Law… because I believe one MUST DO good and righteous things or refuse to do bad things in order to be seen as a good or righteous man. Believing someone else was righteous doesn’t make anyone righteous. They must actually DO good and NOT DO bad.
    And the kicker?
    I DO NOT believe in god’s of any kind. NOT good or bad. Although, by the evidence, we were “created”, but that doesn’t prove the existence of a god.

    • Well, most religions teach the same thing, that a person must be good and do good, but from what I’ve seen all religions fall short. They all preach about goodness, but don’t come through.

      • I agree, Especially with the gang stalkers perverse and highly criminal version of Christianity which is a homosexual, porn addicted, wife-swapping bunch of morons believing that “grace and the blood of their Jesus” removes personal responsibility and criminal liability for the crimes they commit against others.

        • You’re very confused about what Christians believe and what is truth. You have everything exactly backwards.
          We believe that No weapon formed against us will prosper (Isaiah 54:17) and we know that God knows the truth and he will not allow evil schemes to prevail. He is bigger than any group of people.

          • Sorry, but I am NOT the least bit confused about the STALKER VERSION of Christianity that stemmed from “Gee. why didn’t we think of religion?” (which is highly CRIMINAL and sexually PERVERSE)
            Nor am I confused about Christianity, in general, as having been raised in a Church of Christ, Christian home… where my dad was also a Yahwist.
            I am dealing with Christians, CRIMINAL Christians, wanna-be Jews, Satanists, witchcraft and more Biblical corruption than you have likely ever even heard of… where NONE stands out as any more or less moral than the others.
            People who become targets are attacked BASED ON their beliefs. (not actual knowledge of any belief) Actual knowledge of any belief known to man isn’t necessary to achieve their goals. See:
            Mine are 100% spiritual. So, that is the avenue that they chose to attack psychologically.
            However, I am not a Christian. And never will be.

  2. That is so incredibly sad.
    It is also typical of the FBI (Fumbling Bumbling IDIOTS).
    BOTH the Nashville and Denver Offices of the FBI know of gang stalking and stalkers claims of being the “New Mafia” through my giving them BOTH audio, video and stills from a 35mm camera.
    This continual crime is both federal and state and involves Human Trafficking for sex and slavery.
    Yet the FBI does nothing. Even though they also have more than 200 license numbers of those involved like JPN 187 (NM Plate on a black Suburban) that means JPN – my initials… 187 – the National Police Code for MURDER and implying that I would be murdered. Another one from an unknown state is BZN 0187 that I saw a few days ago. (have NO clue what BZN is or means to them – a friend suggested “be Zen or die” – to which I responded F**k them, I follow Yahweh and they can kiss my ass!)
    Every time in the past when I visited Federal LE to inform them of Interstate Racketeering, there was a black limo in the parking lot.
    The Nashville Office said they didn’t investigate the crimes I presented to them, which was Human Trafficking using subliminal mind control and Interstate Racketeering… a violation of the RICO Act.
    The Denver Office said they would look into it.
    What they actually did was follow me around for a week or two, then disappear back into their Official Hidey-Hole.
    Even though everything in my complaint was readily apparent in my environment, including SAW 2311 – the initials of a girl I knew and her house number, they did nothing then and refuse to do anything now.
    The FBI, entirely, are as useless as tits on a boar hog.
    It seems that their only job is to prosecute the KNOWN innocent falsely and to railroad the STUPID (Timothy McVeigh). Official Lines are more often than not, Official LIES.
    I have NO respect for the FBI or any other government agency. And even less respect for ANY Crime Organization like the ODumbass Administration, EPA or DoJ.
    “IF” there is a god, I sure hope he acts BEFORE billions are exterminated by some incredibly evil people… because most people are too chickenshit to do the right thing (like King David or Gideon did).

    • It’s the same thing that’s happening to us targets. We complain and complain and can’t get anyone to listen to us. Every government agency is crooked, crooked, crooked. And it doesn’t matter who we get into office, it will continue. I feel for the mother. She tried to save her daughter’s life, but for naught. I can just imagine how she must be hurting. Honestly, I have a hard time believing there is a GOD.

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