Gang Stalking – Just another exciting day at the doctor’s office.

At the doctor’s office today.

Patients and doctors using stairway, instead of elevator, to annoy me. They stomp their feet as they go up and down the stairs. They sound as if they weight 500 lbs. each. The sound system in the building is at a level to make anyone deaf. Elevator doors bang constantly. Loud radio playing. A lot of slamming doors.  People making sniveling noises through their noses. A lot of loud laughter.   Non-stop throat clearing. I’m getting hit electronically by the technicians. A lot of loud sighing by clerks. Telephone ringing non-stop.  Asked for my I.D. when no one else was, even though I’ve come  to this office for years. New doctors come out to look at me and laugh. Technicians giggling outside the doctor’s office. Air conditioner put on very cool while waiting for doctor to come into room, even though it’s very cold outside. Screeching cart wheels every time someone passes the doctor’s office. Cleaning people banging brooms around and talking loudly in Spanish. People from 3rd floor banging on the ceiling above my head. A lot of coughing (you know that stupid cough they do when we’re around). The doctor’s office sounds like a madhouse.

I complained to the doctor and he said that  it’s just the workmen doing their job. Yeah, sure they are. I know workmen make noise, but not as much as the workmen do when I’m around.

Just another exciting day at the doctor’s office.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Just another exciting day at the doctor’s office.

  1. I changed healthcare plan due to retirement since I was not covered by my employer’s health plan anymore. When I showed up for the first appointment, they never called me up. I asked what was the problem and the explanation they offered was that I did not register when I walked in. I explained that I did and they replied that I had to make a new appointment. When I showed up for the next appointment the Doctor said that his regular nurse was not on duty and “someone else” had taken her place. At that point I realized the reason I did not see the doctor on my first appointment was because the perps had to make time to set things before my arrival. The “new” nurse was one of them. Be careful with what they put in your body. Ask for ID of any “medical” personnel attending you, write down those names and most of all do not let them inject you with anything you don’t now where it came from. Ask all pertinent questions and if they refuse to answer them, or they feel bothered, DON’T TAKE THEM and immediately leave the premises! It’s your body, it’s sacred and it’s yours!

    • Well, I’ve done all the things you suggest in your last sentence. Someone tried to give me a flu shot about 3 years ago. He walked in with needle and no box, or bottle. I said to him, “what is that?” He said it’s a flu shot. So I said, “Where’s the bottle it comes in?” He said,, “I threw it away”. I told him I wanted to see the bottle. He went back into the other room and came back with a bottle. I didn’t trust him and told him I’d changed my mind about getting the shot.

      And as to appointments, they change my appointment date all the time. I wait almost a year for a checkup, go in for my appointment and I’m told that the doctor’s out of town. When I ask why wasn’t I notified, they tell me I have no phone(which I don’t) and they can’t get in touch with me. So I always say, “Why didn’t you send me a notice by mail?” They always say, We don’t do mail.

      Next time, make sure they give you a slip with date and time on it. And always get the name of the person with whom you spoke.

      They also do things like this at the DMV. They’ll call up every number except mine, or say it so low, I can’t hear it.

      Do they also make a lot of noise as they do to me when I visit the doctor’s office?

      • No, no noises, except at night. I do carry with me a small cam camera and take a video of everyone who I am certain is a perp. They use our dislikes to annoys us and our likes to set up us. These people are very sick!

        • Oh, I agree these people are sick, although they think we targets are the sick ones. We’re the normal ones. They’re the sickos.

          They’ve stolen so many cameras from me that I don’t even carry one anymore. If I leave my camera home, they take it. If I carry it with me, somehow they get into my handbag and steal it.

  2. I’ve read a lot of your blog entries and you truly sound like just a regular, nice girl who tries to help others when she can. This is just my impression through the web nothing else but I’m pretty perceptive.

    So considering the type of targeting you get, I’m just curious what you think got you on this list
    and do you have any idea of what the traitor, cowardly scum authorities and handlers say about you with the smear/lie/discrediting campaign about you?

    Because aside from near total energy weapon mind control of your perps (by the govt) I wonder why the f–k so many people eagerly and viciously turn against one lone, defenseless harmless girl.

    If you don’t want to answer these questions, Neverending, I understand and respect your privacy of course. I’ve heard of all kinds of kind, harmless people being put on this list (I’m freaking nice and harmless!).

    I UNDERSTAND that perps are no f—-ng good wastes of flesh;Once I found out that human beings are perped from grade school to nursing homes I was momentarily stunned and sickened.
    But considering how the perps and those in the government who supply them with tactics, weapons and our private information (every bit illegal of course) drive people to suicide and murder-I put nothing past them.

    • I don’t mind answering this question, but one of the perps left me a hint. I was wrong about who I thought got me put on this list, or maybe I’m not. But I think it was someone I worked for. He was stealing and tried to get me blamed for it. I caught on and reported him before he set me up. Since that time, I became a victim of gang stalking.

      What do they say about me? You name it and I’m it. They tell everyone that I’m a drunk (I don’t even drink), lesbian, violent, thief, terrorist, crazy, on medication for being a nut, anti-government (which I am to a sense), been in prison, etc. Name it, and I’ve been accused of it.

      And they’re harder on me than most targets? It’s because I’ve seen some of the people who run the program and I’ve gone after them. I let them have it. I told them off. I told them they all belong in prison, and I’ve made fun of their stupidity. So for that reason, they really want to get me? They don’t like anyone calling them the names that they really are. I’ve also gone after them with my little gadget. I’ve hit them electronically. How dare I?! They’re big shots and I’m just a target. I had a higher up sitting next to me on a plane one time. At that time, I didn’t have a gadget and she got me good. I got off the plane with big black and blue marks from her phone. And I promised myself I’d get even. One day, she came to my complex when I was moving and she played cards with perps. And then in the morning she had her two children with her. When I saw the two children, I thought this is my chance. I stood in front of the window and called her names and told her she belonged in prison like the criminal she is. I said it loud enough for her two darling perp children to hear me. She really didn’t like me saying that and I could tell she was really annoyed, even though she smiled. And ever since that time, my targeting got worse. I have no regrets and if she were here right now, I’d tell her off again.

      • Thank you.

        I used to call into a local radio show here in Buffalo, NY, WBEN with controversial radio show topics, write ANTI-terrorist posts in a chat room and other harmless outspoken stuff in the land of “free speech,” “free expression” and other non-existent freedoms.

        The talk show host on WBEN who I sent show topic suggestions to was given private information about me (illegal surveillance) by the Amherst, NY police and possibly the Buffalo office of the FBI:This little faggot, Tom Baurele would quote things I said at home or in my car on the radio while I was listening.

        I know they use the “mentally ill” card and I have seen shrinks over the years for anxiety & OCD, two conditions they’ve taken advantage of as the perping obviously increases my symptoms (USED TO).

        I’ve known I’m a TI for about 11 months but now KNOW I’ve BEEN a TI for at least 20 years;Things that seemed crazy or weird, unexplained coincidence in addition to a few “subtle” attempts on my life now make “sense” since I know the basic rules of this insanely f—d up “game” these diseased walking abortions play.

        These cowards and criminals most likely use the “terrorist” card with me as stupid asshole Americans have willingly accepted “terrorist” and “domestic terrorist” as a household word.

        One of the many psyops they pull on us is trying to “put us in our place” and trying to punish us for speaking our mind justifiably and they have the f—-ng nerve to up the targeting when we openly confront a perp even if its just giving that piece of shit a dirty look, a smirk or just staring at THEIR ugly ass as they love to give US the “glare.”

        Its kind of like limit testing which little kids do in which they continue seeing how much they can get away with-The perps get bolder when the TI (who does not know they’re a TI) keeps acting terrified until if you’re lucky enough you find out what gang stalking is.

        And these chicken shit mentally ill f—–ers mainly act “tough” because some corrupt local, state and/or federal piece of shit with a badge and a smear campaign backs them up with their tough-talking, fake professional line of bullshit, these f—–ng absolute traitors and disgraces.

        I keep to myself for the most part and most family lives out of state so they’ve taken advantage of my isolation by trying to isolate me even further spreading their smear campaign like wildfire.
        God bless my neighbors on Frontenac Ave, the Buffalo, Tonawanada, Amherst, Kenmore, the FBI, fusion center and the rest of the shit in Western NY for betraying another human being, their country and most pathetically, themselves for a paycheck, power and a “sense of belonging” with other stupid conformist, mindless assholes.

        • You’re welcome. I’m glad you finally found out what’s happening. By the way, I’m sorry I mentioned snow in my previous comments. I heard on the radio that Buffalo is on its way to getting 6 feet of snow. You have my sympahty. Build a snowman. I always used to go out on snow days and build a Mrs. and Mr. snowmen. I miss doing that. Maybe you won’t get as much perping from the two women perps. I hope they get caught in the snow somewhere away from home.

  3. That’s the other thing I refuse to do… visit a doctor unless it’s unavoidable.
    To me, they are no more or less than licensed drug dealers. They cure nothing.

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