Gang Stalking – Targets never give up – fight back

I have a gang of men who harass me at night. They all live within the area of my apartment. On Thursday, I think it was Thursday, someone tried to get into my apartment. It was a bad night for me electronically. I was being hit from every direction. And men stood outside my door making a lot of noise – laughing, yelling, smoking pot. At one point, I heard someone with a key try to open my door. I quickly got up and put a door stop under my door. And I screamed that if someone tried to get in I would shoot him. He stopped. But still, all night long, they made noise. At one point it got very quiet. I opened the door and saw no one by my door. I decided to see what was going on. I walked north because that’s where they always stand so I won’t see them. I saw a man with a bomber jacket and a backpack, a perp. And I turned  south and saw another man with a bomber jacked on with a backpack. I happen to have a bomber jacket and the last few days  I’ve worn it.   They like to imitate me with  the clothes I wear.   And as I looked around, there were strange people walking all over the place. It reminded me of the zombie movies I used to watch – dead people walking around. They made sure that I saw them. They didn’t  hide. I guess they were trying to scare me. After all I’ve been through, there’s very little that scares me anymore. I decided whatever they do, I’m going to give it right back in one way or another. They are not going to intimate me.They’re not going to shut me up. They don’t want me to continue writing my blog. Well, they picked on the wrong woman. I don’t give in easily. New York taught me to be strong (thanks, New York). We New Yorkers don’t lie down and give up. We fight back. And I will continue to fight back every which way I can. I say to you, targets, never give in to the jerks. They don’t deserve you giving up on your life. Keep fighting back.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Targets never give up – fight back

  1. Thank you for your inspiration during these tough times of being targeted, I truly admire your courage and aptitude to counter these evil’s. For whichever purpose this campaign is carried out, the number of participants willing to inflict pain and those whom are aware and offer no assistance is a pure indication of what the future holds for our Once Great Nation. Mass mind manipulation and total control of the population for whichever purpose deems beneficial for those in control. We targets are not the problem, but rather obstacles for this insidious plan to proceed to the next stage. Your Blog is uplifting to my spirit and provides hope that our lives are not lived in vain.

    • Thank you for the inspiration. I agree that we targets are the strong ones. The ones they want out of the way. The ones who will cause problems if ever the government plans a takeover. The ones who will fight back. The ones who will still be able to think for themselves. The ones who haven’t become zombies.

  2. I agree. Don’t give into the bastards. They’re a bunch of cowards. Us targets on the other hand are some of the finest people of our respective countries. NEVER give up ladies and gentlemen. Personally, it’s gotten to the point where I’m not afraid to die. Especially for what I believe in. At least I’ve lived a life I can basically say I’m proud of and haven’t been taken over by conformity like so many people have (as you point out in another post the kind of thing that caused Nazi Germany and also the current situation here in the USA). For two, I know where I’m going anyway and it’s better than this world.

    I won’t conform to this world. Why bother? Satan’s the god of it anyway. I don’t know what you believe about that but that’s how I see it. I mean, it makes sense right? Why the world is how it is if you know what I mean.

  3. Every time I think I’ve already heard the most sickening, cowardly, pathetic, bizarrely imbecilic moronic and embarrassing shit perps do I read something NEW these THINGS do to someone.

    Your story of the infant punk bitches harassing you all night is like something out of a bad horror movie.

    I’m sure that you’ve imagined how these perps both civilians and law enforcement brag and try to impress their friends and/or families how they harassed someone for money (or drugs or gift cards).

    This is something I heard on Alda’s Talkshoe show and I’ll add my own opinion to it:

    The government has not spent decades and hundreds of billions of dollars perping
    a small percent of the population. In addition to monitoring our bio and psych data
    feedback from our targeting they ALSO monitor how our perps minds and bodies
    react as they harass us and of course to monitor their performance to see if they did
    their “jobs” correctly.

    They (the govt) figures that if they (perps) are so willing to inflict harm on another person
    then they (the perps) can not be trusted and will suffer (somehow) shortly down the road.

    I mean the trillions spent over the decades world wide on satellites, drones, DE weapons of every kind, diverted flights over TIs, microchipping, Cointelpro, the NSA and other traitor agencies, fusion centers and the rest of the evil fuck programs were NOT designed to ILLEGALLY punish a relatively small number of activists, whistle blowers, independent thinkers, people put on a list because they pissed off someone with connections, people in military families (seems common) and other harmless citizens who were and are supposed to be motherfucking protected by freedom of speech, assembly, press and experession-

    I finally believe that TIs really are experimental subjects and that the control grid as they’ve been refining it is meant for the general population of the world and at this point with all the news of surveillance methods and the news from Snowden (controlled opposition) its now obvious that NO ONE has privacy including our perps.

    Its all about power, control the handful of evil satanic shit in charge of poisoning our world down to the petty, punk cowardly babies who like sick little kids spent hours trying to torment a lone girl who like the rest of TIs just want to be left in peace, wishing harm on no one (except for the fucks who keep poking and prodding us which is a more than normal reaction!).

  4. By the way, I was having breathing problems and told no one.
    In the hardware store yesterday, the owner said people with “breathing problems” shouldn’t be on the mountain. (He is a perp but acts like he’s decent)
    After confronting my perp’s with the accusation that my breathing problem are caused by them… I can breathe now. Freely.
    It seems that as soon as I figure something out, they stop.

      • There are 3 dogs here and one that bites. The entire yard is fenced in so I have no clue how they’d get close enough to spray anything in. And I check the attic often.
        But if I ever do figure out how they do it… I’ll let people/TI’s know and perhaps me or someone will catch them in the act. Or at least have prosecutable evidence.

        • They spray through the wall. I can smell it coming through the wall. One time I began to cough non-stop, wondered what it was and heard the man who lived next to me spraying something. I got very close to the wall and heard him spraying the stuff.

          • My apartment is attached to a house. There’s no way to spray thru a wall unless the perp’s have a remote-control device embedded in the walls, which is possible, but my landlady has the same symptoms.
            The ceiling is painted plaster board.
            I reckon I’m going to have to search this place for a spraying device. And find out if these symptoms can be produced electronically.

  5. I used to carry a small spritz bottle like “nasal spray bottle/atomizer” with 50-50 mix of plain water and cayenne pepper.
    If someone gets too close, use it. I guarantee they’ll keep a really healthy distance after that. Cayenne pepper burns skin if not washed off immediately. And it’s really hard on the eyes.
    Just open your door, spray the cayenne into the air and say, I heard cayenne pepper get rid of bugs and pests. They won’t stay long.
    Or spray your outside door knob at night. lol

    • I used to have can of pepper spray I bought from the store, but I gave up on it beause the cops told me I could be arrested, but I guess they can’t arrest me if I use pepper spray and water. Thanks.

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