Gang Stalking – Woman in library complains about me.

I can’t believe how babyish the perps are. I sat waiting for my turn at the computer. I couldn’t find my list of passwords and didn’t notice one of the computers  wasot being used by anyone.  A woman sat down opposite me. She began saying something to me. I didn’t even look up because when it’s library time, they’re all perps. When I realized there was an empty computer, I quickly got up and went to it. A few minute later, I heard the security guard. He was asking the woman what I’d done to her. The woman went to the librarian at the desk and complained about me. So the security guard asked her, “What did she say to you?” She replied, “Nothing. She didn’t respond to me when I tried to talk to her.” So the security guard said, “Oh, well.”

Can you believe what they will do to get me thrown out of the library? If I had said something to her, I wouldn’t be typing this now. I would have been thrown out of the library. I wonder where they get the people they hire?  They seem to have absolutely no brains. What normal person would call security because some one did not want to talk to him/her? If I say something to the perps, I get in trouble. If I don’t say anything, I almost get in trouble. Good thing I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut.

The woman didn’t like the answer the security guard gave her and she left.  As the guard said,  “Oh, well”.  No great loss.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Woman in library complains about me.

  1. Who does that, complains about not talking? That must be a big library to have a security guard. Now I want to know who this one is. At libraries I’ve seen so many weird people. Obviously, the perps. Then, the guys who have relationships in the bathroom. Then, the college kids that schedule meetings for drugs. Then, the Mexican scuzzballs who drool over pics of celebrity girls on the computer. Then the hackers, then the forum moderators checking on the new sign-ups (this one boggled me). Then the terrorists. Then the investigator types. Even other TIs (red car, you know who)! I never thought they traveled. Everybody’s a cyberstalker undercover police state informant these days! Is there a civilian left?

    • The only ones left are the targets. Those driving around in red cars are perps. We have about 3 security guards walking around the library. It’s big, but not as big as other libraries I’ve been in. They don’t do drugs here in the library, the guards are always checking the bathrooms. In the women’s bathroom there’s a sign that says “No sex allowed in the bathrooms”. They keep an eye on everything, except when it comes to the computer room and there’s a target using a computer, then the perps can do anything to the target.

  2. I didn’t respond to a woman trying to be “nice” to me at a bus station and she called security on me. They walked away saying “why were we called here?”

  3. Many will wave at me in my vehicle. I don’t return it.
    Some talk to me and I don’t bother responding.
    Some will just tell me things and my general response is, “I’m sorry, I think you have me confused with others who give a damn about you and your problems.”

    They are just trying to make you interact with them and be just like them.
    Don’t fall for it.

    You can always carry cards that say: I AM DEAF – USE SIGN LANGUAGE and if they know sign language, hand them another card that says: I AM ALSO BLIND.

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