Gang Stalking – Slept like a baby.

Well, they  were at it this morning again, the two maintenance men. I covered up the cracks made by them to the walkway and slept like a baby all night. I really feel rested today. It’s been a long time since  I got a good night sleep. I heard the two maintenance men talking and put my ear to the door. One of them said, ” They said we didn’t do a good job putting in enough cracks. Why don’t they come up here and see that we have?”  I guess the 2-year-olds got up early and complained to the office that they weren’t able to make the night miserable for me. It upsets them when I get to sleep all night. I don’t think they get a paycheck when they’re not able to make my night miserable. How stupid is it of them to complain? If I were them, I would keep my mouth shut and not say anything. I’d get a paycheck. These perps are not thinkers, that’s for sure.

I waited for the men to leave and went outside. They removed all the tape I put over the cracks. But, honestly, the sleep I got had nothing to do with the cracks. I found a new way to protect myself. The maintenance men are wasting their time putting in more cracks. I will sleep soundly all night again. And the perps will again go to the office and complain about me. They spend all day sleeping and stay up all night hitting me electronically. And they stand in front of my apartment at night and talk. They make sure that I know they’re outside. Believe me, if it ever comes to protecting myself from the creeps, I’m ready. I have some items I will use on them if they ever try to get into my apartment while I’m sleeping. I’m small and don’t weight much, but they will discover I will give as much as I get. I’m not afraid of such stupid people. They can’t think for themselves. They have to have someone tell them what to do. And if I sleep as well as I think I will, the perps will be up early complaining to the office. We’ll see who wins!

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15 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Slept like a baby.

  1. Most TI’s will tell you that it isn’t as bad in small towns. Less people means less perp’s. And those who do “the deeds” are easier to identify and by name. When you have a name, you can ask a local cop; “What the hell is wrong with Bill, Bob, Betty or ?” The local cop will generally call them off because it is easier to prosecute in a small town where actions can be seen as deliberate.
    However, times just may be changing. There are almost imperceptible actions being taken against stalkers. Many people have learned to bait and switch to cost a stalker time, energy and money… they play their own stalker crap back on them.
    Stalkers are learning that things with a lot of TI’s just aren’t what they seem and those TI’s are being stalked less and by less people.
    I followed a perp into a store. The perp asked if I was following him.
    I said, “What’s wrong with you? You sound PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC. We live around here, we are humans and we eat food. Must have been coincidence that you wanted the same food that I did and we wound up in the same place and at the same time. You really need to see a psychiatrist for your delusions.”
    And I said it loud enough for EVERYONE in the store to hear.
    The store was nearly empty by the time I got to the counter.
    (they don’t like their crap played on them – they lose interest really quick in messing with people who can AND will fight back using their tactics – it’s called COINTELPRO)

    As for the blanket, buy a 3 prong plug and 20′ of “coated wire” any gauge like 14.
    Strip the coating off of a half inch of the wire on each end. Any sharp knife will do the trick.
    Using pliers, bend the two flat blades back and forth until they break off. (so you CANNOT be plugged into 110/120 volts)
    With a screwdriver attach one end of the wire to the ROUND ground plug and the other end is wrapped around the screen thru and two holes in a corner… tape it in place if you have to… or get a small bolt, one nut and two washers. Push the bolt thru any hole in any corner… place a washer on the bolt… wrap the wire around the bolt… place a washer over that… screw on the nut and tighten it down. And you’re done.
    When you plug in, turn the plug upside down so where the blades used to be aren’t anywhere near the wall socket. No chance of “lightning effect”.

  2. Hello,
    You need to be careful, I started documenting my experiences and the microwave weapon used on me feels as if it will trigger Cardiac Arrest. I am glad that you walk, a strong heart is needed to sustain enough time to move out of way. It’s devastating.

      • They tried to make me think I was having a heart attack a week ago. I didn’t care… and still don’t care.
        Problem was… they’ve got the mental part down pat… but my pulse rate was normal as was my blood pressure. So, after a few minutes they gave up.
        I have a very strong heart according to a few doctors I can trust to be honest.

        In a ten week period, I aged 20 years. My niece watched and was amazed… but she still doesn’t have the guts to tell me who the local asshole is that is doing this to me.
        They are sick, insufferable bastards.

        Don’t ever underestimate them. They have NO heart and NO soul and NO intellectual capacity. They are just empty shells walking among us and doing as they are told to do.
        One would have to be a really mentally sick bastard to attack a woman and think that they are tough.
        That is why I give them NO quarter, NO mercy and NO grace.
        They are cowards. And those who go along with them silently are also cowards.
        I have ZERO respect for 90% of those around me and treat them that way. I will not treat a coward criminal kindly who is trying to harm me mentally, emotionally or physically.

        • Thanks for reminding me. I don’t trust them, but sometimes I get so tired of the b.s., I let my guard down. I also have no respect for them. They’re not worth any of our respect. I’m glad that you’re okay and didn’t have a heart attack. I bet if they’d killed you, they’d be laughing about it. I think they think they’re special and won’t have heart attacks, die, etc., but all they’ve done to us will come back to them.

          • If they want TEN terrabytes of damning information about our governments worldwide to hit the internet like a SHIT-STORM-FROM-HELL… by all means, kill me.
            If they want all the information in the non-disclosures I signed with the Military flooding the internet, youtube and Vimeo, then all they have to do is end my life.
            If I don’t reach 90… they and their handlers, bosses and gov slaves ARE TOAST!!!
            I, personally, don’t give a shit.

            • I understand how you feel. Sometimes we get to a point where we don’t give a shit. I fight that feelinhg all the time. Flood the internet. If you disappear we know what’s happened to you. Plus you left evidence behind.

    • My neighbor-perps/feebs do the same thing with a device. I think it’s Thz, and it buzzes the electronics every so often, a few seconds, also creates a “strobe” effect on the subconscious mind. The cardiac arrest, not so much, but there is radar that does track all electronics, and heartbeat counts. Just keep a calcium supplement beacuse the strobe Thz thing does mess with your natural rhythms and I think it takes out minerals faster. Somethnig to do with the thymus gland, that is next to the heart.

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