Gang Stalking – Followed by perp in grocery store.

Yesterday, I had to get some food, so, of course, I went grocery shopping.   And, of course, as always, it’s a terrible experience.

From the moment I got into the store until I left, a perp  followed me around the store. There are always perps following me in the store, but this one stuck to me like glue. Every time I turned around, there was the idiot. He had a backpack on his cart. He would put his cart near me and walk away. I guess he left it there because I’m a thief and I’m going to steal his stuff. The first time I noticed this, I didn’t think anything, but when it kept happening over and over, I knew this creep was looking to get me arrested, or get me in some way. I ignored the cart and his backpack, but every time I turned around, there was the cart with the backpack.  He didn’t have anything in his cart. He wasn’t really shopping for anything. He was trying to get a payback by accusing me of stealing his backpack. He was dirty-looking and looked as if he hadn’t showered in months. I guess that’s how these people make their money, going after targets and getting paid. They’re disgusting, to say the least. This creep followed me until I left the store. I left the store, stopped in front of it to put my things together, turned around, and there was the creep right behind me. He didn’t have one thing in his cart.  Why  didn’t the security guard go after this man ? He was walking around not buying anything and following a customer around?   Of course, if I were to do the same thing, the security guard would have been on my back.

Oh, what fun it is to be a target and go grocery shopping!!!

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Followed by perp in grocery store.

  1. I saw a guy with a backpack once. He happened to be connected with the crime of leaving backpacks with dangerous devices inside in places where people would be, to hurt them. Remember Boston Marathon. Report suspicious packages.

    If I had a guy come close to me with a bag, and leave it and leave out of sight, I’d be out of that place as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I have been fighting these scums for about 10 years. When I lived in a condominium, they set on fire the unit next to mine hoping that I will die in the fire. These are criminals hired by the U.S. government. At night, they come to the homes around mine and bother me the entire night preventing me from getting a good night rest. This has been going on for about seven years! I am aware of their techniques: trying to get to you through “friends” and even some relatives. I have written letters to Obama and to some members of congress and nothing has been done. I have also tried to hire a lawyer, but they are quickly brainwashed by the feds and don’t want to cooperate with you. I also contacted the ACLU, but it seems to me that they have become an arm of the feds. Some day they justice will be done, they can only hide their evil ways for so long before they come to light. Thanks my friend and keep positive, calm and let’s keep on fighting back!

    • I also wrote to Obama, got no reply, of course; went TO ACLU, harassed by one of the lawyers and no one ever contacted me. I also contacted police, nothing. And I went to other places like human rights organizations, nothing. Nowhere did any one offer any help. They’re all crooks. Every organization is in on what’s happening and willing do what the bastards tell them to do. I believe that they tried set your condo on fire. That’s the sort of thing they’re good at doing. Anything destructive they can do, they will do. They’re all criminals, hired by criminals. Oh, and the lawyers, they’re the crookest one of all. They will take your money and tell you they will help and don’t. And I will keep fighting back. You can count on me.

  3. No surprise at all. For the last three, or four weeks, I have been walking around my neighborhood, for about 45 minutes and I have seen the Lacey, WA, police three to four times driving towards me, at the same time I am out, at different times of the day. Over the weekend I was at Sears, of Lacey, WA, and as I was looking at appliances, the announced a code red in the appliance section. These people are really sick! They obviously need mental help, but unfortunately, that type of behavior seems to be the new “normal”.

    • So are you new to gang stalking? They will do this to you everywhere you go. When you leave your home, taking a walk, shopping, in the library, anywhere you go, you’ll have the sub-humans following you around. Try not to re-act to anything they do. If they know something annoys you, they will keep doing it over and over. Also, be careful what you say. They’ll use whatever you say against you, or repeat it over and over. They’ll keeping telling you that you’re crazy and make snide remarks about your looks. Believe me, it’s hell! Also be careful who you befriend, very careful. Some people will get close to you to get you in trouble. And also your family, be careful around them, too. They’re usually involved. And as to Code Red, they do that to make you think there’s something terrible going on. They do it every time I go into the store. Or to make you think they’re after you. Good luck.

      Go to and type in gang stalking. You’ll find out what’s going on. There are a lot of us targets out here. You’re not alone.

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