Are Human Beings Born to Be Conformists?

I can tell you from my experience that human beings are conformists. I experience it every day of my life. For 10 years now I’ve been a victim of government harassment. And the sheeple do what the government tells them to do. It’s just like what happened in Nazi Germany. The sheeple  follow the authority figure. They can’t think for themselves. As in Germany, they do what they’re told to do.

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The Daily Sheeple
by Joshua Krause


Throughout history, we’ve seen human beings accomplish wonderful things. We’ve also seen them commit unimaginable horrors. Members of our species have done things so heinous, that we’ve questioned whether we should consider them human at all. However, the most vile acts we’ve committed, haven’t been at the hands a few bad eggs. Often times, the worst of humanity comes out when we follow the herd.

When people find comfort and safety in the herd, they often begin to compromise their ethics for the “greater good”. It creates an environment where sociopaths can rise to the top, and the anonymity of the crowd gives everyone permission to act out against their fellow man. I would argue that more people have been killed or persecuted at the hands of conformity, than by any other human activity throughout history.

Adding to this dangerous behavior, has the been…

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6 thoughts on “Are Human Beings Born to Be Conformists?

  1. “Our research shows that children as young as two years of age conform to others, while chimpanzees and orangutans instead prefer to stick with what they know.”

    I guess stalker children aren’t even “monkey smart”. Then 16 years later they vote.
    No wonder America is so-o-o screwed up.
    But this is priceless: – I sure hope the current congress is a whole lot smarter. This guy had trouble forming a coherent sentence.

    We have a nation of adults who aren’t even Monkey Smart raising kids who aren’t even close to Monkey Smart… we’re screwed.

  2. Bull-fucking-shit that conformity has helped humanity survive as a species because history has proved over and over again that:

    EVERY SINGLE TIME things go bad in society its because some psychopath motherfucker(s) rise to the top to rule and control commerce because the dumb fuck conformist masses happily follow these charismatic cold-blooded “leaders” which results in war, poverty, disease, famine–Death and destruction, the moral degradation of a culture/society.

    Nazi Germany, Stalinist/Leninist Russia, Mao’s China are a few examples of how the perp/hive mind/mass mentality leads blindly loyal authority worshiping morons down the path of suffering and misery for EVERYONE.

    If the perps in both the world’s authorities and civilian life did NOT play “follow the leader” and sellout for an easy buck,

    if the armies, law enforcement masses of the world did NOT obey the psycho fucks controlling them (through compartmentelization, brainwashing, ect) then the SAME evil maniacs behind gang stalking and hundreds of other major crimes (genocide, white slavery, chem trails, ect)

    if the “leaders” the controllers of the world had no hive-minded eager-to-hurt others as servants
    then we would not be in this shit boat we’re ALL IN.

    Its my very unscientific yet logical observation that the of the hundreds of TI voices I’ve heard on Talk Shoe radio shows in the last eleven months nearly every TI I heard sounded like a non-conformist;Someone who thinks for themselves, e.g. “outside the box” and do not buy into the mainstream lies as most of the hive minded dumbed-down haters do.
    These “good citizens” who think that war, destruction, suffering and petty deceit are a “normal part of life.”

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