Whatever Is Going to Happen, Is Going to Happen Soon

I have no comment to make on this. Just thought you might want to read it.


The Common Sense Show
by Dave Hodges

My email and phone have been busy taking reports from long-time associates and their uniform stories about what is coming to American in 2015. I have never seen a time when so many are all talking about the same set of issues. something big is about to happen.

A FEMA Camp Hidden In Plain View

An interesting event transpired at Mount McGregor prison in Wilton, N.Y. this past summer when a Channel 13 news crew from New York was filming a commemoration of an historic event on public land when they inadvertently were filming an abandoned prison in the background.

In the middle of the filming, an unmarked car came racing down a hill and an officer, reminiscent of Barny Fife, ran up to the news crew and threatened them with arrest and demanded they turn over their video. The officer identified himself…

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4 thoughts on “Whatever Is Going to Happen, Is Going to Happen Soon

  1. They’ve actually started throwing people in FEMA camps earlier this year. It’s “just” the homeless and the sick now however. But they will (obviously) expand later. As they said in Nazi Germany “first they came after the Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Catholic, then they came for the Gypsies and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Gypsy, then they came for the Jews and I did not speak up because I wasn’t a Jew then they came for me and by then there was no one left to speak up for me.” Or something like that. I don’t know the exact quote but it’s out there. I’m just too lazy to look for it right now as I’m real tired.

    Did you hear that according to someone who hacked Bush and Colin Powell’s emails that Chicago may be nuked next year? Others say that it won’t just be Chicago but that we’ll have World War lll and many or all major USA cities will be attacked. I’m not saying we will or we won’t as I’m not trying to fear monger but crap will probably hit the fan some time. I just don’t know when it’ll be. Just got done telling some perps off earlier tonight. They tend to bother me later in the evening.

    • I really believe there will be World War III. Just look how many countries are at each other’s throats – China, Japan, Russia, Phillipines, Australia. U.S.A., etc. They’re all fighting with each other.

  2. Ebola was manufactured by a US Weapons Lab in Sierra Leone. So they have an antidote… as that is the first thing they create to keep the scientists alive who work with it.
    They can stop it when they are ready to do so.
    What’s really happening?
    This is probably closer to the truth and would substantiate all the DUMB’s and the storing of 5 years worth of food and water.

    The gov is planning on going underground soon.
    We’ve had global pandemics before and gov’s didn’t run underground to hide.
    No. It won’t be a disease or a war.

    Those 1.6 billion bullets and guns the gov bought is more than likely to defend their own ass when Americans find out that the gov was only interested in saving their own ass and squandered tax money to save themselves instead of warning the public and letting them prepare any way they could.

    7X may arrive during passover 2015.
    They’ll want to inter the survivors to ensure that their NWO survives and they remain in power as gods.

    My two cents says they are just trying to keep people from looking up and trying to prevent the chaos that goes with telling people the truth.
    So they invent things for people to worry about that they CANNOT do anything about.

    My advice is look up.
    See where the Big Dipper is?
    Notice Orion rising on its side in the EAST instead of SSW which would be a normal Orion rising?
    Notice that the moon has turned 135 degrees?
    Have you noticed that the sun is WHITE instead of yellow?
    Have you noticed the phenomenal increase in intensity of storms and numbers of storms?

    LOOK UP!!!

    • I must admit, I rarely look up, but I will definitely begin to look up. I haven’t noticed that the sun is white instead of yellow, but I will make a point of looking up to see if it is.

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