Gang Stalking – Government hires perverts to commit more crimes.

Sometimes I feel dirty coming into the library. There are so many perverts in the library that it makes me feel dirty to be near them. A lot of them are child molesters. You see, I have the police send me updates on people who move into my neighborhood who committed rapes, molested children, etc. Since I live by myself, I feel this helps me. When I lived in my last complex, there was a child molester who lived  about 9 doors from me. Every time I saw the man, I felt  like vomiting, because I didn’t couldn’t do anything about the perp. But if I saw him going toward any child, I made a point of telling the child to get away from him. This man lived in my complex for about 6 months. He’d been  let out of jail just a few months and already he was acting up. One day, a brother and sister were walking by his apartment and he called over the little girl. The little girl, of course, thought he was a nice man and was going to go into his apartment. The brother, a few years older, and being wiser, pulled her away. Everyone talked how lucky the little girl was to have a brother who was smart enough to get her away from the perp. Now, every time I come into the library, there are people I recognize from photos sent to me by the police. And it makes me want to throw up when I recognize a perp. I told you I have a good memory for faces and I remember the faces I look at. One time, a woman, woman do it, too, who molested children, kept  showing up at the library and she hacked my  computer. I got mad one day and said something to her about child molesters. I haven’t seen her since.

And today, I feel disgusted by all the perps who are in the library. I recognize some of their faces. It really disgusts me. But I don’t own the library and I have to deal with these disgusting people. More than the usual amount  are here today. Most people in the library don’t realize they’re sitting next to people who aren’t as innocent as they look, but I know better. My body even feels it. I think most of them have been in prison. A lot of perps have been in prison.  This is how most of them find out about the program to harass us targets. It’s weird how the government puts these people back to work. It sends them out to commit more crimes.

By the way, the man I mention above, he was back in prison a few weeks later. His apartment was overrun with some of his strange friends. The police had to come in and arrest them all. I remember seeing some of them in handcuffs.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Government hires perverts to commit more crimes.

  1. We have a government plum full of pedophiles, rapists, low-life bottom-feeders and militant homosexuals. You expected different?
    There was the pedophile ring in CONGRESS quickly covered up under Daddy Bush, Clinton’s WH was sexually perverse, the homosexual scandal in George W’s WH and now we have a flaming homo/Muslim/race-baiting/America and freedom hating jackass from hell.
    And the American people are getting what they deserve for not exercising their 2nd Amendment right as distinctly stated in the Declaration of Independence.
    But I guess most folks just haven’t hit “rock-bottom” yet… and felt the Storm-Troopers boot on their neck.
    And the stupid assed stalkers haven’t figured out yet that THEY will be destroyed when the NWO becomes a global reality.
    The NWO won’t tolerate people who have ZERO love, loyalty to anything outside of their group and have the power to overthrow the PTB.
    You know my number NE1. Use it if you need to.

    • Thank you. I agree the American people need to be awaken, but am beginning to think they will never wake up. They’ll keep watching their televisions, eating donuts, getting fat and ignoring everything that’s going on around them. It’s not going to change because the American people like the way they live. I was listening to the radio today with all the politicians who won – what garbage! Nothing’s going to change with them, either. The politicians only care that they’ve won and will do nothing to change our lives, only filling their pockets with ill-gotten money.

      • Just 3% of Americans fought and won the American Revolution.
        JB Campbell was/is right. Those who can, need to Kill the Killers.
        Of all the registered and UN-registered gun owners, 3% would be those who are veterans… and approximately 15 million men to take down our corrupt and insidious gov.
        If we don’t, they (Republican AND dem), will kill us all to save their own ass.
        They only care about saving their positions of power thru Continuity of Government. They, NONE OF THEM, care about the populations rights, wants or needs.
        Minute 6:30 to 26:30 says it all:

        As a bonus: taking down this corrupt gov will effectively DE-fund gang stalking and re-establish individual rights.

        I am tired of ODumbass and his Men-in-Tights.
        I want either the Republic back as originally written, the US Code shredded or the right to live as America was before George Washington (the 7th President).

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