Gang Stalking – Doctors want to implants chips in brain of deeply depressed patients.

I got more news on what they’re trying to do to mentally ill patient (that is, if they’re really mentally ill). Now doctors have come  up with a fantastic idea on how to make us all zombies!  If someone is considered seriously mentally depressed, the doctor offers to implant the patient with a chip in his brain.  The patient’s controlled as a car’s controlled with technology. This is really scary to me. I would never allow anyone to come into my brain and implant a chip.  They’d have total control of me. What a way to keep all us citizens in control. What wonderful thing will they think of next?

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Doctors want to implants chips in brain of deeply depressed patients.

  1. I have humming and buzzing in my left ear for a long time (for a while had it in the right ear as well) and no-one ever told me I got an implant, they screwed me when I was a kid, no-one asked me, many people complained that their life changed after spending some time in a regular hospital (for example Magnus Olson from Sweden). Buzzing and humming in a left ear (voices also come on the left side) are just signs that something is wrong – other things like looking through someone’s eyes are hard to detect and sometimes hard to believe considering media silence… you just can’t tell unless they make it clear and start harassing you with voices etc. I’ve been unaware of this until I was 30 years old 12 years ago, I was had physical problems they induced, sexual stimuli when was weird or lack of it when there should be, wet eyes, sometimes tics, involuntary body movements etc. BUT never in the wildest dreams I would realize the truth if they didn’t make it clear because they obviously wanted me to kill myself – but I survived the storm, the worst… who knows how many people are walking on this Planet without even realizing someone is looking through their eyes and manipulating their lives

  2. “I would never allow anyone to come into my brain and implant a chip.”

    Yeah right, like if they’d ask you for a permission, if you’re not a psychiatrist (and I don’t mean shrinks) they can just decide for you (for whatever reason), secretly implant you with a brain interface powered with a battery, they did it to me some 35 years ago when I was 8 or 9 years old, since then they can see through my eyes, hear and implant thoughts, manipulate my body from distance (Metallica. Master of Puppets), they see what I write right now… but I don’t care anymore… If you have a brain interface secretly implanted you won’t even realize it… Who knows how many people are walking this planet with this staff in their brains and bodies without even realizing it, these are the roots of voices, schizophrenia and gangstalking, which hunt modern day as Metallica would put it…

    Thin Lizzy:

    “There are people that will investigate you
    They’ll insinuate, intimidate and complicate you
    Don’t ever wait or hesitate to state the fate that awaits those who
    Try to shake or take you
    Don’t let them break you

    You can do anything you want to do
    It’s not wrong what I sing it’s true
    You can do anything you want to do
    Do what you want to

    People that despise you will analyze then criticize you
    They’ll scandalize and tell lies until they realize
    You are someone they should have apologized to
    Don’t let these people compromise you
    Be wise too”

    • I do have an implant in my left ear. I had an operation in 2005 and came out with my ear buzzing. And it’s been buzzing ever since. And that’s how they know where I am. What I’m talking about, is someone agreeing to have an implant, which has nothing to do with targets.

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