Gang Stalking – Can FBI pose as repairmen to search someone’s home?

The FBI’s at it again. – trying to mess with American rights.  Listen to the story, or read it,

I have an answer “No”. The case is going to court. Knowing how judges are so crooked today, they’ll probably rule for the FBI. That’s how we targets all ended up on the “Blacklist”, with an approval stamp by a judge.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Can FBI pose as repairmen to search someone’s home?

  1. Not only they do that, but also they call you with offers to give you an estimate of home projects, or selling you an appliance, just to get the foot on the door and either plant a listening device, or report to the FBI the lay out of property such as furniture, appliances and other. Also, if there are cameras inside recording what goes on outside your house. Be careful with sales pitch, it might be them trying to get in your house.

    • They get inside my aparment every day when I go out. And I don’t open the door to anyone. I don’t care who it is. They like to knock at nightime when I”m sleeping, as IF I’m ging to open the door to the idiots!

  2. It’s not right but they play make-believe with others they’re after. The official jargon is “pretext”, or a lie. They pretext they’re neighbors. Once I went to a hotel several years ago, and a couple of them came in pretexting to be volunteer fire department workers wanting to inspect the area above the ceiling tiles of the hallway of my room. They got the ladder, poked around; and I’m listening, wondering where they’re going to stick the pinhole camera or wiretap, or whatever they do, through some wall to peep around. Weird enough that the US Marshals sometimes are across a hotel room to sit there and wait for something odd to happen, like as they do on airplanes. The new thing is that DHS/AP goes to the room next door and put 2 wifi telemetry things on the wall (sometimes you can hear the 2 thunks), so they have something like a motion detector or grey-scale image of forms in your own room. I don’t know if they record what they get or not, but it’s an unwelcome guest. Very invasive of privacy, with hotel consent, totally invasive, when the more legal and authoritarian thing to do would be to deny a hotel room to someone for security reasons.

    • I’ve stayed at hotels in-between apartments. They have the room set up even before you get into it. They must’ve run out of target rooms to try to get in after you got in the room. There are certain rooms, as with apartments, that they set up only for targets.

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