Amtrak: Purchasing Train Tickets With Cash is a “Suspicious Activity”

Are you an Amtrak passenger? Be careful out there. The government’s watching everything you’re doing.


amtrakImage Credits: locosteve, Flickr

Purchasing train tickets with cash, exiting a train before or after other passengers, or appearing calm or nervous are all examples of behavior that Amtrak employees have been told to report as “suspicious activity.”

A document entitled Guidelines for Amtrak Customer Service Employees, which was obtained by the ACLU after an FOIA request, lists a number of different behaviors that are “indicative of criminal activity” and should immediately be reported to law enforcement personnel by Amtrak ticket agents.

Those behaviors include;

– Unusual nervousness of traveler
– Unusual calmness or straight ahead stare
– Looking around while making telephone call(s)
– Position among passengers disembarking (ahead of, or lagging behind passengers)
– Carrying little or no luggage
– Purchase of tickets in cash
– Purchase tickets immediately prior to boarding

Of course, such behaviors are so ludicrously broad that virtually…

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4 thoughts on “Amtrak: Purchasing Train Tickets With Cash is a “Suspicious Activity”

  1. Which is why I avoid big cities whenever possible.
    Been refused a plane ticket (No-Fly list), been refused a passport twice (under Bush and ODumbass), and a host of other activities has been seen as dangerous like “singing along with music in my vehicle, finding shade to view my phone better, etc”.
    Small town has always been less harassment.

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