Gang Stalking – If you’re a woman who needs help.

This info was sent to me by John N., a reader.   I’m posting it here on my blog for women who might need help, especially here in Las Vegas where prostitution is happening to very young girls. If you’re a woman and need help, here’s how to get help –

Contact info:

2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – If you’re a woman who needs help.

  1. I really like this post. I feel certain that your perp’s are puzzled at your concern for others during your adverse situation(similar to mine). it seems to be a common personality trait that most targets possess. This program’s intent to destroy a person attacks from all directions as we figured out. Until helps arrives, we must keep our sanity and our health which is not cheap(Krill oil helped heart palpitations). Meditation has helped ease the shocks from the beams (mind over matter), but the waves get me every time. I was referred to start using Organic Virgin Coconut oil, and Organic, unrefined, cold-pressed Apple cider vinegar. There are many personal uses to Coconut Oil: oil pulling(recommend), pre-wash hair conditioner(recommend), moisturizer/sun-tan lotion, lips, feet(anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties), for deodorant and toothpaste mix with baking soda, Cleans wooden cutting boards and teaspoon daily to supplement diet. Apple cider vinegar uses: add a teaspoon to 8 oz. of water first thing after awakening(detox) and many household cleaning uses(chemical free). Please research online, many videos on you-tube. Keep the spirit!

    • I used to drink apple cider vinegar for my health, but I discovered that it’s too strong for my gums. I stopped using it. I thought my gums were going to disappear. And there’s a site called Earth Clinic that has a lot of healthy options, which I go to all the time. Thanks for the info. And you keep up your spirits, too. I know it’s hard, but we all can do it. We can outlast the b——s!

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