Gang Stalking – Halting schizophrenia before it starts – What bullshit!

Listen to this podcast from National Public Radio. It seems to me that they’re putting these people on meds to test new drugs.  If they behave and take drugs, they’ll probably  be let back in society after a few years. If not, they probably end up on a list. What do you think? Giving young people drugs before they’re mentally ill is just a way of testing new drugs for mind control. Go to and look under “Halting schizophrenia before it starts” Again, more bullshit. I think they’re trying to make us all zombies.


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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Halting schizophrenia before it starts – What bullshit!

  1. I agree 110 percent with madminister. You see, if the shrinks label you with “Schizophrenia” then, all sorts of atrocities and experiments can and almost certainly will be perpetrated against you in the name of “research” or “healing” or some bull like that. Not to mention, now that a Doctor said you’re a “Schizo” then you’ll be said to be incompetent to do things on your own, “need help” (for the remainder of your life probably) and so therefore, you’ll just keep on going to these criminal shrinks for “treatment” as they’ve essentially got you trapped.

    It’s basically often a sure fire way for the Dr. Quackters to have free reign to push/force their drugs (which have horrible side effects btw) on you until you leave this crappy planet (hopefully for greener pastures). Not to mention, now that you have been declared “incompetent” or as they also like to say “gravely disabled” they can appoint a guardian for you which means you’ll likely never get to be truly free in this lifetime.

    Often the guardian will steal your disability benefits from you (you only get about 1000 a month in the first place, often less actually), petition you to have you committed against your will to the mental hospital, “help” you when you don’t need it, embarrassing you in the process, have you segregated from the community, etc. Quite a few targets have been falsely branded Schizophrenic. These “voices” you hear people talk about are often real people (perps) bullying or attempting to bully you through stuff like Voice to Skull technology which I’m sure you’ve heard about. Forget ever having a job (let alone a good one) again in the vast majority of cases as you probably are on some “list” that you speak of and for that reason about no one will take you on their payroll (if they do it may well be just to have their fun with you then fire you). Almost all “Schizophrenics” have likely been blacklisted to the extreme.

    Stay strong out there and NEVER go to or take your child (if you have one) to a Psychiatrist. Psychologist…maybe (and even then BE CAREFUL) but NEVER a Psychiatrist.

    • I totally agree. They’re not there to help anyone. They’re there to convince anyone who goes to see them that they’re mentally ill. This way, they get government money for your care. I don’t believe in psychiatry at all. They’re a bunch of nuts themselves! I believe that a lot of people who are put under psychiatric care don’t need it. It’s all about making money, money, money. And thanks.

  2. schizophrenia is just an excuse for involuntary experiments on humans who were less fortunate, maybe you don’t realize but psychiatry and psychiatrists are everywhere – hidden among people, they are allowed to surgically mutilate people – give them a brain interface powered with a battery sometimes when they’re just kids, plant all kinds of tech inside their bodies and use them for a experiments… and total remote control via telemetry, they can manipulate their sexual urges so they can set them up, of course I realize that there might actually be people who deserve it, but believe me they don’t walk free unless they are really psychiatrists – they’re not allowed to do that to their own, of course they still go to jail if they do something but enjoy human rights others should also have.

      • I don’t know if you’ve watched this:
        Psychiatry An Industry Of Death Full Length

        But schizophrenia does happen, just as viruses and bacteria cause physical sickness to happen.
        I am just giving a top result as an example of the google search terms (artificial neural net schizophrenia.

        The idea that someone could remove a computer virus or malware by tasering the motherboard or applying “percussion maintenance (hit it with a hammer)” to the hard-drive is retarded and borderline insane.
        Yet electroshock or frontal lobotomy were (and still are O.O) seen as viable “treatments”..

        “are you cured?” becomes somewhat of a confession under duress…
        In context of your article oppose the system: this is heading into territory of a van rolling up to collect political opponents for ‘mental health’ checks as was done in the Soviet 60s.

        Looks like we may be heading into that cashless society they warn of:
        Stop and frisk – this construction worker just got robbed of $1300 by the cops then pepper sprayed according the latest news.

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