Gang Stalking- Am I being set-up?

A few strange things have happened to me since last week. At first, I dismissed the things that happened, but one came after another.

So here’s what happened to me in the last two weeks. I think the perps are trying to set me up.

First, there was the homeless man who parked a car (I think he stole it, or it was given to him),  got out of it and then he waited for me to come by before he pissed, so that I’d be sure to see, and then he took off like lightning. He left the car behind. The car is still there where I can see it every morning. I guess he wanted me to go near it and touch it.   And then a cone was left in the library elevator (still there), I think they want me to touch it, but I didn’t go near it. I remembered the car and thought “my finger prints will be on the cone”. And then on my way home, I stopped to rest (it was very hot day), a man pops out of nowhere and tells me he found a phone. The man came over to me and said, “Look! I found a phone. Do you want to see it?”  I’d been down the same path and didn’t see a phone anywhere in sight. I would’ve noticed. I’m always watching the sidewalk to make sure nothing’s been put in my way. I told the man no. He kept insisting I take at look at it. I kept insisting “no”. He looked sort of upset when I wouldn’t touch the phone. And then yesterday, I was in Walgreens getting some bird seed and I heard a woman tell the cashier that I’d stolen her wallet. She didn’t think I heard her, but I have very good hearing. So the cashier told the second cashier that she was going to the back to check out if I’d stolen the wallet. I heard the first cashier tell the woman that she didn’t think I stole anything, since I came into the store every day and left right away. So, does not all of this sound like set-ups? To me they do.

I went back into Walgreens today, as I always do, and thanked the cashier for sticking up for me the day before.  The cashier thanked me.   She’s still a perp, though. She’s wearing the perp color that everyone in the store wears. But it was nice of her to acknowledge that I wasn’t a thief. So there’s a somewhat decent human being who works in the store.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking- Am I being set-up?

  1. A strange car has a VIN, a plate, there are stolen car online notice websites. Lots of ways to find out who it belongs to. The stolen wallet accusation, the phone surprise are not normal though; who does that? I’d be combing through mugshots for those strangers to make sure they weren’t perps.

      • I know that feeling. Haven’t run into someone who doesn’t know me in 20 years.
        What amazes me the most is that the stupid fools don’t seem to know that the personality “under pressure” is NOT the real personality.
        They think they know me according to other perps, but they certainly don’t.

  2. Wonder if this article describes someone who was merely a little paranoid, but a 3rd party used those vulnerabilities to push her over the edge?


    A Cape Town businessman is divorcing his wife of 13 years who became so fearful of radiation from cellphone towers and internet Wi-Fi that she plastered their windows with aluminium foil.

    The couple, who have two minor children and cannot be identified, have been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute for over two years.

    He is a director of an auditing firm and a consultant to the Western Cape provincial government.

    She is a former businesswoman who claims to have been partially paralysed by “electromagnetic pollution”.

    Evidence before the court includes reports by experts on “electromagnetic pollution” and photographs said to show that the woman was physically abused.

    According to a psychologist’s report the marriage came under strain partly as a result of the wife’s allegedly irrational behaviour.

    The husband claimed such behaviour was evident from her “obsession” with electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity, which culminated in her use of metal foil to deflect cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation.

    According to the report he was concerned that she “would harass the neighbours, as she could see if their Wi-Fi was on, including calling neighbours at 2am to tell them to put it off.”

    She also allegedly made their daughter “sleep with her head in a box covered in tinfoil and had put foil up on windows and put mirrors in particular positions, to deflect beams”, the report said.

    The 44-year-old wife this week confirmed that she had been diagnosed with “electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity” and claimed her husband was trying to use her condition to his advantage.

    “It is scary to think that somebody can try to take me down based on my misfortune. It is like I am in a hole and he is standing on my head,” she said.

    The husband’s lawyer, Caroline Dichmont, said her client had obtained a protection order against his wife after she allegedly gave him a black eye and damaged his ear. The wife has denied assaulting him.

  3. You remember that TV show bait car? The show that trapped men or women into stealing a car? This is similar to what they’re trying to do to you.

    Four years ago, a brand new Volvo was parked outside my apartment. Street parking. The only reason I noticed the car is that the passenger door was wide open, almost hitting the sidewalk. No one was in the car, no keys, nothing. I’m thinking it was a neighbor dropping off a Christmas package during the holidays.

    About 15 minutes later, I walked to the sidewalk to look at the car and on the passenger seat there was a new blackberry phone, a GPS, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I thought wow, this person is brave leaving his/her expensive items and with the door open at that. So I went back inside my apartment and that was that.

    That afternoon I had to run to the grocery store. The car is still parked in the same place. The door is still open and the items are still there. I called the non-emergency line. I said is this car stolen? The dispatcher didn’t answer me and two cops came out. They acted like I was causing trouble. I told the one cop hey, maybe the driver of the car was kidnapped or the car was stolen, don’t you find this odd? They didn’t answer me. The one cop shut the door. The car was there a week. One day I came out and the car was gone.

    Now looking back on it, NE1, they were trying to bait me into stealing that stuff. They would have had me on tape doing it and would have used that to blackmail me. Well I’m not a thief and I don’t take stuff that isn’t mine. So they failed at that one.

    A few weeks later a Black Mercedes was parked across the street from my house, engine running. I saw it coming home as it was in the middle of the road. No one inside. 30 minutes later it’s still there, engine running, door slightly ajar. I called the non-emergency line. A few minutes later the car mysteriously left.

    A few months later the blue Volvo came back. I’m in my front yard and I see an Asian woman with a nice pantsuit on walking towards the Volvo. I yelled out at her, hey I want to talk to you. She had fear in her eyes. She looked like a typical FBI agent with her pantsuit on. She fit the profile of a fed. She ran to the car and peeled out. In her hurry she almost hit the car in front and in back of her. She left so fast she didn’t even stop to put her seat belt on.

    So yes, they try to set up TI’s all the time. These are evil terrible people who will stop at nothing.

    • Well, thanks for this. I just wanted to make sure that it happened to someone else. They’re a bunch of low-life scumbags! And I’m so glad I didn’t touch anything. And I sure won’t after this. And the car I mentioned is still where the homeless man parked it. Maybe they think I’ll go near it.

  4. Yup, set up.
    Touch nothing offered nor placed near you. Don’t “find” anything.
    They want your prints and it baffles me why they just don’t take them from your apartment or house and transfer them.
    Next time someone wants you to touch something, you can always tell them you haven’t had your Cooties Shot yet. lol

      • TI’s rarely speak of the “deception” involved in gang stalking.
        Deception is the key. Many TI’s do testify about deception. They hear people that they cannot see, they don’t know if voices are real, faked, synthetic. They don’t know if they are physically hill because they ingested something or because they were irradiated with certain kind of waves, or simply psychologically suggested into illness.

        They may suffer from “gaslighting”, when they don’t know exactly if things are happening or not. Deception has the advantage that a TI may react badly. It can put him to a fault, which would be officially sanctioned by the police. He could be mistaken into defending himself against an innocent person. That would be 100% benefit to the stalkers.

        Stalkers may be gradually initiated into more and more sophisticated and subtle magic skills. This initiation can also be totally integrated into a satanic cult.

        More often than not, the TI or victim is the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse.
        It is all about “deception”… or making you believe a lie and then controlling you based on that lie.

        Think for yourself, ALWAYS!

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