Gang Stalking – When are the criminals going to be put in prison?

Well, the perverts are at it again. This morning on my way to the library, a man got out of his car. He waited till I got close to him. When I was very close, he took out his penis and began to pee in front of me. Nice way to start the day, isn’t it? He then walked over to the a store, where there’s parking, and went in. Can you imagine being the store clerk? Here comes this man who pissed all over his hands and the clerk doesn’t have the slightest idea of where the man’s hands have been. How disgusting? From now I’m going to be very careful re who touches me. I can understand how Ebola began. People are not careful where they put their hands. This man purposely stopped right in front of me when he could have parked right in front of the store. These perps are the most disgusting, obnoxious, sick, mentally ill people I’ve ever met. I keep thinking that I’ve seen it all with the perps, but they keep coming up with new ways of disgusting me.

Why do we have to put with these lowlife bastards? Why can’t we get someone to listen to us? When is this hell going to stop? When are these criminals going to be put in prison where  they belong? The criminals in Las Vegas are the most disgusting human beings I’ve ever met.

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22 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – When are the criminals going to be put in prison?

  1. Have a look at this :

    AT 0:30 – “88 law enforcement officer from 25 different agencies accessed Watt’s driver’s license information more than 200 times.”

    Sounds like a situation very much like yours. She got harassed bigtime and ridiculed with accusations of paranoid. NB the logs show this information pulled 200 times, and each is a criminal offense.


    The cop was riding recklessly at 192km/h (late for some personal errand)…

    ok… so what

    compare to
    this guy, not a cop, also didn’t pull over…. “beaten like a harpseal”, the least of it

  2. Which is why you should have a phone with a camera in it.
    Photographing them, then sending the pics to the VICE Squad would end a lot of that real quick.
    Or call the Well House 1-800-991-0948 – they have resources to put an end to THAT perversion. (They rescue women from sexual perverts)

    • I’ve had several phones with cameras in them. They either stole them or hacked them, so they became useless. A few they broke. Can you check the pervert’s license? 455-LHF, Las Vegas. It’s an Altima, 2.5. Thanks. It doesn’t even seem like a real license number. It’s a red car, or coral color.

      • Am checking now. Private source called Verispy.
        When I know, you’ll know… and so will the rest of humanity.
        Then I’ll check and see if he is a Registered Sex Offender… when I have his name.
        If so, a complaint to LVPD (or some not so public interests) will end his “penis displays”.
        I detest people like that!

    • Well, the car’s still parked where it was yesterday. The man who got out of the car did not suit the car. He was filthy-looking. He looked homeless. I think the car’s stolen. There’s a video camera in the lot, maybe I can get video if it’s not erased by the time you get back to me. And by the way, thanks. I knew you’d know a way of finding out. After all, you were once Delta Force.

      • The original report was “blocked personal info”. Lawyers and judges do that most often. Or folks with a high profile job.
        So, a deeper check is being done.
        You might want to report suspicious activity to LVPD, “such as the guy peeing”, and suggest the car might be stolen. They’ll dust it for prints if it is.

        • It probably belongs to one of the higher ups who run the program. The car’s still parked in the same spot. It’s beginning to look a little dirtier. I got suspicious because the perp ran away real fast. I watched him till I could see him no more. I knew then something was up. My instincts kicked in. Thanks for your help. Let me know if something comes up. And thanks for your help.

          • You’re welcome. And don’t touch that car or go near it!
            No. I doubt that it belongs to anyone in the program. They aren’t that sloppy. The people who run the program are the CIA/Mafia.
            There could be a pound of cocaine or a dead body in the trunk.
            You touch it and or are seen around it and they’ll have enough circumstantial evidence to convict you. And the security video of the guy who dropped it off will be non-existent.
            I probably wouldn’t even call on it after giving this some thought.
            To drop it off in front of you is too odd. Leave it alone.

            • Okay. It’s still in the parking lot, but it’s been moved to the spot next to it. I won’t touch. You’re right it could be a set-up. It is odd that they dropped it off in front of me. Thank you. I went to the police station to report it, but it was closed. The police station here has banker’s hours – Mon. Fri. 9 – 5p.m. And it’s closed on weekends. Maybe I got lucky that it was closed. Again, thanks. I never even thought of cocaine, and a dead body? The last thing on my mind.

              • It is just a “feeling”… but I do think they are trying to “set you up” in some way involving that car. And yes, you are always welcome to whatever I know that will help you.
                Remember: the moment you became a target… ALL random chance and coincidence STOPPED. Everything they do is a planned action desiring an outcome harmful to you.
                If it involves them, don’t get involved.

              • They deleted your comment telling me that it’s a set-up, but I got to see it. Thanks a lot. I think you saved me from something. It’s strange, but one of the perps passed by me yesterday and said in an angry way, “Keep it up!” Before I got the comment from you, I felt it was some sort of threat. A threat to do harm to me. So if I disappear from my blog know that something’s happened to me.

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