9/11 Plus Thirteen, A Decline Into Madness

This Vietnam veteran makes a lot of sense in writing about what’s really happening in the world today. It’s a long blog, but worth reading.

Contact info: http://neverending1.WordPress.com


New Eastern Outlook
by Gordon Duff

2342342Another anniversary of 9/11 has just passed. The media inside the US has been inundated with a flurry of Islamophobic missives with contrived conspiracy theories custom designed to resell a narrative no rational person accepts. The US backing for Al Qaeda in Syria exposed that organization for what it really is and always has been, a CIA front.

The US opposition to ISIS is no longer allowed to use the term “Al Qaeda” as that term is now used only for US backed groups. If only this were more confusing, in fact, the public seems to have fallen in line with this “new think” quite seamlessly.

Censorship and controlled news is nothing new. What is new is application of “chaos theory,” a subset of “game theory warfare,” waged by nations through intelligence agencies but, more curiously and far more dangerously, by “guns for hire,”…

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5 thoughts on “9/11 Plus Thirteen, A Decline Into Madness

  1. Everything seems to be an illusion if it involves our corrupt government or lying-assed media. And they both think we are stupid because they aren’t being shot on sight… or they feel the fluoride is working and we are all mind-controlled.

    I despise what the USA has become. As “going postal” crosses his mind…..

  2. he mentioned history being edited and science over the past century misconstrued. there’s a really good video that goes into detail on this. its an hour long but worth the watch. i’ve re-watched it several times. i dunno how ur able to get online but if u find a stable place to do it, you should make some time to watch this. its mind blowing

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