Gang Stalking – If firemen and police officers were to come back as ghosts of 9/11…

You should see the library today. It’s overflowing with perps. It’s a whole new group plus the old ones. Oh, happy day. How did I ever get so lucky!!

I was thinking of 9/11 and the firemen and police officers who put their lives on the line for fellow citizens. These men were heroes, those alive and those who died. They went into the towers even thought  they knew their lives were at stake. And we celebrated these men. And for a few years they were seen as saviors. But a decade later, firemen and police officers are not seen as heroes by the public. A lot of firemen and police officers let it go to their heads that they’re seen as heroes. A lot of them have gotten cocky.

And now in 2014, we have firemen and police officers who walk around as if they’re Gods beholden to no one. They’ve forgotten that they’re here to serve the public good.

If the firemen and police officers who died on 9/11 were to come back as ghosts and look around, they’d be very disappointed. They’d see a world changed. They’d see that citizens have no privacy. That the government is corrupt. That the men they knew to be good and brave are no longer so. That now most of them have become bullies who don’t care about rights. They only care about keeping the country safe and don’t care how they do it. They’d see it’s about keeping the U.S. safe and nothing else matters. Their visit would stun them. They’d quickly want to get the hell out of the new world order. A few might even shed a few tears for the country they so loved. And for a country which they didn’t know anymore. And for which they gave their lives.

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