Gang Stalking: Eric Frein – a target?

Did you hear about Eric Frein, 31, of Canadensis. Penn. He’s on the run from the police. He killed an officer. He had opportunity to kill civilians, but he didn’t. That tells me that the police were probably harassing him. I have a feeling he’s one of  us  targets. The police said  he’s  been planning to kill police for  a  while because of all the ammunition and guns he has. He probably has had enough of  harassment from police. He also lived with his parents, probably didn’t have a job because of police harassment. There have been a lot of us shot lately, but no one seems to want to know why this is happening. I’m sure the people who live in Canadensis know who Eric Frein is. They’ve been part of the harassers. See story:

I have a feeling they’ll probably shoot him if he’s found.

Of course, they’ll say he’s mentally ill. They always do. He’s probably saner then the cops who are hunting him. And another one of us loses his life. And for what?

P.S. If you cant get the video, go to YouTube and find info on him.

Contact info:

4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking: Eric Frein – a target?

  1. The advertising of mental illness is slander/libel these days, and it opens up the fugitive to being exploited by predators, discredits his side of the story — I don’t like it in publicity of missing or wanted persons. The cop killing, well I don’t know – I would say about 80% of the poster people on the FBI website are informants somewhere up the food chain, or working for a military or cartel somewhere, spies or agents, which is why they’re missing for so long. The poster is part of their cover, but they’re living other lives under other names elsewhere. I figured out the hard way, big mistake; the FBI-SID really doesn’t want calls to get them in except that it’s voting season, or time for the annual review or the Christmas bonus.

    I’ve seen people that said they got caught, they got the wrong guy; they said that someone died, it was a faked death; they said a terrorist died, it was a whistleblower and the photo of the terrorist is bogus and the man in the photo is somewhere else – lots of fraud, who can figure it out by a newspaper report?

    • The news media’s involved, too. I tried to tell my story to a newspaper and got nowhere, as with everything else I’ve tried to don’t thingk there’s a business, government agency, library, church, etc. that’s not involved in our gang stalking. That’s why we targets can’t get any help.

  2. The only reason I totally disagree that he’s a targeted individual is simple.

    They know where we are, what we’re doing, what we’re planning every second, every day-No exception.

    So if a TI had a death wish to go after the police they would have stopped him long before.

    They would have known that he had guns in his car and his intentions;The surveillance grid on non-TIs is all encompassing and TIs? Our privacy is non-existent.

    Neverending, I know full how much the police will fuck with TIs and non-TIs alike.

    They’re motherfucking, criminal, coward traitors who make LIFE MORE DANGEROUS and are NOT “protectors” or “the last line of defense” and there is no way in hell they would let an armed TI pull his suicide stunt off. Its just patently impossible.

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