Gang Stalking – I met a unique human being yesterday.

I was wrong,  wrong, wrong. Yesterday I wrote about the cashier leaving my pork chops out of my bag purposely. I went back to the store yesterday and I was ready to just let it go if they began saying something about me taking the pork chops home. No such thing happened. I walked in, asked the cleaner where the manager was and he pointed to the manager. I went over to the manager, explained what happened and showed him my receipt. He looked  and asked, “Is that the only thing that was missing?” I said, “Yes.” For a minute he seemed annoyed and then said,  “It’s  your responsibility to make sure everything is in your bag.” I just nodded “yes”. He took the receipt and went to the meat section, with me following, and picked out pork chops for about the same price. The chops were a little more expensive, so I asked him if he wanted me to pay the difference. He said “No.”

I can tell you, I almost about fell over.  I expected to walk out the store with nothing. The man was very nice. I wanted to give him a kiss, but, of course, I didn’t, so I shook his hand. And I still can’t get over how nice this man was. He’s definitely a unique human being.  After all the bad experiences I’ve had with other store managers, he’s a gem.

So I’m feeling a little better about humanity today, but I’m sure that feeling won’t last long, some perp will come along and do something rotten to me and I’ll be back to seeing all people as scumbags. But I’ll try to make this feeling last. And thanks for your comments.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I met a unique human being yesterday.

  1. We’ve been conditioned for so long, so intensely (thanks mainly to the smear campaign all Tis get) that we’re shocked when someone is genuinely kind to us and that should NOT be the case-EVER.

    Just another example of the psych job these criminals have done to us.

    We’re supposed to be accorded the same respect that anyone else gets except that dumb fuck people for a price and to please some degenerate traitor local cops or feds (authority figures) gladly make another person put up with stupidity and sadism in their purest forms.

    It was either your blog or another blog’s entries which stated that all perps look sick:Physically as they are mentally and morally and to add to that, despite their shit-eating grins and jokes about targets and their warped ideas of living the “good life” perps are seriously UNHAPPY “people.”

    You can not like yourself and be a content, happy person at the same time you inflict torment on another human being-Its basically a law of human nature;Our perps may laugh, smirk and brag about us and other shit but they are miserable pieces of shit.

    I am not being bitter or rationalizing here. FAR, far, far past the point of expecting fucked up sad empty people “waking up” because after observing people long enough its obvious when someone is broken inside to the point where they have NO moral compass, NO critical thinking and just pettiness, hatred, jealousy and constantly overestimating their intelligence and “decency.”

    So when I say that you should be thankful (as I am) that you are not a sick, cowardly ignorant childish perp (or any brainwashed moron) I mean it.

    And to you perp losers reading this? Every motherfucking time the government has used a citizen spy force on targeted individuals when the shit hits the Fascist or Communist fan as it ALWAYS DOES the ruling genocidal government throws their once “valuable” perp spies under the bus;When the shit hits the fan a LOT of you perps are going to be as fucked as us TIs if not worse.

    But keep grinning. Keep laughing. Keep spreading malicious, hateful half-truths and other gossip about people who are not only harmless (your opposites) but for the most part mind their own business and want to be left in peace from a world which seems to hate the very idea of true peaceful coexistence and compassion.

    And Neverending, hopefully you’ll see this and know that at this point in time you probably have over 1000 subscribers.
    And you are better than these pieces of shit. You always have been and always will be.
    Please do not forget that

    • Thank you. I agree that once this is found out, the government will throw the perps under the bus. At least maybe we’ll get compensation of some sort, but they won’t. Maybe years of prison, this would make me very happy. And you’re right, I should expect to be treated with the same respect as everyone else. We shouldn’t be overcome when someone treats us in a respectful way. And they are truly unhappy people to do what they do to us. I don’t envy any of them. They’e all miserable SOBs. They’re so unhappy that it makes them happy to make someone else’s life miserable.

      And, really, start writing that blog of what’s happening to you. Leave your history so people from the future can read yur account of it.

  2. A lot of the stalkers around me are “nice”.
    Generally, those who “warn you” when they can or do good things to you still have a conscience or are on your side.
    Then there are the stalkers who were blackmailed or extorted into playing. They are looking for someone tough enough to help them escape. (they’ll intentionally “screw up to get a TI’s attention” that they think can help them)
    I have personally turned MANY stalkers away from stalking, vandalism and committing crimes against people.
    One less on their side is one MORE on ours.
    Hang tough, NE1.
    If it gets bad or you need a friend, you know how to get in touch.
    (or… Dollar General, $30 phone with 300 minutes, then call me. Or give me an address and I’ll send you one already activated.)

    • Thanks. You have experience dealing with the people who stalk you. This kind of thing is totally new to me, even after 6 years plus. I don’t care to hurt anyone. I just want to be left alone to live my life as I want and not be victim of somebody’s evilness. I will hang tough. I’ve lasted this long and will continue to do so.

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