Gang Stalking – Don’t trust the cashier.

They did it again. I have only myself to blame. I should know better than to trust any cashier.  Every time I go to  the supermarket the cashiers always do something to me. They’ll add an item I didn’t buy, leave out food, put holes in my bags, etc. Yesterday, I bought some pork chops. The pork chops cost $7.00+. I usually double-check to make sure everything is in my bag, but I was very tired and it had been a very hot day. All I wanted to do was  get home and put on the air conditioner. So I didn’t double-check the items. I got home put my things away and looked for the pork chops to cook. No pork chops. This is no tragedy, but it’s very annoying. I thought of going back to the store, but the heat just convinced me to stay put. So I didn’t get my pork chops and I was out $7.00+.

It gets very expensive to always be buying things over and over.  Not only that, it’s annoying to go to the store and always have to double-check everything I buy, because if I don’t, something will not be in my bag when I get home. I’m going back to the store today and see if I can get my pork chops. I have a feeling that they’ll say that nothing was left by me or anyone else. That’s always what they tell me. I must have taken it home, or its in my bag. I don’t think that I can ignore smelly pork chops in my bag.

I know this is no earth-shaking thing to happen to someone, but it’s the pettiness of the cashiers that get to me. How can anyone be so petty?  Would they like something like this to happen to them? Would they be annoyed to be going back to the store day after day to get something  purposely left out by a cashier? I don’t think they would. It’s too bad I can’t do the same thing back to them, because if I could , I would. So if they tell me nothing was left, I’ll be out $7.00+. I know that’s not a lot of money, but after a while, all the money I’ve spent on items I didn’t get add up to a lot of money.

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Don’t trust the cashier.

  1. yeah i was gonna say self checkout. maybe u can look for some grocery stores nearby that have it. i always go to 1 or 2 stores for groceries and they both have self checkout. doesnt take long once u get the hang of it. and best part is u odnt have to talk to the useless idiots. they’ll still send gs’ers to fuck with you, you can figure out ways to counter and they’ll stop. i love the self checkout, they should be in every chain grocery store in the big cities lol

    • Albertsons used to have self checkout, but the people in Las Vegas did not like using them. They’re too lazy to learn how to use them, so Albertson removed all of them. And elsewhere I’ve gone no self checkout. I guess the stores know their customers.

  2. Hi, finally got online again. My old computer “just died” one day I went to Wal Mart and I came back and it would not start up. I would not use Self Checkout at some stores because I got accused of stealing by the perp cashier that oversees the self checkout even though he was staring at me the whole time I was checking out. I’ve also had comments at that self check from the cashiers telling others I needed to be “watched” and another employee telling me when I was leaving: “good, you’re leaving”. The evil never stops. I don’t go to that store

    • They do the same thing to me, watch me from the time I get into the store until the time I leave. Some of the places have guards who run into the back where the camera is and watch me. If they told me “good, you’re leaving”, I’d complain to the manager. Bastards all!

      Glad you’re back.

      • Thanks, NE1!

        Not having a computer was..interesting.

        I hate having to buy food from those people who hate us. The prices today are hilarious and they have slashed food stamps. Who pays 4 dollars for one pound of hamburger?

          • You probably are. I cut down on meat awhile back like 20 years ago when I tried to be a vegetarian….hahahahaha. I ended up later with poor blood so I do eat my meat when I can. I have high cholesterol because I eat so many animal products including eggs milk and cheese along with meat fish and poultry. I knew the library route would not work out with me. I miraculously obtained a computer. Otherwise I would only be able to check out the blog maybe once a week if that.

  3. Ne1 I never ever leave the store without checking my receipt. I make sure everything is priced correctly and that I have all my items. There is no other way. You cannot trust cashiers. Ever. Most aren’t that bright. I would go back and demand my seven dollars back or more meat.

  4. You should do self checkout. And I hope you get your money back. God will bless you for being a good person.

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