Gsang Stalking – Perps are the most disgusting people on earth!!

I’ve told you about the perverts who like to do disgusting things to me, or show me.

I walked toward the traffic light. I saw ahead of me a man and a boy of about 3-4 years olds. When I got closer, I saw the little boy trying to hold on to a plastic bottle of water.  His father(?) was talking to him and telling him something. The little boy turned the bottle toward me. The bottle was arrowhead  water.  It seemed as if the little boy had a problem with the weight of the bottle. I said to the boy, “It’s okay. That’s the water I drink. I think your father wants me to see the name of the brand of water I drink. It’s okay you can put down if it’s too heavy. I’ve seen it.”

The light turned green and they got way ahead of me. I had to carry that rolling suitcase everywhere with me and it holds me back. So they both stopped by the bus, behind where none of the bus passengers could see them. As I passed the bus shelter, I saw the man again with the little boy. The man was facing the little boy and talking to him in a very low voice. It took me a second to realize that the little boy was trying to unzip his pants. The little boy looked up at me still slowly unzipping his pants. The little boy did not want to unzip his pants and show me his penis. His father was telling him to do it. I saw red. What a disgusting piece of shit this man is I thought. He’s trying to get his son to unzip his pants and to have him show me his penis. I stopped and I said to the man, “He’s a nice little boy. Why don’t you stop corrupting his mind!”  The little boy never unzipped his pants all the way. He knew not to do it. The man told me to “shut up”.

I walked away quickly because for the first time in my life I wanted my fist to meet the man’s face.

How sick can a father be? How can he do this to a little innocent boy? Who knows, maybe he’s molesting his own son? It made me really angry that this little boy has to be terrorized like this by his father. If I can call a man like this a father?!!

I thought about the little boy all day. I feel as if I didn’t help him at all. I failed that little boy yesterday and it haunts me. Maybe I should’ve called the cops, but I don’t carry a phone around. And the father would’ve denied he was telling his son to do such an awful thing.

If I ever see this man again with the little boy, you might get a blog from me from a jail cell. Next time, I won’t hesitate to do something to help this little boy.

It makes me sick that this little boy has to live with such a scumbag of a father.

The perps are really sick individuals. They’ll do anything to their sons and daughters to make a buck. The bastards all belong in a prison cell.

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4 thoughts on “Gsang Stalking – Perps are the most disgusting people on earth!!

  1. Its possible that this was not a perp, just a lowlife piece of shit with no class and an irresponsible father.

    These fucking cowards spend YEARS sensitizing us to all kinds of triggers (followed by our negative emotional state tied to the NLP trigger) and I’ve realized that as MANY perps as some TIs DO GET
    that they make us SO HYPERVIGILANT/PTSD that we look for perps and enemies everywhere and a once-happy, positive person who’s optimistic looks only for the negative.

    And in a cesspool like Las Vegas you’re GOING to find negative in people at nearly every turn.
    If its of any comfort, Buffalo, NY is also a toilet AND HUGE ON PERPING.

    The local FBI, the police, neighbors, business owners, asshole perverts and freaks at my gym;Its a lousy thing to see people so willing to sink so low without a shred of regret.

    The father could have taken his kid to a restaurant to go the bathroom.
    And if he WAS a perp than yes, this is truly sickening twisted shit to use your own kid to upset a TI or any other human being in general.

    On Talkshoe (really worth listening to four of the TI shows and their archives), there’s a host, NigelN who stated the obvious: You’re supposed to treat everyone with respect.

    And that’s how YOU sound, Neverending. Sadly, thanks to our diseased controlled degenerate society and culture being rude, crude, dumbed down, hypersexuality, perversions of all kinds, just plain degeneracy is the rule.

    We ARE still encouraged to respect and admire politicians, police, federal LEOs, doctors and other authority figures who for the most part not only abuse their power but could not give a shit to help, protect or aid those they’ve taken an oath to look out for.

    Hard to be positive when you’re aware of how badly so many people have become tainted as human beings, brainwashed. Selfish and just plain crazy-You know. “Crazy” like these fuckers constantly try to use to discredit TIs like good, overpaid, criminal cowardly pieces of shit do.

    But the fact that you’re sticking to your blog shows your character and I’m betting that your ACTUAL subscribers are near 1000 at this point.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you. This man was a perp. He was not taking his son to the toilet. He had his son face me so that I would see the little boy take out his penis. He was watching for me when I got to the traffic light. That’s why I looked at the little boy in the first place. And the bottle pointed toward letting me know that I drink Arrowhead water was a sign. He wanted me to see the bottle, so he had his son stand there making it obvious. Believe me he was a perp. I know a perp when I see one. I can almost smell them. The father is a sick bastard making his son do nasty things.

      And thank you for your honest opinion.

  2. Had I been there, I would have called CPS and had the fucker arrested for child abuse.
    I’ve seen that before, but it was decades ago.
    The adults are corrupt. They corrupt their kids. They corrupt everything they see and hear.
    Prison is too nice for their ilk.
    A bullet to the chest would end the problem immediately… and save the children.

    And I applaud you for your good character and helping the boy in spite of his pathetic father.

    • Thank you. I never blame the child. I blame the parents. These kids do what their parents tell them. And I really feel for the 3rd or 4th generation of small children. They’re going to be the most screw up bunch of kids in history. And thank you for your comment.

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