Gang Stalking – Asian Week.

I’m calling this week, Asian Week. I had so many Asian harassing me this week  that it’s not funny. Every time I turn around some Asian person is doing something to me. Just like this morning. I went to the store, again, and I bought some sunflower seeds to feed the birds. The woman seemed exceedingly nervous. I thought it was because someone broke the windows in the store.  She was nervous because she purposely left my sunflower seeds out of my bag. I discover that they were missing when I went to feed the birds. The birds all came flying over when I entered the parking lot. I looked in the bag, the sunflowers were not in the bag. So I went back to the store and told them that my sunflower seeds were missing. The Asian woman was in hysterics. I find it odd that she would be laughing. But there she was laughing. She said she put the seeds in my bag. She did not. She called the manager over and the manager told me that I should look in my rolling suitcase because that’s probably where they were. I didn’t even open my suitcase! So I didn’t get my sunflower seeds and I wanted to return what I’d bought. The manager told me that there no refunds just to pick something out at the same price. I walked out of the store. I hope it goes out of business.

And then yesterday, I was by the ATM closing my handbag, and an Asian man went behind me to get  one of those wipes that kill germs. The wipes were right in front of me and he could easily have gotten them by standing right in front of the dispenser. I told him off.

And that’s the way my week has been so far with Asians f—–g with me.

Well, I hope China does something that will get the U.S. really angry. Then, I can just see American turn on Asians! China already tried to bump into one of our ships and then went really close to one of our planes.  And the pilots complained to the White House about the Chinese f—–g with the plane.

P.S. I’m sure I will have even more Asians after me after writing this.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Asian Week.

  1. And people have never been worse morally. There’s a plauge of assholes with zero compassion, zero self-esteem and who worship authority figures (from ALL vocations) who could not give a shit about them.

    Scott – you’ve just encapsulated this entire country into one soundbite and you are right on. The stupid factor continues to get worse and worse. Almost everyone I see has that glassy eyed dullard look. They never look up. Their fat fingers are feverishly scrolling their stupid Iphone to peruse the new news about the Kardashians or what Brad and Jen did on their honeymoon. It’s really maddening.

    Those of us who have been gangstalked get the big picture. We’re Paul Revere in the middle of the street screaming the zombies are coming, the zombies are coming and the kwans won’t see or believe you until they’re flattened by the crowd.

  2. The Asian perps are to “keep you off balance”-Something you’re not used to so that you’ll react more than usual.

    Its pretty sad that the perps come from all nationalities, religions, nearly all income levels and nearly every single perp is dumb as shit, unoriginal, cowardly, conformist, asleep and brainwashed even though they somehow think that when they make a decision they’re using “free will.”

    I refuse to believe that when approached by a cowardly criminal POS with a badge that every single person agrees to harass a total stranger and this is assuming that the would-be perp is shown our smear campaign/lie file portraying us as a “criminal,” “pervert, “ect.
    If a would-be perp tells officer honest, “I want nothing to do with this. Thanks, but I won’t say a word about it” there is no F way that they are ALL threatened by “big brother”
    But maybe I’m being way too generous in assuming that some would-be perps “just say no” to perping us.
    And people have never been worse morally. There’s a plauge of assholes with zero compassion, zero self-esteem and who worship authority figures (from ALL vocations) who could not give a shit about them.
    As far as the U.S. Vs. China scenario anything that happens will be created-Its all over the web-basically all the world powers are best pals behind close doors and when the video taping is off.
    I do believe that this really is a “fun game” to many perps as most people’s lives (as they perceive them) are boring, unrewarding and depressing so when some asswipe from the government asks them to play “secret agent” most people WILL HAPPILY help the honest, good officer keep America safe from terrorists.

    So thank your local Fusion centers and Infraguard for coordinating most of this evil shit (who ELSE is doing this?!).

    If tomorrow by some miracle, if the orders came down from the
    “elites” (AKA sick asshole inbred perverted sadistic motherfuckers) to STOP all gang stalking and work place mobbing -The mental, physical and spiritual damage done to TIs would be and is irreversible.

    • Yes, they are from every race, nationality, color, etc. They get paid to do this to us, so there’s a reward in it. There used to be a perp office where I used to live and I saw the perps show up every Friday to get their paychecks. The people in the office were thrown out of the complex for not paying their rent.

      Did you get my message to join me on Let me know if you want to be part of it. Thanks.

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