Gang Stalking – The perverts at it again!

Well, the morning started off right. I went into the  store to get something and after getting what I wanted, I went to the cashier to pay. There were 3 people waiting in line. Two men were buying a lot things and were speaking in some sort of German-like accent. I think they were Brazilians tourists.  How do these people know about me?!  I  looked toward my left. The man on the left side stepped back. He had on bright orange shorts, perp color. He turned himself toward me and began playing with himself. He stood behind the man he was with so the cashier wouldn’t see him. I did not turn away. I kept looking at his face. And I blurted out, “You pig!”  I wanted to make sure he heard me, so I again  said, “You pig!” He turned away from me and turned toward his friend. The cashier had to ring up about 20 items. When she finally finished, they paid. As they were walking out, I made sure that I was eye to eye with pervert and  said, “You pig” again. He turned toward me and gave me a surprise look. The typical look the perverts give me when they’ve done something and want to look as if they’re innocent as new-born babies.

And while I stand in line, a woman gets right in front of me.  She begins to look at nail polish and acts as if I’m not standing behind her. I get fed up and tell her to get behind me. She whines, “I want to look at the nail polish.” I say, “Well, you can do it standing behind me.” I get in front of her.She has no interest in looking at nail polish. She’s just looking at the polish to annoy me. Typical perp behavior.

When things like this happen to me, it’s like having my morning coffee, so expected.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The perverts at it again!

  1. I’m really glad you told obnoxious Nail Polish lady off. She didn’t even bother to say excuse me did she? Of course, she thinks she’s above you.

    We were at a small store yesterday. As soon as we walked in the employee at the register was yakking on her cell phone (personal call on the clock) and did not look up at us at all. My husband said hello and she merely grunted in response. (insolent clerks like that make me want to slap the shit out of them). I said LOUDLY, honey you’re disturbing her precious phone call. She turned around and glared at me. Had I been there as her supervisor and saw this, she would have been written up.

    I finally figured out NE, that government and corporations ONLY hire low IQ compromised dullards as employees. They want someone they have something on or someone who is too stupid to see the big picture and just does their job. They know the public will still come into those stores and shop, whether the clerk is an idiot or not.

  2. Good on you for telling Nail Polish rude jerk to get back behind you. I sometimes think an entire town can be plagued by gang stalking. The town I live in (I suspect) has been hijacked by the new mayor. The town has completely changed in the last two years. Enough that my husband and I are going to sell out and move. It’s not just us, others have commented to me as well. (the good one are being gangstalked).

    Another lady in town has a holistic store. Really cool store. You know what these jerks are doing to her and I think it’s deliberate. Police sirens off and on all day. There is NO way that many accidents or incidents are happening, the town is too small. They’re trying to chase some people off here, I don’t know why either.

    I’m really sick of these rude retail clerks as well. My husband is a naturally friendly chatty person and these gangstalking freaks love to torment nice people. I’m more of a rude bitch to people who mistreat me and have no problem getting in someone’s face. The other night we were at the liquor store buying vodka. When we walked in the stupid doofus was yakking on the phone with someone (personal call and speaking loudly) and completely ignored us. When my DH asked her a question she rolled her eyes, mumbled something and stayed on the phone. I said it loud enough honey please don’t disturb her precious phone call. She tried to play all nice and stuff when we checked out but I gave her the Hawaii stink eye. She got it.

    NE1 – it’s happening to many of us. You’re not alone. Keep blogging honey.

  3. scott is spot on. i dunno how they stand themselves. a lot of them seem to be on drugs. though i dont think everyone in the non-ti world are that bad but thats another topic. i have this thing where there are ‘pure gang stalkers’. the bosses, the loyal followers, and the ones who enjoy it. imo they are the lowest lifeforms on the planet, can’t call them humans anymore, as if they ever were.

    my gs’ers have stepped up their pedophile bullshit. i have a good view of this other apartment/condo building across the street from my kitchen and living room. they keep sending little girls to perp around. and now there’s random screams from little kids.

  4. Neverending, look at like this:
    In the non-TI or “normal” world, people do the worst possible things to other people and themselves.
    So when you enlist and train perps to target innocent people they will openly show their sadism, perversion, lack of class, lack of empathy, total disregard and disrespect for the rights of others.

    Of course if you pulled out a camera and filmed this filthy piece of shit and his sick asshole friends they would have ran off since every perp and every governemnt employee who gives these fucks directions is a coward.

    The “patriots” sitting on their fat asses behind computer monitors at Fusion Centers, NSA, police stations-wheverever is a fucking coward and sick asshole.
    As brainwashed as most people ARE-I refuse to believe that most people buy into the “terrorist threat” and perps that get to know you after a while such as your worthless, sick asshole neighbors have enough sense to know you’re a harmless, nice person (as the rest of the TIs) who just wants to live your life in peace.

    Because regardless of the police/fed’s smear campaign against you, after a reasonable amount of time any dumb fuck can see you’re not a “terrorist,” “pedophile,” “crazy” ect.
    But they DO continue to go after TIs because nearly every single TI is a sensitive, decent person and the targeting hurts people who can think and reason things out.
    On the other hand since every single one of our perps are pathetic cowards were THEY to undergo a few months of smear campaign, DE weapon and other harassment they would DEFINATELY lash out and others and/or harm themselves.
    This is just a about a human nature “fact” as the old saying “you can dish it out but not take it” holds true if you see how bullies in your own history and life in general react when suddenly confronted with unexpected threats to THEIR sorry asses.

    I’ve long given up expecting these shits to show empathy, common sense or any other decency;They are beyond redemption and most seem to have no problem being slave zombies without a shred of original thought and action:Just conformity for its own sake;To be liked and accepted by their fellow souless “humans.”

    It DOES amaze me that useless demented pervs like the ones in the store can STAND THEIR OWN EXISTENCE:Only the WORST kind of people can justify criminal, sick, hateful actions and not hate themselves.

    See, in your wildest imaginings I KNOW that you could NEVER torment another innocent person for money, power or just to please a POS, cowardly, lyling, bullshitting authority figure who by the way could not give a shit about the perps they recruit into this sick, Nazi fuck program.

    • Yes, the lowlife idiots wouldn’t last too long if they had to go what we go through every day. They’re only brave when they’re in a pack, otherwise, they’re a bunch of snot-nose bunch of big cry babies. They definitely wouldn’t last as long as I have. By the way, would you be interested in appearing in a program with me? Someone has contacted me and wants me to go on his program. And if it’s possible I’d like you to be one of the targets on the program. Nothing’s definite yet, but I think you’d be really good. And thanks for your remarks. Look up the Chris Brake show.

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