Gang Stalking – Your bag of potato chips is spying on you.

Guess what? You thought only government was spying on you! Get rid of that idea. MIT experimented with a bag of potato chips and discovered that the vibrations from the bag can let them know what someone is saying. Would you believe? I wonder what else gives off vibrations (that’s a stupid comment. a lot of things give off vibrations. ) . Pretty soon we won’t have privacy anywhere, not that we do now, but it’s going to get worse!  Here’s a video that tells you how it’s done. And get rid of that potato chip bag!


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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Your bag of potato chips is spying on you.

  1. Interesting concept in the video! (following the progressive lines in video footage).

    I don’t think it should bother you though. There are easier and more effective ways of spying on you. In the 1960s they pointed a laser at a window and the vibrations would bounce back. Parabolic microphones and long distance cameras are also not new.

  2. offtopic – do you know how to block someone from following your blog? im not really blogging so i dotn want any followers, esp gang stalkers following. i can tell he’s one cuz of a comment he tried to make. btw strange blog for a gs’er

  3. they do this crazy thing where i walk around my home and a tiny part of my shorts stick to me and sting me for a second. its like a pinch but with my own clothes. weird

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