2 thoughts on “Where’s mine, then?

  1.  You need to google the term, Soverign Citizen Movement.   These domestic terrorists are the one’s that have been doing nearly ALL of the stalking.   Move Over, Jihadists — Sovereign Citizens Seen as America’s Top Terrorist Threat | VICE News

    Move Over, Jihadists — Sovereign Citizens Seen as Americ… Why do American law enforcement authorities regard a fringe ideology of homegrown radical nutjobs as the country’s top terrorist threat, instead of Islamic extremis… View on news.vice.com Preview by Yahoo   They are now on the very top of the list of hundreds of top law enforcement agencies as the number one threat to America.   We told you about these groups, and you blew us off.  We told you they teamed up after 9/11 with the drug cartels, to infiltrate and indoctrinate an Anti-government ad campaign.  They are the guts of the ‘secret citizen police corps’ that drive around impotently attacking innocent SUSCEPTIBLE targeted families,  high-performing minority and caucasian women in traditionallly all-male technical professions, single women and unmarried women with children, men who threathen their status quo hatred of authority, including environmental professionals and government officials – esp regulators and police and military) and families with religious beliefs outside of the norm.   With drug cartel money, these lowlifes drive brand new cars, live in apartment complexes far above their income level (if they even have jobs outside of their part-time ‘surveillance role player’ stalking jobs.   STOP calling them gang stalkers and START calling them by the monikker given to them by law enforcement: Soverign Citizen Corps.   The last step is to tie them to the hundreds of thousands of cases of COMMUNITY MOBBING cases filed with DOJ over the past decade.   And yes, their history predates 9/11 and jives with many cases of chronic targetings that covers a decade or more.   Funded by the international crime syndicates, this is the face of organized crime.  Their primary hook to enroll anybody is simple:   they pay anyone who wil take an oath and a paycheck to bully others, with guarantees against being caught.   Got college debt?  Need a new car?  Need money to pay off that high dollar mortgage?  Need to supplement retirement income??   Yuppers, these slime soveign citizens are on the take from organized crime. You, their target, are not the point of their anger, just the unlucky person on a list handed to them, to give them an object to vent their anger against.   This should explain a lot, and give you the ammo to fight back.

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