25 thoughts on “gang stalking – listen to voice mails from targets.

        • Yes. I would, if you are for real? Where are you located? Oh, you’re for real. I looked you up. And I hope you’re not going to make me sound crazy, because I’m not. What’s happening to me is happening to lot of American citizens.

          • Yeah I’m totally for real. I’ll have to talk to Chris about the idea first, but he’ll probably be into it. I’ve been researching gangstalking for a while now, and I’m very interested in it. I know there are a lot of people who experience gangstalking, and one of the things I’m interested in is, why are people targeted for gangstalking? But it seems like most people don’t really know why they are targeted, but they have some suspicions.

            How can we contact you, do you have an e-mail address? Our e-mail address is posted on our Contact page – if you want to e-mail us there we can figure something out.


            • I do have an email address: http://gldysmrcd@yahoo.com. I’m sure that if you send me a message there’s a chance I won’t get it. “Why are people targeted?” That’s million dollar question, none of us really knows. As you said, most of us just guess.

              By the way, aren’t you worried about becoming a target? I’m surprised no one’s been in contact with and told you lies about me yet.

                • Yes, I honestly do. They don’t want anyone to know what’s happening. Why do you think they’re after me so much? They can’t stop me from blogging. And I will not stop blogging. They will have to kill me. And I don’t blame you if you don’t want me on your program. And if strange things begin to happen to you, you’ve become a target.

                  • We definitely still want you on the show, it sounds like you have quite a story to tell. We want to hear from real people who have really experienced this, so they can tell us the truth about what is going on.

                    Most people don’t have a clue anything like this is even happening, so we want to help make people aware and hopefully ultimately stop it.

                    Can you email us at chrisbrakeshow@gmail.com from your email address?

                    Is there any other way we can talk with you? Do you use Facebook or anything like that?

                    You could also sign up for a new email address at gmail.com and email us from there, to make sure that we get it.


                    • I have a facebook.com account under my name. I can’t go on gmail.com because long ago I signed up and don’t remember my name or password, and it won’t let me get another account. I don’t have a phone, because it gets hack all the time and I’ve given up on using a phone. My yahoo account doesn’t let me send messages to anyone. I’ve complained to the company, but they can’t seem to find anything wrong with it. I have to call them. I’ll try to sign on to another account for emails and let you know what it is. Thank you. And, yes, we targets all have stories to tell. You probably will not believe half the things they do to us.

          • We definitely want you on the show. Just understand that we don’t really know anything about gangstalking. I have just heard some stories about it, and I’m interested in it.

            So when you come on the show, be prepared to explain what gangstalking is – and tell us some of your personal gangstalking stories – in a way that is calm and that makes sense. That way people will take you seriously instead of write you off and say that gangstalking is nonsense.

            Email us at chrisbrakeshow@gmail.com and we can schedule you on the show.

            Really looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Jesu!  Don’t you even take a second look at what you are posting on your blog?   This idiot is one of the perps who spreads wildly false roomers and ‘science’ lies that make TIs look like dimwits or looneys!   The Chemtrail nonsense has been spinning along for years.    Please read up on noctilucent clouds.  The cause of ‘chemtrails’ is simple formation of ice crystals in the exhaust of jet engines.   There is NO conspiracy to chemically attack us from above.    

    • There are a lot of liars out there, and that includes the government. No one really knows who is doing what? I like to post different points of view, even those I don’t agree with.

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