Gang Stalking – Summer’s gone; idyllic days over.

Well, my idyllic days are over. Only fooling myself here. There are no idyllic days for us targets.

The college zombies have come back to their classes. And already my harassment’s increased tenfold. I’d like to know what these zombies learn in school.

It’s definitely not about freedom and civil rights for all citizens. Because if they were learning about freedom and civil rights for all, they’d all be protesting. They’d know that my rights have been violated. They’d know that I have a right to trial  by jury. They’d know that the government has no right to punish me without being found guilty of a crime. They’d know that I have the right  to know what I’m guilty of doing. They’d  know that I have a right to counsel. And a lot of other rights which are now denied me. A lot of my rights  to the 6th Amendment have been taken away from me and other targets. Basically, it doesn’t matter what amendment I write about, all our rights have been taken away from us. We’re really without a country now.  Our country, the U.S., is definitely not on our side.

So the zombies are not learning much of anything. Maybe they’re learning about computers, great writers, etc. but nothing about freedom and civil rights for all citizens.

What these college students are learning about is how to be torturer of other citizens. How not to care about other citizens’ rights, just their own. And by being torturer, they are making our country a cesspool of really bad things to come. But I’m sure they don’t care what happens to any of us targets, they’re  getting paid to take away all our rights. But eventually, it will be their own rights  they’re taking away.

So, the college zombies can continue their harassment of me and other targets, but their day will come when they’ll regret what they’ve done to us targets, or maybe not. People like this rarely feel anything.

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5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Summer’s gone; idyllic days over.

  1. i do wonder what the hell kids are being taught in schools these days. “its ok to torture and harass another person if they’re enemies of the state. if you ever feel any guilt or remorse, repeat the phrase ‘jesus still loves me’ in your head.”

    soon its gonna be like “just shut the fuck up and drink your fluoride water you son of a bitch!” haha

    glad im not in high school right now. i’ve seen a video where kids do some kind of “pledge of allegiance” thing but to a GAY FLAG! nothing against gays, but there’s no need for that. some schools make same gender kids to kiss each other for some kinda gay rights thing. i really hope the higher powers decide soon wtf they’re gonna do with this world. one way or another something big is bound to happen in the near future. with the progression the human race has achieved, i’d rather it not be ww3. that means starting over from scratch.

      • honestly i dont care. being a ti for so long can teach you things about life that most people dont have the slightest clue about. i regrettably accepted reincarnation. thankfully everything balances out. if ww3 is the only way then they should hurry the hell up. this planet needs a cleansing like none other. pple have given up and starting to enjoy being slaves. the stupidity is disgusting. i really hope i dont come back to this shithole planet.

  2. College students are dumber, more conformist and zombified more than ever as they’ve been conditioned by our diseased society to be and when you’re indoctrinated to NOT think for yourself, to NOT be creative or freely speak your mind and to question authority you’ll do things that a SANE person would immediately see as WRONG;The college kids are no different than our other perps;They think this is a game and good percent of these dunces feel as though they’re doing a “great service for the United States” by perping innocent people.

    Can you imagine the pure misery, the torment targeted students get in such a closed environment like a college or university campus?

    And I GUARANTEE that some of these college student targets living in dorms or off-campus housing have perps as roomates and are surrounded by them.

    Where perp professors, fellow students, cowardly POS campus security day in and day out torture isolated students? Ones who most likely are free thinkers and loners;Nice people who just want to be left in peace like any halfway decent sane and rational person.

    But we’re not dealing with rational ANYTHING when it comes to gang stalking.

    The same sick ugly twisted mentality adult TIs have to put up with from their brainwashed perps is being done to KIDS in grammar and high school by fellow students, teachers, school nurses and scumF security.

    I wonder how these campus cretins are recruited to gang stalk?

    Neverending, the ONLY reassuring thing that comes to mind immediately is that like most TIs,
    these college and university perps don’t have much of a future-Most of them are low IQ imbeciles who happily regurgitate the bullshit their brainwashed professors drone out to them in their huge, faceless classrooms.

    I fu—kng HATED college;Original thinkers were not too welcome twenty years ago.

    And remember, Neverending that MANY CAMPUSES OFFER DEGREES IN HOMELAND/NAZI SECURITY, protecting us from enemies that don’t exist and never have. All for the safety and security of the United States.

    Its all such a sick, sorry dismal joke.
    And only the brainwashed, conformist, cowardly, authority-worshiping zombies are laughing as the world falls apart, turning darker and uglier every second.

    Only the people who are AWAKE are NOT laughing at what the mentally ill evil assholes are doing to make life miserable for everyone including themselves.

    Except most are too stupid, too dense to realize that as they inflict mental and physical harm upon others and the earth they are being sickened and damaged also.

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