Gang Stalking – America – a nation of moochers?

This blog has nothing to do with gang stalking – just a warning.

This is a scene I saw while waiting at the bus stop.

I sat on the bench next to a  black woman. A white man walked toward the bus stop. He stopped in front of the black woman and ignored me. The man carried a manila envelope with him. He opened it and showed the woman something. After showing her whatever it was, he said to her,” I have a doctor’s appointment in half an hour. I have to prove to the doctor that there’s something wrong with my right foot and I can’t walk. Can you do me a favor and watch me walk and tell me if it looks natural.” The man said something about getting on Social Security. There was nothing wrong with the man’s walk.

The woman nodded “yes”.

He walked away from her with his right foot turned toward the right.

The woman said, “No, it doesn’t look natural. It looks fake. You have to turn the right foot in such a way that it looks natural.”

The man again walked away from her and practiced his walking.

He said, “How does this look?”

The woman answered, “Much better. You’re getting the hang of it.”

The man practiced walking back and forth with his right foot turned in such a way that he looked flawed. I also watched. He looked like a cripple.

Finally, the black woman said, “Hey, you got it. Right on.”  The man smiled.

The bus pulled up and we all got on. The man practiced his cripple walk on the bus.

I sat on the bus a little ashamed of what America has become. America has become a nation of moochers. No one wants to work. They all want to stay home and live off someone else.

And I thought to myself  –  It’s too bad I don’t know that doctor’s name. I’d call him up and tell him what’s up.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – America – a nation of moochers?

  1. cant you people locate somebody else to warn hey are you fags going to wheel out the quadrapoligic again when you send somebody else to have a sponntainious conversation im still waiting for a report until then just punks trying back the rediculus hypnotism and i will tell you fucken fags that you perps masons police do not have the balls to tell nor the balls to carry out new world order so just simply simply i might add locate somebody else the show sucks the actors sucks just immature foolishness come on director stop wasting my time a fag community is not majority go ahead kill me just dont fuck up

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I like this blog, but I have to say that you are racially unaware. That is okay.

    Anyway, interesting how it is a sistah who ‘schooled’ this man in how to limp so he can get some ‘freebies’.
    Hey, cut the White Guy some slack. Working White people are getting screwed all over the place in Obama’s Amurkistan. What is this guy supposed to do? Apply for a job at Burger World with no benefits only to be jumped by Shitavious on the way home from work while douchebags like Michael Brown get lionized by the Lamestream Media?
    I hope this guy gets to collect.

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